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  1. Gil1908

    [SOLVED] Gigabyte Z690 boot from CD

    How can I boot from CD or from USB with the Z690? I can see the CD drive on the SATA device list, but it doesn't show as an option on the boot menu. I can see all the other SATA devices as boot options so it's not a question of changing the boot order or seeing hard disks it's a question of why...
  2. ziad ahmed

    [SOLVED] CD Drive appears in this pc and I don't have a physical drive !!

    Hi , I have an issue that CD Drive appears in this pc and I don't have a physical drive and it reserved letter "F" for it self and I can't disable it
  3. arimich

    Question alternate of inbuilt CD/DVD drive

    hey guys, my CPU cabinet's inbuilt CD/DVD drive is not working. the computer store guy has told me that it cannot be repaired and i have to buy a new cabinet. Is there any alternative of such inbuilt drives. like, is there any external cd player to connect it with the pc with usb so that i can...
  4. welsher_

    Question HDD Disappeared and turned into CD drive?

    This is my first post, I hope I'm doing this correctly. I have an MSI laptop that i bought about 7 months ago. I booted my laptop up and my HDD wasn't present anymore (PC boots up from SSD). After a few weeks the hard drive randomly appeared again a few weeks later. About a week ago it...
  5. S

    Question Why would DELL loop the pin 5 (RESET) & pin 9 (RESERVED) on the JFP1?

    Greetings! I plan to re-purpose a DELL Dimension 2400 case which I read can house a micro ATX (mATX) motherboard. Looking at the wires coming from the front end, I notice most of the wires line up properly, following the colored wires from the front to the pins they connect. The only thing...
  6. G

    [SOLVED] Why is my laptop running slow? I need recommendations!

    So, lately I've been wondering why is my laptop runing slow. As I'm studying computer programming, I wanted to buy myself a laptop with good performace. Two years ago I spent an pretty decent amount of money on my Toshiba Satellite S55t with following specs... Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6500U CPU @...
  7. T

    Need some help to troubleshoot a problem and fix it

    Hello I've seen that many people came here for help and they found it so I'm trying my luck with this. My problem is that my pc boots but no display on my monitor but it's not the typical one I have an hdd light that doesn't work when this normally happens but this time it's different the light...
  8. P

    Overclocking IGP of Celeron N, possible?

    Either Linux or Windows, how can I overclock the IGP (Integrated Graphics Processor)? I have a HP 11, with a dual core, Intel Celeron N3060. The CPU speed is 1,6Ghz, with a 2,48Ghz boost, but the cooling of the laptop is so good, it constantly runs at 2,48Ghz. I have no complaints about...
  9. hconduc

    [SOLVED] Internet Explorer stuck in crazy loop after opening IE zip file.

    I am not sure what happened. I started downloading textures (jpegs) from a SketchUp website. They all started downloading as JPEG files than one day recently they started downloading under Internet Explorer and they were on the download bar as a zip file. When I went to go open the download to...
  10. D

    Windows 10 Pro BSOD - need help with finding the cause

    Hi, At the beginning of the this week I installed Windows 10 Pro 64 bit on my machine. Before that I used Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit without any problems. Everything ran fine. Shortly after installing Windows 10 I got my first blue screen, which was very strange. It pointed towards my memory I...
  11. J

    GPU usage 0% only when I playing Dead by daylight

    MY COMPUTER window 7 GPU:GTX 1060 3G CPU:i 2600 the monitor cable connected to the graphics card -------------------------------------- IDK why but when I play every games would be fine. but only DBD,when I starting this game,my CPU usage would be100% usage every seconds when I play this...
  12. N

    [SOLVED] Wondering if im getting scammed

    ive been looking for the cheapest 144hz (in india) and found this i need help in figuring if its real because it sounds too good to be true.
  13. D

    [SOLVED] Belkin Wireless Router 801.11g date and time correction

    This aged router fails to synchronize correct date and time, reading "January 1, 1970," since initial set up in 2006(?). If my decision, I'd update technology; however, it's not. Model no. is F5D7230-4 and firmware version is 4.03.03; checking firmware updates through router stated, "No new...
  14. E

    First Gaming Build since 2011

    I'm building a new computer for the first time since 2011. Quite a few things have changed since then, so I appreciate you providing your thoughts on my new build (Or at least phase 1 of it). Thanks in advance for your comments. Approximate Purchase Date: e.g.: this week Budget Range: I'd like...
  15. U

    Looking to get a bit more bang for my buck out of some speakers.

