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  1. Muhammad Jahid

    Question Move the front intake fan to the top but keep it as intake as before. Is there any reason to be worried?

    I had two casing fans, One at front as intake and the other at back as exhaust. But recently I removed the front intake fan and moved it to the top but kept it as intake as before. The change is made because I was bothered with the led light of the fan as I couldn't focus on my work at night. I...
  2. D

    Question How to connect Rgb casing fans Led cable to LED button on the casing?

    I have a LED button beside the reset button on the casing. How can i connect the fans' rgb lights cables to the LED button so i can turn them on/off? Casing = 1st player X7 Motherboard = Gigabyte B660m AC DDR4