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  1. R

    Question Best PC for 2D art and Casual gaming?

    Hi all, first of all I have basically no experience with computers other than iMacs, and while those are powerful mine is crazy outdated and getting a new one is way too expensive, so i'm looking for a cheaper Desktop PC that can fit my needs. I'm looking for something that can run heavy art...
  2. kcarbotte

    Best PC Virtual Reality Headsets

    Here are the best Virtual Reality Headsets currently available for the PC. Ranging from $400 to over $1000, these are truly the ultimate gaming peripherals. Best PC Virtual Reality Headsets : Read more
  3. C

    Budget mITX build for a friend

    Hi everyone! What do you think of this build guys? Will I run in any trouble with only 430 Watt PSU and what temps I can expect on the CPU? BTW Any additional fans aren't included cause I've...
  4. E

    A lot of problems, please help!!!

    Hello I wanted to build a great gaming pc but it end up a disaster. after spending couple weeks my desktop is a total disappointing. i invested in best parts available on my research motherboard: msi godlike carbon graphic: msi geforce gtx 1080 fe 32 gb ram corsair dominator intel i7 5930k So i...
  5. C

    Stuttering in every game

    Hello, i have noticed that most games i play will freeze for half a second or so then continue, this only happens at first, then after a little bit of playing it will stop. Why does this happen? my PC is capable of running these games fine.... specs r9 280 i5 4590 8 gb ram 7200 rpm hdd
  6. G

    Mac or PC?

    Hello, I am going into media arts and technology (Digital Imaging/Graphic Design) and I was wondering what kind of laptop I should get a Mac or PC. I am more familiar with PC's but I hear that Mac has better programs. So I was wondering if anyone with some experience could give me some helpful...
  7. I

    First gaming laptop

    Hey guys can you please tell me if this laptop will be able to run Feed The Beast on High settings and Dota 2 on 1080p ?? Processor: intel core i5 1.6 GHZ Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce GT 740m RAM: 8GB Windows 8 64bit Thanks :)
  8. Kyleca13

    Advice on memory for Sabertooth Z87 motherboard

    Hi, Looking to see what kind of memory I should use with Asus Sabertooth Z87 motherboard, 4770K overclocked processor. I wanted to use corsair CMZ32GX3M4X1866C10. Does anyone have any recommendations for memory with this config? I will be using my system for MMO gaming. Oh and it says on the...