    My first year of college I bought a couple of speakers and subwoofer off of craigslist for like $100. The speakers are the Infinity IL10 model. The subwoofer appears to have its own amp built in and each speaker is rated at an impedance of 8 ohms and 50-150 Watts. The preamp I'm currently using...
  16. L

    Unsolved SSD mystery

    I have a problem with a SSD that suddenly crashed after being used in my Macbook on field trips for about a year. One day when I was working on a word document the spinning ball appeared on my screen and the computer froze, after waiting for some time I forced restart, but the macbook could no...
  17. C

    [SOLVED] Is this list any good? It will be used for light streaming, gaming and recording. and is there anything you would change?
  18. L

    red light on motherboard

    everything works fine it turns on plays games great and everything nothing appears to be wrong but I have this red led light right next to my ddr4 that wont go away and from what I can gather it is some sort of error message. I've double checked everything and everything is plugged in fine and...
  19. C

    How can I connect a 4 pin rgb (12v r g b) to a 3 pin sys fan header?

    Ok so basically I just got this case with built in rgb fans but the only connectors it has is the 4 pin rgb thing. But, my motherboard (gigabyte z370m ds3h) only has a sys fan connector afaik (please correct me if I'm wrong) and I really don't want my computer to melt so does anyone have a...
  20. R

    [SOLVED] Upgrading my PC CPU

    So i have msi b85-g43 gaming as mobo and running intel i5-4460 and i planning to upgrade my cpu , what is the best cpu i can get with $300? sould i go for AMD instead or intel? should i need to extend my budget a lil bit to get a better one i don`t mind
  21. A

    [SOLVED] How to check for HDD physical damage

    Specifically a Toshiba 3TB P300 HDD. tl;dr: How do I test for physical damage if it got water leaked on when it was running, as it seems to have formatted itself? I recovered a lot of data from it, but it was damaged enough that TestDisk couldn't restore the partition. Background: So, about 3...
  22. T

    water cooler not working

    so i just bought a pc from a guy,he showed me evrything was working in the pc,especially the water cooler,but now i got it and it doesnt's a deepcool maelstrom 120t,the led on the pump lights up but it just doesn't pump liquid
  23. C

    Help me choose a motherboard for my i5 8400?

    Hello everyone. So I've finally decided I'll go for i5 2400. Now it's time to decide a motherboard for it. For a few years, let's say 2-3 years, I won't be upgrading the processor or anything again. So in that case, which motherboard should I buy? Somebody suggested me to buy an expensive one...
  24. 0

    Failed Windows Recovery

    My pc started booting to Recovery mode after I disabled testing mode, and I tried to recover my files and got this error : 0x80070003
  25. C

    VRM/NB overheating problem

    I have 2 GTX Titan Hydro copper on Sli in a GA 990 FX UD3 R5 motherboard and a FX 9370 Processor. My VRM/NB is overheating I believe. I start having stuttering and sound problems and at times the computer shuts down automatically. Any ideas? Motherboard can not handle all the wattage?
  26. O

    Storing Photography Ran out of Cloud Storage space

    Hello, Over the years I have tried apple photos with icloud storage, google photos with original quality uploads etc. Currently I'm on the icloud 2TB plan and have already ran out of storage and I take over 20,000 photos a month regarding sports etc and also upload my photos from my DSLR...
  27. R

    PC repetitively Shutting Down Post Bootup!

