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  1. How To Recovering a motherboard/graphics card from a bad BIOS flash with ch341 flasher, 1.8v adapter, and a SOIC-8 clip.

    In general - it is uncommon to have a bad flash, but it is indeed possible. In many cases, it is the improper electronic components handling (static electricity discharge) that makes you look for this guide. This guide is also helpful for AMD users that do not have their new CPU supported with...
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    Question CH341A bios programer on Asus x551ma

    Hey there do you know if I can use the CH341A bios programer with laptop x551ma which has windond 25q64... bios chip. Thanks for helping me out.
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    Question How to fix my bricked gpu with a ch341a?

    So Long story short. I’ve bricked my gpu and ordered a ch341a spi flasher ,connected the clip to the bios chip and pressing read gives me this. Got my backup bios file and tried to write it to the chip , it goes to 100% with no problem but after pressing read again it gives the same result as...