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    [SOLVED] Is the H510 compatible with the Asus TUF gaming x570 plus? So I just bought the H510 and saw that it requires a usb 3.1 gen 2 header for its front panel. I bought the Asus TUF gaming x570 plus and while waiting for it to come in...
  2. Question Case with 4-Way Vertical GPU's space/slots

    I will try to describe my “problem” in a nutshell - my gpu's are too thick (rtx 2080 ti matrix), so i can install them only with 4-way slot interval. But... i think this is not correct when the location of the pci-e slots on the motherboard becomes a decisive factor in choosing a mobo. As a...
  3. A

    [SOLVED] I5 CPU with heatsink but no fan

    I have a new GPU a MSI R9 390 8GB and it will only fit in the case if I remove the CPU fan. I still would have the cpu heatsink on and the GPU fan seems like it would work as the CPU fan since the GPU fan is right where the CPU fan was. Would this work I don't want to fry my CPU?
  4. N

    [SOLVED] 280mm AIO Friendly Case

    Hey guys, bought an H115 Pro and am having trouble finding a case that will let me do a top mount set up. I am fine doing a push set up for it, does not need to be a push/pull. My budget is around $150-$200. So far I have found this -...
  5. T

    [SOLVED] Which matx case looks better?

    I'm planning to buy new pc ,but its hard to choose which case looks better ,guys can you vote and help me choose :)
  6. ZeroNightmare

    [SOLVED] New build suggestions

    Hi! Recently I've been thinking about building a new PC. I built the one I'm using right now around february 2015 (with the help of this community :D) and while it's still very functional and haven't had any issues with it, I think it's time to get something faster and more up to date. Now this...
  7. macgeek

    Question Case Sites Still Showing Discontinued Models

    I've been looking for a case for my current build, and I've been having a tough time, partially because I have (perhaps) some unusual requirements. But every time I think I've found a case that meets my requirements, I find out that it's been discontinued. Has anyone else noticed this? I...
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    Question Best Cheap Generic best value for money CPU Cooler

    Which cheap generic ALIEXPRESS cooler is better(Something with no brand name or Aigo Darkflash or Alsys etc) 6 heatpipe and 1/2/3 90mm dual tower type cooler or 6 heatpipe and 1/2 120mm fan single tower type cooler I don't care about noise all I need is the best one to keep the CPU cool I use...
  9. S

    [SOLVED] I have a weird molex cable but with 2 pins going out of my case.

    I have a weird molex cable but with 2 pins going out of my case and i don't know what it does. Can you help me. Do i need it or not cuz my new psu for some reason doesn't have any molex cable. Power supply is LC600H-12. I don't know what case it is. PS It's not a fan connector.