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  1. baldyistaken

    Question Arctic Liquid Freezer II 280/360 and NZXT H Series compatibility ?

    Hello, This is my first time posting thread and building a computer and i need some help with choosing right component. This computer will be for gaming. I've decided on almost all the pieces. But I'm very confused about the AIO and case. The AIO I have in mind is Arctic Liquid Freezer II 280...
  2. D

    Question Which Motherboard/CPU combo to upgrade to ?

    Please forgive me if this isn't in the right spot I have never posted in a forum before. Okay so I want to upgrade my mother board so I can also get a better CPU that is more compatible with my GPU and compatible with my case. Specs: Motherboard: H110M PRO-VD CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700 CPU...
  3. Wolfman1983

    Question What is the maximum supported GPU size for the Fractal Design Torrent Case please.

    What is the maximum supported GPU size for the Fractal Design Torrent Case please. I am getting a brand new PC very soon, and I was wondering if the that would fit an Asus ROG OC Strix GPU as I heard they are one of the biggest GPU's. Thank you in advanced.
  4. J

    Question cases that can fit a certain GPU, plus...

    Well, I've been having a hard time finding a case that can fit a Zotac 4090 Trinity OC, mostly because most of these new cases have no more slots for Blu-Ray / DVD (5.25 bay) drives (that is the "plus" mentioned in the thread title)... Used that Corsair PC Builder section of their website, but...
  5. J

    Question USB-C port on Lian-Li Lancool 216 case gives surge error ?

    Case: Lian-Li Lancool 216 Motherboard: msi mpg b650i edge wifi (yes im serious) Device being plugged in is a USB-C Thumb Drive. I tried reseating and flipping the connector to no avail. The usb-c of motherboard works fine. I think the i/o panel might be faulty but its my first build so maybe...
  6. A

    Question PSU and Case Compatibility

    Hi I am going to replace my dead COOLER MASTER v650s PSU with MSI MPG A650GF. OLD PSU: 120 mm fan, 140*150*86 mm NEW PSU: 140 mm fan, 160*150*86 mm The fan grille of old PSU fits exactly with the 115*115 mm ventilation panel at the bottom of my DEEP COOL case. I don't have the MSI yet, but...
  7. M

    Question Case fans stopped lighting up about a year into use

    As it says, after a year of no issues one day my fan lights stopped lighting up. They will also turn back on what seems to be completely randomly but I'm not sure. I've looked it up and the things I've already tried are; cleaning PC/PSU, updating Motherboard drivers, seeing if it's an app I...
  8. S

    Question Problem with preinstalled case fans and VDG ?

    Hello guys, one question, im first time building a pc, some things are used (gpu, cpu and motherboard (rx 6700 xt-I5 8600K-Z370) psu is a EVGA Super 850w, m.2 1tb ssd and the case is ARCHON 2 mesh rgb I cannot get case fans to work, they are preinstaled 3 rgb fans, i connected them to sata cable...
  9. W

    Question Advice on optimizing airflow/cooling on a modern PC in an old case ?

    Do I need to manually adjust fan curve for my PC case fan or should I upgrade to better case? I recently built my HTPC for gaming, hosting Plex server in my living room. I chose case form factor based on sleeper look and clearance under 7" in my living room shelf cabinet. It fits well placed...
  10. X

    Question Can I Fit a ATX PSU In my Pc

    I have a Dell Vostro 3888 I have Been Wanting To Upgrade It But The PSU Inside It Is pretty Small It Isn't a Cube Like The PSU I am Buying It Is A cuboid But a Small One I searched All over For its Name But I Couldn't Find It All I know Is The Psu Was made By Dell I Have a Pic For Reference Btw...
  11. P

    Question PC Upgrade with RX 6800xt

    Hi guys! I am going to update my current build which I've been using for 1440p high settings gaming since it is no longer feasible with newer games. What I have + want to replace: CPU: intel i7-9700k 3.6ghz GPU: geforce rtx 2070 super 8gb Mobo: Gigabyte Z390D mobo (doesn't need to have wifi, I...
  12. R

    Question Recommendation for an Old System?

    Hello! I love retro builds, and I'm working on a Windows XP system with a microATX ASUS mobo. Right now it's an Emachines sleeper, but I'm not fond of the case's strange curvature and incompatible front card reader. Any ideas for a case that: - has two 5.25" drive bays and one 3.5" -...
  13. C

    Question Troubleshooting pc issue.

