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  1. C

    Question cast mirroring from desktop to tv not working as intented, Help!

    i have a sony XBR-55X805E, and i recently noticed how whenever i try to cast something from my desktop to my tv, the cast mirroring quickly gets disconnected on my tv, and i have no idea whats causing this, i already uninnstalled and reinstalled my chrome on my desktop, did a manufacture reboot...
  2. prsnr

    Question Cast button on YouTube is present on my Lenovo W540, but missing on my friend's W540

    Hello! Me and my friend have the same laptops Lenovo W540 with the same parts, same Windows 10, same drivers but the thing is that on his laptop the cast to device button on YouTube(opened on Chrome browser) is missing and he cant cast anything to his TV which obviously supports that feature...
  3. Rorroo1309

    Question PC can't cast to Samsung Smart TV

    Hello guys, couple days ago i bought the TL-WN722N V3 with the hope i can cast to my tv and play games. When i try to project to my TV it says Desktop was unable to connect please use mobile instead. Btw my TV is Samsung ue43tu7072