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  1. Mr. White

    Question Noblechairs HERO - loose armrests

    Good afternoon everyone! I bought my Noblechairs HERO gaming chair in January this year. After month or two its armrests began to loose. Now it feels like it's a chair bought from a flea market. Here you can see the situation: For Noblechairs users, have you had this kind of problems...
  2. Tairse

    [SOLVED] Need help with a sensibly priced gaming chair

    Hey guys, the title says it all really. I'm looking for recommendations for a chair. .. So, i'm a pretty wide set guy and have been having trouble finding a suitable chair that is a decent price (max £200), decent quality (would want it to last at least a few years), and most importantly of...
  3. Docu

    Question Buying gaming/office mid range chair

    Hello all, as my work has shifted from work from the office to work from home, and my employer decided to support our home offices I decided to 'buy' a good mid/high range chair. Also, I am part-time streamer so I decided to get the best of both worlds and go for a 'gaming style' chair. Up until...
  4. BlueFoxAlpha

    Question What gaming chair is the best out of these four?

    How you doing? I want to know wich one of these models will you choose if you have to buy one. This is for gaming/design, i don't know any of those brands except for Corsair, but i'm just looking for another opinion. Or what to look for. Of course Corsair is one of the top brands in the market...
  5. G

    Need Some Case Advice?

    Hello, I am planning on building my first computer and really don't know what Case to buy. I preferably want a case that is white, quiet, at least one panel of glass, watercooling-support, and roughly suits my needs for my specs. I have seen the Fractal define R5 white w/window and have heavily...
  6. M

    AMD rx 580

    Does rx 580 have analog signals
  7. N

    Unidentified network, no network access

    Okay, so I recently just moved to my grandmas and she uses a different modem and I brought my desktop over to use. The info for the desktop is here OS Name: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Version: 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 build 7601 Manufacturer: Microsoft System Model P7-1019 System type x64...