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  1. G

    msi gt72vr 6rd extra SSD Adapter!

    Hey guys, I own a GT72VR Dominator, and from what I've seen, they have downgraded its M2 slots from 4 to just one. My question is, is it possible to get the "daughter"card that makes it possible? You can see it right here...
  2. T

    Overclocking FIRST TIMER

    Is ths ok for overclocking its my first time - this is idle
  3. B

    computer turning itself off randomly

    my computer keeps turning itself off randomly, no input to anything but the fan will suddenly crank to max speed, is it overheating? the room it's in is nine degrees with the ceiling fan on. is plugged into a power protector too if that helps. only got the computer 3 weeks ago
  4. W

    Asus Z-170 Pro Gaming RAM compatibility

    I’m building a PC with second hand bits, the motherboard is as stated. CPU is an i7 6700k with a 650w power supply and I’m looking to buy a h100i v2 for cooling. I’ve been looking through the forums to see wether my build will be compatible with G.Skill Trident Z 16Gb 2x8 dual channel DDR4...
  5. N

    Computer boots to bios repeatedly instead of booting to windows

    So I turned on my computer and then usually it shows the rog logo and then it takes me to the lock screen but today it took me to the the bios of the motherboard. After I exited the bios it took me to the bios again. I tried pressing F8 and trying to open the windows 10 repair tool but it still...
  6. L

    Computer gone all whack send help

    My computer has started randomly freezing as of yesterday (even while starting up sometimes). As well as this the audio has become crackly which is not a problem with the speakers. As well as this 90% of the time when I start my computer up there is no input to the monitors or keyboard/mouse and...
  7. B

    GTA V doesnt launch

    I had gta running like 1 week ago. And now i turn my pc on and gta just closes after it gets to sign in field. Have no idea why myb some one had this problem allso. P.S. i did try to repair it with gta 5 intall tool and did delete it eventualy and now cant re install idk what to do now. :( PC...
  8. M

    Cpu for dell precision 490

    dell pricision 490 which can support 2 processors please tell me which processors will be best for gaming in less than 20 bucks I can't change this pc for a reason
  9. S

    CAS Latency & RAM

    I just got a new ram. Specifically the 16GB Corsair Vengeance LP 2x8GB (cml16gx3m2a1600c9) Default says 1600MHZ at 9-9-9-24 cas latency. I did some experimenting and my PC couldnt boot many times until I randomly found on this site an article and tried 1866mhz at 10-10-9-24. I have 2 questions...
  10. E

    Gta v on pc Windows 10

    Will gta v for pc play on Windows 10 pc
  11. M

    I need help about a 775 CPU

    My specs are AMD Radeon R7 360 4 GB DDR2 MSI MS 7366 MoBo Intel Core2Quad Q8300 2,5 Ghz Main game that I wanna play is Fortnite and my CPU is struggling and I wanna repalce it with a better one, wthat CPU should I get?
  12. B

    Can you install windows 10 on a not empty drive?

    So can/should you do that? Are there any risks?
  13. M

    Lenovo Thinkpad T400 Issue

    Hi guys, I have a thinkpad t400, and am facing the following issue. When I turn it on, I can see a faint Thinkpad logo appear. After that, nothing. i connect it to my external monitor, and it works as a desktop. Everything but the display is fine. At least I think so. Furthermore, I replaced...
  14. T

    Accidentally hit clear CMOS button with pc on. Pc won’t boot now

    So pretty much as the title say. Was putting together a build after finally fixing my long broken pc...many rma parts trying to figure out what was wrong... and it works! But than my finger slips and I accidentally hit the clear CMOS button on the back and it won’t boot past like 2 seconds...
  15. A

    How do I connect this?

    So I have a fan hub where all the 4 fans from my case are connected. The fan hub cable is a 4 pin molex with both male and female. My question is how do I connect this to the motherboard? I want to be able to control fan speed and color from the motherboard. I would appreciate a detailed...
  16. H

    CoD MW2 FPS CAP (i really need this)

    Hi, so I am at home with the config files and everything, i play cod since i was a lil kid, and one of my favorite CoD is the mw2, and since i has a mid-end PC (1060 6gb, i5-7500, 16gb ram) and its has a 91 fps cap in Multi Player, and i have a 144hz monitor and i really want to see that 250-300...
  17. _dawn_chorus_

    I updated my GPU drivers from Device Manager is this bad?

    I updated my nvidia drivers from device manager unintentionally thinking it would just search if there was a new one. It found one and installed it immediately. Aren't I suppose to uninstall the old one first? Would Windows have done that automatically? Should I do a clean install again?
  18. G

    trying to add DDR 2 DIMM to Asus p5q-E core 2 quad 2.67MHz system

    currently using Corsiar xms 4x2 800 Mhz running windows 8.1 x64. the spec for the board calls for: P45/ich10r intel FMA 1600/1333/1066/800 MHz 4 x DIMM, max. 16GB, DDR2 1200/1066/800/667MHz, non-ECC, un-buffered memory like to increase to at least 12 GB by replace a pair with 2x4GB but...
  19. B

    Will my old gtx 660 work with my msi b350m mobo?

    Will my very old gpu work on my new mobo? I have an old gtx 660. I am planning to build a ryzen 1600 desktop with msi b350m mobo. I am planning to buy a gpu when the next gen releases or when the prices drop because I have a tight budget. For now, I only plan on grabbing a cpu+mobo. I dont know...
  20. M

    masterliquid lite 240 liquid cooler what about this liquid cooler i have be quiet shadow rock slim and its like a space heater cpu:i7 870 mobo: p7h55