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charge cable

Forum discussion tagged with charge cable.
  1. Redax11

    Question My laptop is not receiving power anymore, not charging

    Hello and I am sorry if I somehow posted in the wrong thread! Today after I used my laptop for a bit, I placed it down in sleep mode and finished some things I had to do. When I came back, my laptop was dead. The LED that would show me when the laptop was charging isn't turning on ( It would...
  2. T

    Question laptop slows down really badly when charging

    when im using my laptop everything is good and working fine but as soon as i try to charge it it lags really hard and the audio becomes choppy too. the cpu power is capped to 0.48 GHz and i really couldnt find anything to fix this problem. i tried tweaking performance and power options but that...
  3. J

    [SOLVED] Different recharging cables?

    I have a Huawei phone and three cables. It takes cable A a long long time to charge the phone, overnight and less than 60% charged. Cable B can finish the job in about 3 hours and cable A 1 hour. These are done using the same phone and the same adapter. The only difference is the cable. Why...