    I was gaming today. My pc screens stopped getting signal from gpuand audio cut out. Case light was on so I tried rebooting the power wouldn't comeback on when I press the button one the case. There is rgb lights from gpu still on, I tried to troubleshoot the psu with a paper clip and see if fans...
  14. R

    Question Lia Li Lancool III Side Panel Won't Close

    Hey ya'll so I'm close to finishing my build but I've run into a weird problem where the glass panels on my case can't close due to the bottom panel blocking it's clearance. When I first started the build I completelty screwed out the panel brackets instead of just sliding them off (just me...
  15. M

    Question PC case fans stopped working ?

    Hello. Just like in title, the case fans stopped spinning. Here's the thing though, I had problem like this few days ago, but I updated BIOS and the fans started working again (though not immediately, so not sure if updating bios was the thing that helped). Now problem has occured once again...
  16. S

    Question What is the use of USB Type-C ports in PC cases ?

    is it worth it to buy PC Case with USB-C ports ? right now I can't think of any other thing that i will use the type-C port for. what are the devices i can use for Type-C in the PC case? P.S. For my work i have many printers that use USB 2.0/3.0. P.P.S. I asked this question because I'm...
  17. B

    Question Motherboard screw won't fit into shroud ?

    Same issue as this post, motherboard screw works with standoff but won't fit into the shroud. Info Motherboard - NZXT N7 Z490 Case - Cooler master CMP 510 I'm using the screws that came with the case as there were no screws included with the motherboard.
  18. buster108

    Question New components help needed

    Been rocking a decent enough pc for about 10 years Now but seems either the mb, CPU or ram has packed in. Exhausted troubleshooting I believe to no avail. Not too fussed as is i5-3570k, a low end Asus p8 lx board and 16gb 1600mz ddr3. Also the case is quite old and janky. So I was wondering. I...
  19. Elbaha

    Question Argb fans case

    Hey, guys, I was wondering how my case running 2 argb fans i can change colors and modes from the led button while my mobo doesn’t support argb headers and if I can add another argb fan and control it from the Led Button my case : raidmax x902 mobo : A320 m2h
  20. M

    Question Never-ending chirping sound coming from PC and connected speakers ?

    So....I cleaned up my PC from dust ...opened the case, disconnected the cables from the outside and closed everything back in . PC is running great , no problems . ....but now , there is an annoying chirping sound that just won't go away ! If i turn up my speakers manually I hear the chirping...
  21. consptheory77

    Question Is there a way to test a computer case by itself?

    I am planning to build my own desktop this year. I built one desktop before in 2015. I staggered the purchase of that build's parts a little bit, over three months. But because this new desktop I'm planning is very this year, instead of the already past it (two year) Haswell components I was...
  22. C

    Question ATX compatible case 17" or under?

    Hello everyone! I'm in a bit of a bind and trying to find a new computer case to transfer my current PC into. The catch is that I need the computer case to be no more than 17" or 431.8mm tall or it wont fit in my space. I've done some digging and found this question posted and answered a few...
  23. M

    Question My PC case doesn't have a power switch connector, it only has two reset switches

    Hi, i'm building my first pc and i have a problem with my PC case which is that it doesn't have a Power button switch connector. The thing is that the PC case has the power led connectors (+ and -) and It has 2 reset switch connectors (this two doesn't specify which is + or -, they are like...
  24. 32985720

    Question Best 1U Rack Enclosure for Pi Compute Blade ?

    Hello everyone, I am looking to get a Pi Compute Blade. However I cannot find any good 1u rack enclosures for them. Could I please have some recommendations for a good case? Thank you!
  25. 32985720

    Question Rosewill RSV-R4000U 4U PSU Size

    Hello all, I am looking to build a home server and settled on Rosewill RSV-R4000U 4U for its compatibility with ATX boards. I am wondering if commercial power supply's like the EVGA 80 + 600w PSU and a 1660 ti would fit in the case cleanly. Thank you!
  26. P

    Question Mid-tower under $100 without tempered glass or RGB?

    It's driving me crazy. I spent hours searching for a case for my next build, but all I find is tempered glass and built in RGB fans. The few solid cases I find are upwards of hundreds of dollars. I'll be using a microATX motherboard (B760M) I just want something boring and simple. Black. Some...
  27. S

    Question Can Arctic Freezer 34Esports duo fit in CoolerMaster Mb311L

    Hello as a topic name says can it fit?I need a smaller case such as CoolerMasters Mb311L is,but i am worried that my cpu cooler might not fit...(rest of the cases that are avaible in my country are either not to my liking or it has limited airflow) Cheers and thanks in advance
  28. K

    Build Advice The PSU in my new build is constantly making weird noise (it's vertically mounted in Asus Prime AP201 case) ?

