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  1. G

    Question Which network has the best call quality to support sending faxes?

    I've tried sending faxes over VOIP connections before via my home landline (which is now digital) and it's really hit or miss. From my understanding that's because the call audio is compressed to too low of a bitrate. I was wondering if there's any cellular network out there with good enough...
  2. p7r0x7

    [SOLVED] So let me get this staight: CDMA SIM in GSM = fine?

    Let's say you wanted to use Verizon (CDMA) plan on an unlocked GSM only phone--a OnePlus phone for example. This is fine as long as you use a SIM card right?
  3. N

    How to know if my PC has enough power for a new graphics card

    So a couple years ago I bought an Alienware X51. The specs are i7 4770, GTX 745, and 8GB of RAM. I'm looking into getting a new graphics card for it since the 745 isn't really cutting it for me anymore (I'm getting either the GTX 1070ti or the 1080). I only have two problems. 1 is that the pins...
  4. N

    Intel i5 - 6400 with gtx 1050?

    I wanna know if my cpu is fine to combine it with that gpu. Pc has 2.7ghz. Also I only have a 650w psu. I dont want it to overheat. I used to play Witcher and other games with a Radeon r7 250 but bottleneck was 99%. Testing 1050 online it said bottleneck was 13%. worth buying the 1050? Or am I...
  5. J

    Component cooling priority. CPU vs GPU

    I have a Nzxt Kraken X61 currently cooling the CPU (i54690k oc'd) and a GTX 970. I was thinking since there's room I'd add a second cooler (120/140mm) with a G10 adapter to the GPU the question is which rad would be better for which component. The GPU tends to run hotter so I'd assume that...
  6. S

    usb problem? or computer problem?

    i have a usb that im using right now to copy files from my computer, but something strange happens, when done copying... all files are there but after ejecting usb.. then plug it again.. all files are gone.. but storage is used when i check properties of the drive.. dont tell me to do attrib -r...
  7. luckystrikes

    *** Major Dilemma *** GTX 980 Reference or Non-Reference.

    Hello Community, I would truly appreciate your deep insight and advice for what I am going through. I am on a verge of getting GTX 980 Graphic Card. I've took long time to research on my own and strangely all the answers I've read would not let me make a certain decision. Thus, I am posting...
  8. L

    AMD GPU Second Monitor "No Signal" VGA-DVI Adapters.

    Hi, so today my second DVI-VGA adapter finally came, but when I plugged it into the second DVI output on my GPU the second monitor said no signal. I can use HDMI but it looks like complete crap and both of my monitor only have VGA in. Why does this happen? Is there a update that fixes this or...
  9. K

    Blue screen problem and no Bootabe Device Found.

    hey. i have been facing a problem since 4 days. when i am logging in to win7 after 5 min it is getting struck and getting a blue screen showing that win7 found something like that after that when it is restarting it is not booting and showing that no bootable device found. what is the reason for...