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  1. Ray A1

    Question I7 7700

    Hello Folks, New to the forum today and here is my first question, I currently have 2 custom built workstations that have been built to run Siemens Solid Edge and the other to run Keyshot Pro.. so my question is My 3 rd machine for general use is an i5 7400, 8Gb ddr4 memory and the board is...
  2. A

    [SOLVED] Can't set memory speed to manufacturer specs in the bios of a Rampage iii MB

    Firstly, I apologize for creating a thread about a MB model that's a decade old. I bought a new Rampage iii extreme MB. "Why"?" you may ask. well, I had a damaged MB and a good cpu that I succeeded in overclocking to 4.2 and I didn't want to spend more money. After that, I bought new RAM. Yes...
  3. B

    How to set up my 65” Roku tcl tv to my echo

    Need help connecting my 65” Roku Tcl to my 3rd generation Exho.
  4. L

    Tips on an Upgrade

    Hello, I am looking to upgrade my PC. I was wondering if I could get some advice and tips. I will be using the PC for flight simulation (CPU intensive) and streaming (also CPU intensive). I use two monitors: one at 4K, the other at 1920x1080. Current: Motherboard: Intel DB75EN CPU: i5 3470 @...
  5. L

    Thermaltake Water 3.0 360 vs Deepcool Captain 360EX. What is the difference?

    Would love to know which of them is better. Performance, noise, durability.
  6. D

    Difference in CMD vs CMK Ram

    I was looking at upgrading Ram, I've been having a lot of issues with my computer freezing thought I would try different ram. Have already tested this ram and RMA and get new ram, new motherboard, new cpu, new CPU cooler. Still getting freezes. I have a Sabertooth Z170 and i have 2133 ram was...
  7. Deniedstingray

    Hidden memory leak adding half a gig to my memory usage every 30-45 mins.

    Ive got a memory leak in windows 10 and i have absolutely no idea what the heck it could be. I have 3 startup programs and only use google chrome and steam. Are there any system repair type things that i can run to try and fix this? Im lost. Note: Doesnt show up in task manager, couldnt see...
  8. tneswick2

    Upgrading My Gaming/Streaming PC

    I have this PC that I built for Gaming/Streaming to Twitch 3 years going on 4 ago. Here's the build, with the only changes being me adding an Elgato HD60 Pro to the motherboard, and me recently adding an ACER 144hz 1440p monitor for gaming. I added the monitor so that I could stream some PC...
  9. M

    After updating Windows 10 to 1709, I can no longer use my triple monitors (DP) and my 4th Monitor (DVI) at the same time.

    My System Specs: Windows 10 Pro GTX 1080 ti i5-8600k at stock clocks 16 Gb of DDR4 3X BenQ 27" Monitors 1X AOC 24" Monitor Hey guys, just looking for some experts here. I've always used a setup where I have my triple monitors setup in Nvidia surround via Display Port out, and a 4th monitor via...
  10. J

    New Gaming PC Appears to be having a slower network performance!

    Good Evening All, I recently upgraded my to a Ryzen 5 build but it appears since i have gotten the new PC up and running the performance of the network appears to be significantly slower than the rest of my devices on the network. I am using the MSI x370 pro carbon gaming motherboard and have...
  11. U

    [SOLVED] HDD boot error

    So I was cleaning my PC and accidentally pulled out my SATA and power cable from my PC. After reconnecting I tried booting and it showed an error that it didn't detect and boot device and that I should insert a proper boot device then restart. I checked my BIOS and my HDD is listed, made the HDD...
  12. V

    Tp link Losing connection when i download something

    Hi, I use Powerlink for a long time, in particolar Powerlink Tp link av500. But some days ago i have this problem: when i download something (games, videos, or either when i do a speed test or streaming), i lost connection. All the house losts the connection! Can you help me, please? Thanks! :)
  13. C

    Replaced CPU Wont Display

    Hey Everyone I recently helped one of my mates replace his cpu and once we replaced it and tried to boot the screen wouldnt display at all we tried reseting cmos no luck. Motherboard: b150m Bazooka New CPU: i7 7700k
  14. F

    Best Ryzen CPU to upgrade to?

    Currently have an Amd fx-6300 overclocked. I want to upgrade to handle some streaming, video editing, but mostly games varying from CSGO to PUBG to total war warhammer. Which is the cheapest Ryzen CPU that would be best suited for these plus seeing a noticeable increase from the fx-6300?
  15. M

    Comcast Modem 86 mbps but router is 5 mbps

    So the modem/router combo giving to us from comcast is 86 mbps but when i plug a router into it its only 5 mbps. Ive tried multiple cables Is it being limited Bridge mode is off We have 3 routers that are usually plugged into the modem
  16. I

    Syncbackfree - Multiple programs running

    I am using a syncing software called Syncbackfree. Whenever I open the program, it fails to respond (crashes). In the taskbar, there are about 41 instances of the program open. There should only be one instance. How do I solve this problem?
  17. A

    What would be the best CPU+GPU for GA-78LMT-S2(rev 1.2) motherboard? Right now my GPU is GTX 950 and CPU is FX 4300.

    Hello! So my question is, what would be the best GPU+CPU for my motherboard? Right now I have gtx 950 and fx 4300. It gives quite good FPS in games like Battlefield 4,Assassin's Creed 4, Metro Last Light, but on low settings. I'm fine with having 30-40 fps in games like that. BUT there is a game...
  18. M

    err network changed error

    For the last 3 days when i turn on or restart my pc i get the following on screen when opening google chrome...... ERR network changed error ...... if i wait a few seconds the report goes of screen and my opening page appears as normal..... i have not changed any settings myself..... i have...
  19. E

    Monitor gets no signal after windows update installed intel graphics drivers.

    Here is everything I know so far. Trying to install any intel graphics drivers crashes my PC. When I reboot my PC it gets to the windows 10 Logo screen, but then my monitor gets no signal and automatically turns off. I am using a GTX 970 and it is connected to the monitor through DisplayPort...
  20. K

    Raid issue after Bios Update

    So i updated my bios with an existing raid, when i launched it back up it had the 2 drives out of raid, which i google and people said it was normal. So im attempting to put them back into raid and its saying that its failing. Im on a z170-a and using the EZ tuning wizard to set it up. I click...