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  1. JudithWright

    Question Why Isn't My RAM Compatible? (First Case Swap / RAM Upgrade)

    My first PC case swap! This was an HP 3500 Pro MT and I am trying to move it to this case: Montech Flyer Micro ATX Computer Gaming Case, Black - But I am having a few problems. Last night I installed this RAM (trying to make a small upgrade): Crucial 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3L 1600 MHz...
  2. H

    Question High CPU Usage after Rebuilding

    Hey, today I rebuilt my computer in a new case, I also reapplied thermal paste since the one in the CPU was dry, but after that I am getting some weird issues on both Windows and Linux, after some time of using the pc the CPU Usage goes insanely high, audio gets choppy and the pc freezes, It's...
  3. theoneandonlyfoohyking

    Build Advice Planning on swapping to an O11D Mini - need advice on configuration

    Hi guys, I've got a new desk coming in soon so I've decided why not reinvigorate my setup and downsize? I'm planning on swapping cases from an Lancool II-X (original with RGB front panel) to an O11-D Mini. I'm planning on swapping my parts over but the smaller size of the case will need me to...
  4. RPI

    [SOLVED] I'm case swapping a Lenovo Thinkcentre m92p and would like to know if I could put it in a ATX mid tower case

    The case I plan on using is a SAMA Sama-3D ATX Mid Tower case. if I need to use any special parts, adapters or plugs if/when the motherboard is in the case let me know please.