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Charging Port

Forum discussion tagged with Charging Port.
  1. Jason_Free

    Question My Samsung A50 won't charge, tried with different cables, power outlets, and even tried cleaning the port itself.

    Hi! I've been trying for a couple of days now, but my samsung just won't charge at all. There were times that I could turn it on, and when I had it plugged in, it would be on indefinitely but I wouldn't be able to unplug it. The battery (at that state) remained at a constant 0, and using Ampere...
  2. A

    Merge partition Ease US

    I want to merge these 2 partition in purple. (See picture link) But I will have to merge them with the 2 in red. It's on a laptop and I wonder if it will cause a problem. It's windows 10. I first installed it on a HDD. But I cloned it to a SSD and I ended with unallocated space. that I changed...
  3. G

    2 x 4 GB or more and CPU/GPU Upgrade in HP RP5700 Business System

    I need your help. Thanks to this website, I upgraded my old Dell XPS 210 from 4 GB to 8 GB using 4 x 2 GB RAM chips and found a cost effective E6700 Conroe to upgrade (the Q6700 and Q7700 were not that much faster and cpu-upgrade gave them 70%ish chance of upgrade vs. E6700 with a 96% chance of...