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    Question Urgent Help about type c port

    Hi everyone; I was just very ignorant about type c port types and my windows laptop has usb type c gen 1 port and I didn't know what is it for and to testing, I just plug my android phone's type c cable to laptop and cable's usb head into the charger, I just though It will be charged but I...
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    Question HP 840G3 doesnt charge under 50%, but start charge when above it !

    yeah as per the title, its weired issue, i will get to the point : my laptop when its 0 t0 50% = it doesnt charge even if plugged in ( well it does charge when move it arround or on my arm and unplug then plug again, but when does charging i wont move my laptop), once i move it little bet it...
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    First Build!!! Don't know what components to choose!

    I am trying to build my first desktop PC. Right now, I am trying to get the components sorted out. I need a PC that can multitask, deal with video editing, photo editing, video encoding, and video burning. I also needs a PC that will still run smoothly when there are a lot of software installed...