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    Question laptop stop charging when using an intensive app(like ue4) or playing a game

    Hello everyone, i have a Lenovo thinkpad t560, my original charger was damaged, so i bought a new one, it work perfectly, but when i open an intensive app like unreal engine 4 or a game, the laptop being charging/stop charging, when i quit the app the problem stop. Thanks for your future answers.
  2. P

    [SOLVED] GTA V Huge Stuttering on High end PC / high fps

    Specs : I7 6700k , GTX 1080ti , 16GB Ram , 1TB HDD , 250GB SSD, Ok so i overclocked my cpu recently to 4.4GHz and when i play GTAV i get huge stuttering like basically everytime i move my mouse it starts lagging and stuff and huge fps drops but it only happens when i put everything on low on...
  3. J

    Can You Run A GTX 660 In A HP Compaq 6000 Pro Microtower motherboard

    I am asking this because I don't know if 75watt limit per pcie slot is enough for the gtx 660 to run off of (page 10) and also on the hp motherboard it shows three 4 pins in total and a 6 pin on the motherboard but my psu only has two 4 pins (Motherboard Img) so I was wondering about that as...
  4. gstvlmachado

    [Question] Gigabyte AORUS Z370 Gaming 7 Codes

    Sup guys, Sometimes my mobo gives me the code AO or 04. Code AO Is IDE initialization is started (have no idea what this means) and code 04 is not listed in the user's manual. Should I be worried about something? Obs: Didn't have any problems so far using the computer when those codes are...
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    Is my PSU still good enough if upgrade GPU?

    Hi, I think I know the answer to this, but as I've managed to blow up one PSU before, I'd rather be cautious. I plan to upgrade my GPU to a GTX 1070, and I'm fairly certain my current PSU will be sufficient to run it, but would like a second opinion on the matter. Current set up; AMD FX 8350...
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    Merge partition Ease US

    I want to merge these 2 partition in purple. (See picture link) But I will have to merge them with the 2 in red. It's on a laptop and I wonder if it will cause a problem. It's windows 10. I first installed it on a HDD. But I cloned it to a SSD and I ended with unallocated space. that I changed...
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    Question about new Graphics card

    Hi, I'm not really clued up on these type of things I have a Gigabyte Z370 Core i7 8700k with 8Gb of RAM and when we checked the Supplier website it says it has 6GB Video Memory Capacity, I currently have a GTX 1060 I think with 6Gb not sure can be less, Someone offered to give me their GIGABYTE...
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    password reset doesn't send to yahoo email

    as title says, works with gmail and etc but i cant get a password reset on my yahoo account. how 2 fix?
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    Compatibility Check For System Upgrade

    Just wanted to make sure that the parts I'm adding will work together fine I'm adding: GIGABYTE GA-B350 Gaming 3 Motherboard Ryzen 5 1600 CPU Crucial 8GB Single DDR4 2400 MT/s (PC4-19200) DR x8 Unbuffered DIMM 288-Pin Memory I'm mainly concerned with the memory, I don't really understand what...
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    Freeeze in startup gigabyte

    Hello my systemnis win 7. Sorry for typos but on my phone atm after i cleaned my.pc from dust added new cooling past hopes enough. Am desperate . Before i shut down for cleaning my csgo game half way trou started freezing 1 sec each time duno why i got ssd 840 250gb abd a 500 gig hdd as...
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    Can I run it?

    Hey guys im buying a new laptop soon to play minecraft on and im wondering if any of you know if i could run at least a medium shader pack with it here are the specs: -Processor: Intel Core i3 -Graphics card: AMD Radeon HD 7690m -Windows 10 -4Gb RAM Thank you, and remember im not trying to run...
  12. Rayler

    Will i get bottleneck if i paired i5 660 with gtx 1050 ti ?

    Will i get bottleneck if i paired i5 660 with gtx 1050 ti ? Full specs : Cpu: intel i5 660 3.33 GHz ( 2 cores - 4 threads - 3.6 GHz turbo boost ) Ram: 4 GB DDR3
  13. B

    Which connectors do I need?

    Hey, I used hdmi to hdmi on my old gpu, but I got a new one and it needs a dvi-i to my monitor which is vga, what kind of connectors do I need to get then? Is the dvi-i gonna have to be male or female, and is the vga need to be male or female?
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    My GPU is not using 100%

    I'm trying to play GTA V but I sometimes get frame drops so downloaded HWMonitor to look at all the numbers. I found that when I experience the frame drops my GPU usage goes from about 85-98% to 45-52%. I turned all the power settings to performance in the nvidia control panel and in windows...
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    Using SATA M.2 with Asus Sabertooth Z170 Mark 1

    The motherboard does not detect the Samsung evo 850 M.2. On Asus' website it says "Adjust BIOS settings to use an M.2 SATA device." However, I don't know which BIOS setting to adjust and I can't seem to find setting on my own or any other answers to this question, even in the user manual for...
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    Which of these 2 laptops are best for sony vegas 13?

    Hello, I'm looking for a new laptop for sony vegas 13. I will be doing 1080p and 60fps videos. Which of these 2 options is best for sony vegas 13? Info of the laptops: Option 1: ASUS X550VX - Windows 10 Home (64-bit) * It has a Intel Core i7 (6. Gen) 6700HQ / 2.6 GHz-3.5 GHz (4 cores and 8...
  17. E

    I'm trying to install windows but it wont load

    Im installing windows and its stuck on choosing the hdd
  18. N

    FX-8370e with GTX 950?

    Hello, so I recently bought my computer about 3 months ago, the specs are FX-8370e with a r9 255 graphics card I've only been playing basic games like minecraft and csgo I've been impressed with the performance, then lately I got GTA V and hoping it could run decently I got around 40-70 frames...
  19. J

    New memory not working

    I bought the following ram Look at this on eBay My mobo is an Intel dq67sw I installed the ram in slot 2 and 4, nothing shows on screen. I installed 1 in 2 and it works (both tried alone in slot 2). If I switch back to 2x2gb in slot 2 and 4 it's all...
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    Help me decide between 2 gaming PCs

    I am buying a new pc and I need to decide,maybe you can help me... I will name the first one "John",and the second one "Simon" They cost about the same,and i have enough money for any of those two. John AMD FX 6300 3,5GHZ 6-Core GIGABYTE GA-78LMT-S2 8GB Kinston Fury 1866Mhz DDR3 Gigabyte R7...