    Hello Everyone, Recently my PC started showing this issue where it repetitively shuts down POST BOOT UP! I've seen a lot of videos on youtube where PC starts and switches off within 5 seconds... that's not my case. My PC completely boots up, till home screen, starts loading all icons and start...
  28. A

    15cm / 5.9 inche solid concrete walls; whats the best network solution?

    room layout: So here is our situations, we are moving into a new building which has super thick walls to the point that in some rooms there is no cellphone connection. We will have a 1000 mbps glassfiber connection attached to a router (the big red block in the...
  29. GAMER_1

    Longer battery life for the Asus ROG g53sw?

    Hi! I want the battery life to be at least a tad better than it it's now. Could I either get a bigger battery or use 2? I want to use it for school as I can't buy a laptop right now, but can buy either a new battery, or some type of solar power bank. Thanks!
  30. D

    ASRock B360 Gaming K4 vs ASRock H370 Pro4

    i7 8700. Which one?
  31. provan360

    Switch Icon in Google

    Is this icon normal or should I be worried, I have reinstalled and I have tried removing my chrome theme.
  32. L

    i5 8400 vs Ryzen 5 2600/2600x for non-gaming use

    Hi, I am looking into building a non-gaming rig that will hopefully perform fast for the next 5+ years. Main usage would be regular internet browsing and streaming media and Youtube in HD. My budget is around $1000 for the PC and I wanted to pick a CPU that will be "future proof" for my...
  33. D

    Samsung 970 EVO 1TB with PCIe Expansion Card

    Hi I have purchased a Samsung 970 EVO 1TB, I want to get the best speeds so i want a PCIe Expansion card. I can only find Asus Hyper M.2 X4, are there any more on the market? Thanks
  34. F

    Gaming pc build

    Build- Msi Z370 gaming m5 lga1151 I7-8700k 6core 3.7ghz (4.7turbo) Corsair hydro serious h105 liquid Rm1000x 80 plus gold Gigabyte 1060 6gb 500gb ssd Samsung with win10 and some games I’m just looking for some opinions, it doesn’t seems like it’s putting out the FPS it should in my opinion, at...
  35. Z

    Slow Download Speeds

    Hey guys, so when I check what speed my ISP is currently providing (in the Network and Internet screen), it shows that it is 100 Mbps, which is pretty fast. But, when I go to download something, whether it be through my browser or Steam and Origin, the downloads seemed to be capped at ~850 KBps...
  36. A

    Surge protector question need help.

    I live in Europe and i'm thinking of buying this surge protector from APC here , the surge protector seems really good but there are few things that bothers me. 1) if you scroll a little bit down...
  37. A

    Computer randomly turns off then on again, boots fine no errors

    Hi, recently changed my whole rig and past week my comp has been turning off then turning itself back on again within 1 second and boots up fine, i7-8700 gtx 1070 16gb ram 650 cx 650m power supply what could be causing this any help would be appreciated.
  38. A

    SanDisk Ultra II SSD 480 GB SATA III Internal SSD will only works externally

    As the title states, I have a SanDisk Ultra II SSD 480 GB SATA III 2.5 inch Internal SSD. I have an abundance of cables at my disposal and so have tried multiple different cables internally but this SSD will not show up in my BIOS, Disk Manager or Device Manager. It just does not seem to exist...
  39. M

    Installed new 1070, computer crashed and now won't power on.

    I recently upgraded to a GTX1070 mini itx In my 5-6 year old desktop. This worked fine for the first few hours after setup, and the temperature readings were ok (40-65C) until I was playing videogames; where at which point the computer blackscreened and crashed completely. I am now unable to...
  40. I

    Can a laptop with a CPU of Intel i3 3217 U, run and record with the Elgato HD 60 or 60 S game card ?

    I'm planning to do a few game capture videos but my laptop is a little bit old, the CPU is intel i3 3217 U with 4GB of RAM - currently I'm lacking the funds to get a new laptop or PC but the reason i'm planning this is just for fun, will it work on my Dell laptop or will i be just wasting cash...