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    Question Fan Recommendations

    Hey everyone, Currently on the market for some new fans, however I'm seeing lots about decibels and CFM, etc. Am i right in saying that the more CFM the louder they are. I currently have the fans listed below. Does anyone have any recommendations for RGB fans that are quieter or the same as...
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    Samsung 970 evo overheating?

    So recently I've been thinking about getting a new ssd since I'm low on memory and I've ended up choosing between 970 evo and 860 evo. And the deciding factor for me would be the temperatures of 970 evo, overheating and how much of a problem they are. So basically if I'll struggle with the...
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    Will this build run at high/ultra settings?

    The Specs: CPU - Intel core i5 7400 3.5GHz Motherboard - Gigabyte Z270P-D3 RAM - 16GB TwinMos HDD - 1TB Seagate SSD - 120GB Kingston VGA - Gigabyte RX570 4GB 256bit Power Supply - Thermaltake 700w Games like PUBG, GTA V, Far Cry 5
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    VESA Mountable Thin Mini-ITX Case to fit GPU

    Let me describe my situation. A couple of years ago, I built a low power, compact PC that would effectively take on the role of a server, hosting TeamSpeak and various game servers for myself and a group of friends. Since then, I have purchased an R720 so no longer have a use for this PC. When...
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    Network is connected but is not loading

    I've tried all my browsers - Chrome, IE and Firefox and although it shows that I am connected to a network, it doesn't load successfully. All I did the day before was to scan my PC using mbam (premium trial) then quarantine+delete all PUPs. My other devices are not having this issue. I recall...
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    Monitor has black screen and won't respond to button inputs?

    Hi, I have a benq GL2460 1080p 24 inch as my second display but it isn't working. I started my pc up this morning and the monitor remained black, it will not respond at all to pressing the buttons on the side of the display even the power button, it just keeps a orange led. I tried unplugging...
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    install windows 8 on another SSD using a key only

    I want to install windows 8 using a key from Microsofsoftwareswap. I have currently connected a very old HDD with windows 7 from an old laptop to my build, and want to install windows 8 on an SSD I have also connected to the new PC. now before I buy a key I would like to know if I can select...
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    Windows Defender vs Windows Essentials on laptop with windows 8.1

    on my laptop 8.1 I have windows defender and in my program list it show windows essentials. Can I remove windows essentials and will windows defender remain?
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    my 2001 Cadillac deville keeps overheating could it be thermostat?

    2001 Cadillac deville overheating
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    Need major upgrade help

    Hello, My friend got a new computer and gave me his old one. I'm able to spend around $200 or so a month over the next couple months on upgrades. I'd prefer to keep the total upgrades under $1,000 but willing to spend more if necessary. I'm willing to save some to buy better stuff as well. I'm...
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    Is my build okay

    Hi this is my first ever PC build and I don't want to just waste my hard earned cash. My computer Http:// case £138 corshair 760T...