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Forum discussion tagged with case.
  1. J

    Question Front Audio Port Not working With NZXT Case

    Hello everyone! I've run into this issue with a new case I bought. Before I continue, this is what I'm working with. GA-AX370-Gaming K7 (rev. 1.0) (motherboard) and the NZXT H510i. The front audio port (just one that functions as both headset and mic 3.5 MM jack) is not working. Now, there...
  2. Koesherbacon

    Build Advice Moving an entire system from one case to another?

    Hi. I'm pretty new to designing and building PCs, but not to upgrading and adding hardware to existing towers and laptops. I've already upgraded and added several components such as a couple fans, two PCI devices, added RAM, replaced HDDs, etc in the tower I'll describe in more detail below...
  3. T

    Question Need Help In Building High-End Gaming & Streaming PC

    Hey everyone, I hope you are having a great day. I am not good at selecting PC components so please help me. I want to build a High-End Gaming & Streaming PC. Due to the very tight budget, I can't go over $1000 (Rs.75,000). After this build, I don't want to upgrade CPU, Motherboard at least for...
  4. E

    Question Is my build compatible? First time building a PC

    Hello all, This is my first time building a gaming PC and I just really want to make sure there's no conflict with any of the components I have selected . So I will just list the components below along with amazon links and then below my list I will enumerate a few questions/concerns I have...
  5. onestardino

    Question Headset jack isn't working can't plug in all the way NZXT H510

    Hello, so I recently built my computer and I'm ready to game, but unfortunately when I try to plug my headsets in, none of them would go all the way in the front panel headset jack and only about 3/4 of it goes in. If I try to push it further it just doesn't work. Obvious not being plugged in...
  6. L

    [SOLVED] Be quiet! Pure Base 500 Tempered Glass vs. Corsair Carbide 275R Tempered Glass (non Airflow version)

    Hi all, Which case performs better in airflow, and which has newer features?
  7. s50600822

    Question Best cases for ROG Crosshair VIII Formula

    ROG Crosshair VIII Formula is said to support up to 9 USB in the front panel, but I couldn't find any case with more than 2 USB and 1 USB C, anyone know if there's a case that allow me to use more of the MB cap?
  8. L

    [SOLVED] Corsair 280x Case Radiator Fan Placement

    Hello all, I have a Corsair 280x case and I'm planning to put a radiator at the top, would it be better if the fans were placed on top of the radiator or underneath it?
  9. zgdandy

    Question Severe Lag in Warzone and Fortnite, is it my CPU?

    In the past month or two my PC started having severe lag on Fortnite and COD WZ that has made them both unplayable. Ive checked for malware and cleaned my PC. In COD my player will jump around and move in completely random direction, while in fortnite it takes ridiculously long to render...
  10. IAI212

    Question I’m recasting my Pc is there anything to look out for

    I have a Dell Inspiron 3847 I5-4460 CPU, 500W PSU, 8GB RAM, R9 380 nitro GPU. These are all cased in the dell Inspiron 3847 original case I’m swapping cases with a new Aerocool Split Tempered Glass Windowed Mid Tower Case. I was wondering if there is anything to look out for or anything that...
  11. viper23

    Question Antec Dark Avengers vs Thermaltake H200

    Hello All, I want to know which isthe best cabinet between these two:- Antec DA601 Dark Avengers Thermaltak H200 My PC specs are:- CPU:- i5 4th Gen MB:- Gigabyte H61 GPU:- Aorus RX580 RAM:- 6GB (going to upgrade too) PSU:- Antec EAG Pro 750W Gold also better alternatives with same price...
  12. L

    [SOLVED] Cleaning my pc

    I am planning on cleaning my pc. I got an air blower which i want to use but am concerned about its use. The air is so fast that i fear it can damage something or that it might pop out some components like capacitor. Is it safe to use at its minimum speed(6000 rpm). How should i go about doing...
  13. O

    Question Fan rattle?

    I was cleaning the front filter of my H710i and when I finished there was now a rattling noise from the top fans that won’t stop unless I press down on the panel. I checked to see if any wires were hitting the fans but nothing. I can’t seem to find what the rattling noise is coming from. The...
  14. FredGarvin

    Question Need a Case, PSU and Fan

    Hello Everybody - I decided to build a new PC, first one in like 10 years. I bought a Ryzen 3900x, an ASRock B450M-HDV R4.0 board and some memory. I need to find a case, a PSU and a cooler, but I've been out of the game so long, I've no idea what's good. For a case I tend to lean towards...
  15. ExtreamChaozZ

    Question Small Form Factor NAS/Server Hosting Case

    Hiya, Im on the hunt for a new case that will serve the purpose of acting as a NAS with high storage as well as hosting game servers to reduce the stress of my main computer. While looking around i cant seem to find the "perfect" case that will suit my needs, with that in mind i was hoping i...
  16. Arisius

    Question Case for hot countries

    I live in a hot country. I want to buy a cool case with sound insulation What do you recommend? Without water cooling* DEEPCOOL GammaXX 400
  17. viper23

    Question Need help in choosing right case

    Hi, I am going to buy a new case for my system however i found some by own which i found cool but i don't know much about cases. My location is India, Following is the list which i found:- Corsair Spec 06 - 8000INR ( approx 110 USD ) Aorus C300 Glass - 7200 INR ( approx 96 USD) Thermaltak...
  18. B

    Question hyper 212 evo on gigabyte x570 gaming x

    Not the rgb edition just the hyper 212 evo will it fit on this motherboard? i already have the cooler should i even try? or i will have issues with it
  19. L

    Question Empty PC case bay!

    Hello I have two dvd drives mounted on my case at the top side one above the other. I am going to remove them as they are not functional anymore and i don't want to use them. But how do I close up the empty space after removing them. I wanted something to cover up that space so that dust won't...
  20. T

    Question My first build in years

    Hello everyone, hope everyone is doing well these days! I am finally planning a computer build (It has been years since I last built one). I am pretty far removed from researching hardware (my last GPU i bought was an Nvidia 600 series) so I am pretty out of the loop with what is awesome these...