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  1. S

    Question Looking for WiFi adapter or analyser with support of 167 and 173 5GHz channel support

    Hi, I have a set of APs with 5GHz support including channels 167 and 173. I'm using that for communication. To check the coverage of these channels i require Wifi Adapter or anylsiser, but i'm not able to find one. Request you all to kindly let me know antt adpter with 167 and 173 channels...
  2. sioutisdimitris13

    Question 4x4 gb RAM not working

    I have an AMD Ryzen 5 2400g and i had installed 2x4gb ram ripjawsv ddr4 3200mhz,i bought an other pair and my my pc won't read my mouse and hdmi cable.My guess is something wrong with the channeling,how do i fix that?
  3. thegamebender

    [SOLVED] Two different RAM modules dual channeling?

    So, about 1 month ago, I was running a 4 GB ram on windows 10 with an HDD and it was very slow and unresponsive. So, to work without any kind of distractions I added an 8 GB RAM with an SSD, and later came to realize that RAM needs to have the same clock speed. I was using 12 GB of ram without...
  4. cyrow

    [SOLVED] Dual Channel Motherboards

    I came across dual channels, triple channels etc. motherboards on an A+ course I was taking. Is this information correct?
  5. xedrx

    [SOLVED] Diffrence between RAM side and channel.

    Hey guys, I recently upgraded my PC build and bought a ryzen 5 3600 and a msi A320M-A PRO MAX mobo, the big problem was that i didn't searched for compatibility on my RAM and sadly it didn't support it. So, there's this website...
  6. X

    [SOLVED] Audio Around Pool, separate channels?

    Need a solution to undo a ton of jerry rigged setups to have audio around our pool. We have a pool, with 3 separate seating areas and 5 speaker around it. We currently have an old receiver and speaker selector. The receiver has no wireless capability, so we are using an old Apple Airplay device...
  7. natiya3

    [SOLVED] is it possible to have 4x4 MIMO with 80+80MHz in Wifi 5GHz?

    I've read this: "An AP with 4 antennas shall run on MIMO 4x4 mode, unless when it needs the maximum bandwidth and request 80+80Mhz. in that case, it shall run in MIMO 2x2 mode for each one of the channels" But I don't understand: can we get more throughput using 2x2 MIMO with 80+80MHz than...
  8. J

    Question channels for my router and 2 extenders overlapping

    I just downloaded wifi analyzer on my Samsung Galaxy S9 and I think I have my router and my 2 extenders on the same channel wifi analyzer app on android) couldn't post a picture of it because toms hardware dosen't allow me too. We are 4 people in the house and we often lose connection to them...