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    Question System32 corruption help...

    According to this CBS.Log, my Windows\System32 is rather corrupted. I don't know what to do. I've tried scn/scannow command to no avail. checked my C: Drive with the error check and it went through, later saying there was no issue on the drive itself. After that I'm at a loss. Any help is...
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    BIOS Update Joshua-H61-uATX

    Hello everyone, I'm Michiel. As the title says: I need a bios update. I need this update because I have a keyboard (Steelseries apex 350) and everytime at the startup of my desktop it gives a keyboard error. which results in slower startup. I've contacted steelseries already and they were...
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    Will a gtx 760 bottleneck my setup/ will my psu handle it?

    This is my build roughly amd 5800k processor rest.. I also have a 20ish inch monitor I dont know how much that factors into the power usage. I'm planning on buying a for pretty...
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    GPU upgrade help

    Hello all and thanks for your time. I currently have a stock HP Phoenix H9-1350 with an XFX HD 7870 DD installed. I was looking at the XFX R9 280x DD. My PSU is 600w. Can I run this card with no problem? PC specs: