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  1. RamboLBC

    Question Azza 802 Case Thermals / Potentially killing GPUs

    Okay, so at the time of writing this, I am now RMA'ing my third GPU due to stuttering mid-game, all built into this Azza 802 Cube case. It always takes me about 1-2 months of constant use of each new GPU and then this problem happens, right on schedule each time. None of my other 4 rigs have any...
  2. jahlex

    Question GPU both mounting holes were stripped out and now screws won't tighten

    I stripped out the mounting holes of my case and now the screws can't tighten my GPU in place, they still hold it in though just not tight enough. I have a few questions about this: Is it safe to leave it like this without doing any damage to the GPU or the PCIe slot? If not, will leaving my...
  3. PhysicalPsycho

    [SOLVED] How to remove pre-installed mobo standoffs

    Im wondering if I can remove the mobo standoffs since the standoffs are in the wrong places, and which tool I can use I have the MSI Vampiric 10X
  4. X

    Question Motherboard to new case?

    Hi all, I have an Acer ATC-220-EB52. I'm trying to move the motherboard to a new case because it's bigger & will be my main case. I'm not sure where all the cables go now. My Acer ATC-220 desktop's motherboard serial number is DAA78L / Kara_MB 13127-1 348.01403.011. Is this the same as my...
  5. Y

    Question Fan RGB color reset each time computer is turned off

    My RGB fans are being controlled from the case for unknown reason in each time I turn off my PC the RGB color reset to the old color but if I restart the PC RGB color just stays. Any help or recommendation will be appreciated.
  6. Endre

    Question The crappiest case ever!

    Hello! This is my 5th PC, and I built it in 2019. After having my old case for a decade, I went to buy a new “shiny” one for the 5th build. So I chose the Zalman Z3 Plus (Black)...
  7. mauyed

    [SOLVED] i need help with my RGB Fans

    hello, so i have bought a new case which have 4 RGB fans and my AIO cooler 240mm have 2 RGB fans all connected together and i have connected them too a hub which is connected to CPU FAN 1 port thy are working fine till suddenly the lights were off but the fans are spinning what happened is the...
  8. Question Evolv Shift 2 panel RGB not working ?

    Hello, I've recent built into the case and the RGB in the top panel is not working (pic of how it should look like below). I have only connected the SATA cable since my motherboard does not have RGB connections. However as far as I remember SATA should be enough to power a little light and 2...
  9. Question Use this 1970's Kenwood Amplifier as a Case

    I have an old Amplifier from the 70's that doesn't work any more. I am inclined to turn it into a vintage looking gaming rig (under $2000). Can it be done? I should have prefaced this with... I have no idea what I am doing!
  10. Dragonfire967

    Question Will a server motherboard work with a non-server chassis?

    So stupid question (and probably overthinking this), but would an ATX Server-grade Motherboard work without any issues with a non-server-grade chassis and PSU? Reason I am asking is I am putting together a small server tower to run next to my gaming rig to host several servers off of for me and...
  11. F

    Question Any good small cases for push pull 184mm Rad?

    So just curious. I already own a Fractal Design Node 304 that I’m slightly modding the front panel to allow for direct air flow into the case for the 184mm rad I got for the front in place of the hard drive bays. I was wondering if there are any other small cases out there that sport front or...
  12. D

    Question Cutting the case's metal

    Hello everyone, I need some quick help. I've got an HP 8200 SFF for some years now and bought a low profile GPU (Inno3D GT740). Now, the trouble is following: it seems I mismeasured the GPU and space in case, so my GPU's I/O shield/bracket can't make it all the way through the outputs (there's a...
  13. I

    Question Computer will not boot unless USB connected

    Hey there, I'm new to Tom's Hardware so my apologies in advance if I am asking in the wrong place. My old rig is having a very strange power cycle issue that requires me to plug in a USB while it is booting in order for it to start. This problem started out as me having to hold the power...
  14. A

    [SOLVED] Hi! I just wanna ask if it is possible to install an AIO Cooler backplate on a case that has no hole in the backside

    I recently bought a 120mm AIO cooler and I realized my case is very old and it has no space for cable management on the back and I thought that it would be impossible to mount the backplate of the AIO at the back of the motherboard since the case has no space. Is it still possible to mount the...
  15. D

    Question Question about Lian Li Lancool 215 front fan(s)

    I'm eyeing the Lian Li Lancool 215: and the specification says front can support up to 2x140mm or 3x120mm fans (excluding the pre-installed 2x200mm). Currently I have 2x140mm Noctua in my current case as front fans and I'd like to keep using them for this...
  16. VoidBreakr

    Question Where can I get a glass case side panel that looks like this?

    Where could I pick up a case side panel made of glass that looks like this? The prebuilt model is the Dell XPS 8940. It's kind of a weird shape, it has a lip at the top and bottom that clip onto the case. Here is some pictures, thank you in advance. View:
  17. LeonekzWan

    Question Front panel audio giving problems

    Hello guys, i recently bought an XPG invader chase and everything works fine, except for a huge and annoying problem that its the audio fading/cutting out, i thought it was maybe a connection problem in my headsets since they are wireless i thought there were some interference withing the...
  18. Tackwood

    Question Replace H510 Case fans?

    Hello, Recently I bought the NZXT H510 case and bought the 2 pack of corsair 144mm X 25mm AF140 Blue LED case fans. Somehow the tiny brain that is in my head didn't realize that I would not actually be able to see the blue LED on the case. Would I be able to switch the case fans on the back and...
  19. C

    Question Sleeper pc question

    Ok so this is my first time building a pc and i rlly want to build a sleeper pc, but i have a few questions. One is that ive seen on yt that people have to break apart some parts of the case to fit in the pc parts and the problem is that i dont have anything to mod the pc case like that. Also...
  20. S

    Question 165mm CPU cooler in 168mm supported case?

    Would it make any problems if my cooler would be 165mm high but my case only supports theres 3mm left. Or would it be alright?