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  1. punkdumbo

    Question Need help choosing new graphic card

    I need little help with choosing GPU. My PC build is old and I'm slowly trying to change the components. But now my worst nightmare is my GPU - I work in Blender and my old GPU is not doing great job (I know my CPU will be still old) but for now I need just GPU upgrade (with future possibility...
  2. technologicalpixel

    Question how can i change rgb ram colors?

    if i buy this ram what do i need to change the rgb colors?
  3. Dalanos

    Question ASUS UX330UA No wifi/bluetooth/sound after battery change

    Hello everyone, A couple of days ago I tried (for the first time) to change the battery of my ASUS UX330UA, since the old one was at less than 50% charge. I used this battery since I couldn't find one made by asus online. After turning it back on, I noticed that I lost the wifi, bluetooth...
  4. J

    [SOLVED] Changing BIOS settings after replacing RAM?

    Hello everyone, I'd like to ask the following: if I replace my single stick of ram with two sticks of ram, do I need to make any changes to the BIOS settings? Do I need to load defaults in BIOS, or maybe change some settings in the memory section? My motherboard is Gigabyte B250 hd3p. Thank...
  5. Uday_24

    [SOLVED] Smaller Case/ Motherboard suggestion

    Hi All, Getting my rig back from my cousin, since he's completed with his college days. Current build ----------------- CPU - Intel Core i5-2500k CPU Cooler - CM Hyper 212 Evo Mobo - Asrock Z77 Extreme 4 GPU - ASUS Strix GeForce GTX 960 2GB Direct CU II SSD - Corsair Force 3 60GB HDD -...
  6. icyulkn

    [SOLVED] Change Videos, Pictures, Downloads, Music etc icons in navigation

    I have been trying to change the icons in Windows 10 file explorer (desktop, downloads, etc) on the left hand side (with the hard drive disk icons) with no luck. I can change the icons appearance under "C:\Users\name" but not on the left hand side navigation. I've tried a bunch of tweaks but...
  7. B

    [SOLVED] How to know what CPU i can use in my laptop?

    So i have a lenovo thinkpad and it has a socket to change the CPU but the problem is i dont know what CPUs are compatible with the socket and with the motherboard. There is a document about the various processors that can be used on this model on lenovos site but it´s kind of outdated and i was...
  8. EddyPC

    Question How much ARGB fans can I connect to SATA power supply output?

    good evening to everyone, I have a cable that has 4 SATA with a single 6 pin output from the power supply. I have 8 ARGB 2300 rpm PWM fans, 1 PWM splitter (SATA power), 1 ARGB splitter (SATA power), HDD (SATA power) and the AIO pump (SATA power). Can I connect everything with that cable...
  9. sylex1

    [SOLVED] Is it a worthy successor?

    Hi there guys! So i've been using a PC since I was 10 or less. I had a few MacBook in the past years and they felt comfy, but i always returned to PC because of gaming. I built a High End Gaming PC in 2019 Q3 but now i'm just not playing that much. I have a new company notebook (Dell G5 maxed...
  10. K

    Can I change the forum / subforum my thread(s) belonged too?

    Hi. How can I change the subforum my thread(s) belonged to ? Is it possible ? I posted a question about Windows 7 boot problem on my laptop in 'Systems' subforums, but now after finding the 'Windows 7' subforum, I think it's better suited in the 'Windows 7' subforum.
  11. hugo vdgb

    Question is it possible to change my pc case from the hp pavilion tgo1-0500nd to TG4 RGB?

    it is possible to change the case from a hp pavilion tgo1-0500nd to a sharkoon TG4 RGB and will the components fit? specs: CPU: Intel Core i7-9700F RAM: 16.0GB 2666 mhz motherborf: HP 8653 (U3E1) monitor: 24GL600F (1920x1080@144Hz) GPU: 4095MB NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER (HP) SSD: 476GB INTEL...
  12. Chrixy

    Change username

    Hello, I know this doesn't have anything to do with Windows 10, but I didn't know which category this would go under.. so sorry about that, My question is, is it possible to change my username on this site or is that not available? Regards Doxrikser / Chrixy
  13. A

    Question Looking to change parts. Need suggestions for best and budget parts. (Details below).