    Hello guys, I've build this PC yesterday and the PSU is making different kinds of noises. Oftentimes when I'm just browsing its making a weird rough noise that I can not really explain but under load there is a constant humming which is very annoying and...
  29. M

    Question [HELP] Where to install 3.5inch Seagate HDD into Antec DF800 Flux Mid-Tow Case?

    I have tried installing my 3.5-inch Hard drive into the bay that comes with the case on the back side (only 1). However, it does not seem to be aligning with any of the screw holes, and the case did not come with an HDD/SSD Cage or additional bays. Everything else is installed except the HDD...
  30. frogalert

    Question Problem with the fans on the Kolink Observatory Lite case ?

    So some time ago I bought the Kolink Observatory Lite case because it was really cheap and I thought it looked good. Now that I have it I have one big issue: the fans are doing what they want. Using the remote works, but after some time the fans either stop spinning or change the colour mode...
  31. O

    Question Mobo doesn't have any addressable RGB ports? (Crosshair VI Hero). Need to connect RGB fans (Don't know which RGB controller I should buy)

    Board diagram I just finished building a new PC in the Fractal Design Torrent case but have no way of connecting the RGB fan cables. I think there's a total of 10 of them.. I'm struggling to find any good RGB controllers that would work and most of them don't have that many ports to connect all...
  32. D

    Question Corsair SPEC-01 Maximum Cooler Height

    Hey guys I am considering buying the Noctua NH-U12S Redux cpu cooler for my pc. However, I use the Corsair SPEC-01 case, which says that the maximum cooler height for the case is 150mm. This is a problem, as the Noctua cooler's height is 158mm. I know that there can sometimes be a form of...
  33. mossi

    Question What is the quietest case you've ever used? with a tempered glass panel if possible!

    Looking for potential candidates to upgrade my case to and I love quiet cases. I'm not about the airflow, I don't really believe in it as my case hardly has any as all the fans are down to the quietest setting yet everything is nice and cool! I'm all about the acoustics but I'd like to go RGB...
  34. AbrahamMalpica

    Question Are there more PC chassis like the 5000D from Corsair?

    I need one chassis that let me mount the radiator of 360 mm on the top and that also support a push and pull configuration, just like the 5000D from Corsair. Please, thank you.
  35. Tennis987

    Question Small form factor case that fits an ATX motherboard?

    Hey all, I am building a small desk PC for my nephew on his birthday that he will use to play some light games like Minecraft and other's. I plan on giving him my old Ryzen 2600 CPU that currently sits in my MSI B450 Tomahawk motherboard with a Hyper 212 EVO and was wondering what case's you...
  36. Chris 2224

    [SOLVED] Help needed with PC Case fans

    I have 0 experience with case coolers. I kind of understand how airflow works, so I'm planning on putting 2 intake fans and 1 outtake fan. I have an option of getting an entire case with built in fans, but I heard they are not that good and they connect directly to the PSU, so I might just get...
  37. A

    Question Need Help Building PC with old parts

    So I have some spare parts that are still it pretty good condition. I decided not to sell them and re-use them to build a system to give to my little sister who wants a PC but parents this year can't spend money on a brand new one. Hence why I offered if possible to build a PC from old parts I...
  38. cromsoi

    Question The motherboard does not have enough Type E USB connectors for all the ports on the case"

    Building my first PC and I'm a little confused regarding the USB connectors. Got this message on a compatibility checker: The motherboard does not have enough Type E USB connectors for all the ports on the case". Also, on PCPartPicker I got these two notes about my build, but I don't understand...
  39. Rock L

    Question downsizing to a smaller case

    Hi guys I work as a 3d artist and travel allot in my work lately, the problem is the size and weight of my PC. last time I was flying the flight company was close to not letting me travel with my pc since it was to heavy (with my flightcase the weight is over 30 kilos) . The case I got now is...
  40. C

    Question My computer case is open?

    Okay, so I was kinda messing around on my pc ( rather dumb idea but whatever) which is prebuilt and I accidentally turned the chassis intrusion thing on and now I can’t access my computer due to American Megatrends saying my case is open?? I’m not a very technical person ( which i why i bought...