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    New PC underperforming

    So I just built a Pc for the first time,with some old parts I had and some from a friend. I had some problems booting it first got Bsod everytime. Managed to fix that somehow with a Windows 10 install from USB. These are my specs btw Geforce GT 630 AMD Fx(tm)8350 Eight core processor 16GB DDR3...
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    VRM/NB overheating problem

    I have 2 GTX Titan Hydro copper on Sli in a GA 990 FX UD3 R5 motherboard and a FX 9370 Processor. My VRM/NB is overheating I believe. I start having stuttering and sound problems and at times the computer shuts down automatically. Any ideas? Motherboard can not handle all the wattage?
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    CPU temp high

    I recently just overclocked my CPU and have it hooked up with a corsair H100iV2 and am getting around 40C at idle. I just wanted to know if that's too high and if I should just go back to default clock settings.
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    Need help identifying the hardware that's malfunctioning

    Pc frequently freezing up with this static screen before force restarting itself/going into sleep mode. Suspecting its a Mobo/GPU failure, would appreciate advice. Thank you! Here are my specs: Asrock H110M-HDS CPU G4560@3.50ghz Zotac Geforce 1050TI 4GB 1TB HDD...
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    How do I clone Audio signal from optical on MOBO and send through HDMI with video out?

    I am streaming. I have been streaming for over a year but after updating my monitor AND my display method (DisplayPort), I need to rethink how I capture. I used to run HDMI (video and audio) from my GAMING PC through a splitter to a pioneer receiver and to a 1080p 60hz tv (hence why the change)...
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    Gtx 1050 2gb or rx 560 4gb

    I am getting a pc with i5 2400 and 8gb ddr3 ram 500 watt psu and i am confused between getting an rx 560 4gb and gtx 1050 2gb. I will be playing all the titles that support both amd or nvidia. Comparison sites say 560 is slightly better maybe due to the extra 2gb ram but benchmarks show pretty...
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    Changing up my PC

    Current PC Specs: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Gigabyte Geforce GTX1060 3GB Windforce OC GSkill Aegis 8GB Ram DDR4 3000Mhz(currently @2933Mhz) Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3(rev 1.0) Intenso SSD SATA III High 240GB An old HDD 500GB(Probably @7200rpm) Corsair VS Series VS550 Aerocool Aero-500(Window) So I want to...
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    Windows 10 error

    I built a rig for my friend and when i went on installing windows 10 from a disk the following error showed up Your pc ran into a problem and needs to restart.. Stop code: DRIVER IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL What failed:ACPI.sys please help me
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    well GTX 1080 FTW3 TI SLI fit on a Asus MAXIMUS IX HERO ATX LGA1151 MOBO?

    so im working on a monster of a 4k build and im wondering well two GTX 1080 TI FTW3 cards fit SLI on a maximus ix hero mobo? i was wondering if the mobo's pcie slots were 2 inches apart from each other avoiding sandwitching the cards together due to throttle theres a link down below showing my...
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    Breadboarding Has Twice Failed Me

    A few weeks ago I assembled the components for a new PC, constructed it in case -- it wouldn't post. I took it out and breadboarded it -- still wouldn't post. Nor would the case speaker beep. The fans did spin, however. I reset CMOS, fiddled around with the ram and the monitor, and in the end...
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    Is this a good B350 mono for my build?

    So I have a gtx 1050ti and a ryzen 5 1500x, i am planning on overclocking and wondering what motherboard would be good: so far I have selected a MSI - B350 GAMING PLUS ATX AM4 Motherboard and am wondering if that is the best option or if others would be better. My ram is at 3000mhz.
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    Keyboard not working on HP Pavilion DV7 laptop

    Keyboard not working on HP Pavilion DV7 laptop could it be a button was pushed inadvertently?
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    My headphones are not working.

    When plugged in, my headphones are not working. But when i take them off the system has the sound . What should i do? is it that the headphone jack is faulty? My laptop is a Dell Inspiron.
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    Which power supply i should go for?

    so i've been researching a lot lately... im so confused..which PSU i should buy. my specs are xeon x3460 2x4 ddr3 Asus RX 480 4G dual (OC edition) i want to overclock my GPU without increasing volt. so please suggest me a good psu i don't have too big budget its about 3500 INR to 3900 INR...
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    How can I connect my second gpu that needs a 6 pin pcie when I doesnt have another one?

    My power supply is Antec High Current Gamer HCG-620M, 80 PLUS BRONZE, 620 Watt Modular Power Supply. I used it to connect my first gpu but now I need another 6 pin to connect to my gpu but I dont have one. I have free 10 pin ports on the power supply itself labeled PCIE/HDD. Which cable can I...
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    Unable to disable Fatal1ty B450 Gaming-ITX/ac on Fatal1ty B450 Gaming-ITX/ac

    Hi, I'm using RAM with uneven CAS timing, therefore I'm trying to disable Gear Down Mode as suggested elsewhere. Anytime I set it to 'disabled' next restart I see it as 'auto'. Anyone else with same problem ?
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    Overclocking without watercooling

    Hello all, I was wondering how safe it is to overclock the Intel i5-7600k (base 3.8gz) to 4.5 ghz without watercooling. I do currently have a $70 "Be Quiet!" CPU fan, which i'll link below. I plan on overclocking this CPU with my 1080 until i have the money to purchase an i7-7700k (can't use...
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    New Rig Overclocking i5 8600k

    Hello all, I recently built a new rig with an i5 8600k using a cooler master ml240 liquid cooler. This is all on an AsRock z370 Extreme4. This is my first time overclocking and I think I've settled into a stable overclock, I was just looking for advice . I've been using Prime95 small FFTs for...
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    Minimum system requirements for a smooth 4k video playback

    Hello everybody. I am going to buy a 43 inch 4k pc monitor. I am only going to use my pc ONLY for browsing the web and watching 4k videos on youtube. I am NOT a gamer, I don't even play minesweeper. My question is what are the minimum system requirements that will allow me to watch 4k videos...
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    Advises on a new gaming system

    After a lot of years, I'm starting to consider building a gaming PC. Could you advise if the following configuration would be decent for a mid-range gaming PC, or if something could be improved? Intel Core i5 8600k socket 1151 v2 Gigabyte B360 HD3 1151...