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  1. hotkey210

    Question HP Victus 16 Charger Block makes matrix’y kind of sound when plugged in ?

    Hello. I have a HP Victus 16 laptop that i recently got and the charger is making this weird kind of, matrixy kind of sound i guess? Just watch This Video. It's a lot more audible in real life. Laptop Specs: Screen: 16.1 1080p 60hz panel GPU: RTX 3050 60W CPU: Ryzen 5 5600H SSD: Unknown...
  2. F

    [SOLVED] Need advice and guidance: Possibility to use the laptop without battery and only with charger cable?

    Need advice and guidance My laptop battery is not detachable. Is it possible to remove the laptop battery and use the charger directly or not? More explanation: My laptop battery is falling asleep due to overuse, and because the system is on for 10 hours a day, when I disconnect the charger...
  3. S

    Question Dell laptop charging issue

    Latitude E5570. original battery and charger. Just got is used it charger normally at first but around 30 percent it really slows down and then suddenly shoots up to 90 %s. I let it drain to 0 % but the issues persists
  4. elcapitanph

    [SOLVED] Laptop Charger confusing 65watts or 120watts as per Asus Site

    Hello so i buy a laptop from ebay without charger now when i check the specification laptop model "ASUS X550JF-MS71 " Now it really confusing about the charger do I...
  5. M

    [SOLVED] Laptop Charger keeps disconnecting when playing games ?!

    Hello all. I've been used to play some games casually on my lenovo laptop (not sure of the exact model name) but it came with an i7 6500u and R7 m360, it was enough for me to play games like csgo at low with around 100fps. Until yesterday when windows 10 started popping alerts saying that the...
  6. C

    Question Can i just solder/use soldering iron to attached the jack back

    View: hello all, can i attached the ac adaptor jack back by just soldering it?.. thanks.
  7. RMichaels

    [SOLVED] Need Help! Laptop Charger

    Hi! My laptop charger is broken and I need to buy a new one. But I don't know what size of the charger/pin to choose..Please help my laptop is ASUS K53U 3.42A.. I also don't know what is the size of the plug/connector..