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    Question Best Configuration for Small Home Network

    Hey everybody, I'm currently switching over from Optimum to GoNetSpeed Fiber, as Optimum just continued to hike their rates. Meanwhile, GNS's Fiber option will be a 500mbps over my current Optimum 300. Truth be told, the Optimum service was perfectly fine, and I usually don't utilize 300mbps...
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    [SOLVED] Ethernet Speed

    Hi, So I just got a new router with my roommates and it is supposed to have a 1Gigabit connection. My PS4 is connected via a CAT5 ethernet cable but the highest speeds I can achieve are around 250 mbps down and 6.8 up when my roommates PC is getting around 900 download and 114 upload. I have...
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    [SOLVED] how to get more than 100mbps in cat5?

    hello, let me explain my scanerio i receive my internet in my ROUTER1 placed centrally in my home. providing wifi everywhere in my home. i have an internally installed ethernet cable (inside the walls) from ROUTER1 to my room which goes in ROUTER2. (this is here since before i moved in). ROUTER2...