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  1. Question False character encoding in one entire Windows application

    So, today I've downloaded the text-to-speech Software UkrVox ( ), which is entirely in Ukrainian, so it's mostly Standard Cyrillic characters with a few less common Cyrillic ones and the same number symbols as in English. Unfortunately, the software, including...
  2. E

    Question Faulty built in keyboard HP Elitebook 2560p Typing different letters

    Good morning all, I seem to be having a problem with my old HP Elitebook 2560P. Some of the keyboard letters are typing double and wrong , for example when I press the 'c' key I get 'ce' or if I press the 'e' key I get 'ce' . If I press 'P' I get #P and a few others. I've tried removing...
  3. Nedelea Teodor Gabriel

    What HDD should I buy from these 3?

    I want to buy a 1TB HDD(my 320GB one small). I can buy one of these: TOSHIBA DT01ACA100 (3.5, 1TB, 32MB, SATA III-600) HDD WD Caviar Blue 1TB SATA3 64MB 7200RPM wd10ezex (3.5, 1TB, 64MB, SATA III-600). or HDD SATA3 6GB/S 1TB 7200RPM 64MB BARRACUDA ST1000DM003 SEAGATE well, I put...