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  1. T

    Question How do I connect my corsair ML120Pro led fan?!?!

    Hey guys, so I recently bought the corsair ml120 pro rgb fan that comes with two four female pin headers. One of them goes into the cpu to control the rotational speed and other things... But the LED header I don't know where to connect it with, without buying the corsair commander pro (which is...
  2. A

    Question Need help with case fans

    Hi, i bought a PC from a friend. specs I want to add more fans to this COUGAR Solution ATX Mid Tower(2 front, 2 top.). How do i do that? Motherboard only has 1 sys fan, how do i add 4 more fans? Also , will my 650W PSU be enough? Im a beginner to this so dumb it all down for me pls
  3. hariisawesome

    Question RGB fans in case with opaque front panel??

    Hey guys, Just wondering if it is a good idea to put rgb fans in the top/back of a case even in the front panel is not see through. Thanks!!
  4. T

    Looking for a Better Way of Cooling My Tower

    Hello, forum people. I have an issue that's been bugging me for a bit now. Recently I moved my setup to another desk, and where I placed the tower would have actually made it be able to circulate air better. But now, whenever I play a game and everything kicks on, it warms up a lot under my...
  5. S

    Installed LAN Driver, being asked to plug in ethernet cable, when it is plugged in

    Hi, I'm putting together a new pc and i'm up to the final, but time consuming hurdle... I've installed the Intel LAN driver onto a H170 motherboard and it is showing in Network Adapters without an error. The ethernet port is not picking up the cable. I've tried trawling through various...
  6. Z

    i5 2400 with gtx 970

    i just wanted to know if the i5 2400 is good with gtx 970 without bottlenecking.
  7. S

    I cannot watch videos or itv player

    I have windows 8.1 and when trying to watch itvplayer or similar, the screen is green, any help here please? I can watch youtube video's and watch video's on facebook,
  8. G

    macbook air failure

    My macbook air cant power up, when i press power button it stays back and starts beeping without stopping... What hardware issue should be this one?