    So few weeks ago my PC started randomly restarting. I tried formatting but didn't work. Turns out the 4 pin connector on the psu burned out leaving the plastic covering all melted and inner metal all black. Also the port on my motherboard is also blackened. So I have to change the psu and...
  14. E

    Apu rx 560

    I have a pc with a amd a 10 6700 apu. I was wondering if i could run a rx 560 with that or will the apu bottleneck it to much.
  15. T

    GTX 960 power requirements

    I am looking to buy the gtx 960, but i dont have a spare 8 pin power cable. Can anyone give me any advice to get around this?
  16. Svrco

    Automatic maintance problems

    So in last few weeks automatic maintance just keep running and running and it is slowing down my pc. when i manualy stop it few hours later it automatic start again. I even set automatic scheduler at 00:00 but in middle of day it starts. can you please tell me how I can stop that 4ever because...
  17. X

    asus rog hero viii +NVIDIA gt 740 ddr3

    Hi, I'm new to this, and I want to know if you can have an NVIDIA GT 740 DDR3 4GB, with a motherboard asus rog hero viii. While I hope to buy a better one.
  18. K

    How to enter bios mode?

    If you just built a pic and want to download the windows 10 os onto it how would you get into the bios menu do you even need to be in the bios menu? I'm using a windows 10 os disc and my motherboard is asus z170-a, my cpu is Intel core i7-6700k
  19. T

    Tab broken on 24 Pin power cable

    As the title suggests, the tab is broken. I took my PC in fair a repair a while back and got it back more broken than it came. Their work was absolutely shoddy, I was just never sure until recently. ANYWAY: I'm moving and am trying to carry it with the GPU and PSU separate from the PC to be...
  20. M

    building a gaming machine with a r9 290 or should i wait for the 300 Series

    I am currently building a gaming rig for 1080p gaming but i recently heard of the new 300 series graphics card would it be a better option to wait for the new r9 300 series. I would like to build it as soon as possible but if it as good as AMD says ill wait.
  21. X

    Should I buy another GTX 970 or invest in something else?

    Hey guys! Currently I have GTX 970 (I guess it's the regular version), which I overclocked to 1411 MHz. My CPU is i7-4790k. Should I buy another one and play in SLI or replace it with GTX 980 or something else? If to work with SLI, does it have to be exactly the same model as my current one or I...
  22. K

    3 way r9 290x crossfirex (micro-stuttering)

    Hi guys, I intend to add another r9 290x(MSI Gaming). Is it worth it? do you think it will reduce/eliminate the micro stuttering? My current system spec: i7 4790k 4.4ghz 1.180v Gigabyte z97x Gaming GT Corsair Vengeance red ddr3 32gb 2400mhz 2x Gigabyte GV-R929XOC-4GD R9 290X Windforce OC (2way...
  23. T

    windows setup could not configure windows to run on this computer's hardware

    hi i am trying to install windows 7 64 bit on my new custom build, put i keep getting this message:"windows setup could not configure windows to run on this computer's hardware", but with the same HDD in my old pc i installed win 7 32 bit. any idea why???
  24. eldominimaster

    MSI Z-97 Gaming 9 Series Differences

    I cant understand the real difference from this series of MoBo. So can someone please specify what the difference between them is. Z97A GAMING 9 ACK Z97 GAMING 9 ACK Z97 GAMING 9 AC heres the link where msi have the specs but they all seem to be the same...
  25. Y

    Can Tom's Hardware solve my seemingly impossible PC issue...?

    This has been an ongoing issue for well over a year now that a tech in town and myself have spent a ton of time on. Here's the rundown. Technical specs: - Custom built PC, yes everything is plugged in correctly, as I've had it double, triple, and quadruple checked with myself and some...
  26. P

    need sound from my monitor

    Hey guys I need some advice last night I bought a dvi to hdmi cable for my ps3 to plug into a monitor, everything works but I have no sound whatsoever. On the monitor itself, theres an audio input with a green rim around it. Does that mean I can plug any source of speaker running a 3.5mm jack...
  27. J

    Good 400$ Graphics Card?

    Hi! Im building a new gaming PC and Im wondering what graphics card I should get, I have looked at the apphire TRI-X AMD Radeon R9 290 OC 4GB card but I want to see if there is a better one out there, Thanks! Rest of specs: Motherboard: ASUS MAXIMUS VII GENE LGA 1150 Processor: Intel Core...
  28. A

    Transferring Data Files Between Different Operating Systems

    How to transfer data files between computers with different operating systems, e.g., Linux and Windows.
  29. L

    Seagate USB HDD and folders visible, but unable to access data files. Please help

    I have a Seagate 500gb Expansion Portable Drive (USB3). I am unable to access my data, and would really appreciate some help. When I plugged this into my USB port (directly on my Win7 PC) the drive is recognised. A box pops up to ask if I want to “scan and fix the removable disk”. I click...
  30. A

    System Failure on new computer

    I just built a new computer last year somewhere around Christmas. All the parts were recommended by the shop assistant under a RM 5000 budget. I built it with my friend which took about 4 hours + But ever since then I've been having problems. At first it kept having the DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION...
  31. I

    Can I overclock this motherboard? ASUS M5A97 R2.0

    Will i be able to overclock my Ram, Processor & Graphics card on this motherboard?