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  1. Flame1

    Question G PRO X Superlight doesn't charge, stuck at 0% and disconnects 1 minute after being plugged in to charge ?

    I have used the G Pro X Superlight mouse since May 2021, it has been great but about 1 year into usage I occasionally had a problem where the mouse would show the wrong percentage charge in the software, it wasn't a big deal because the mouse would still charge normally and work. Today the...
  2. I

    Question SteelSeries Arctis 7 - Battery, how often do you charge?

    SteelSeries Arctis 7 - Battery, how often do you guys charge it? I know like with iPhone batteries you drain them till 0% so they dont deteriorate. But I was wondering if these batteries are different?
  3. J

    Question Lenovo Battery

    I purchased Lenovo flex 5g, its buttery makes a noise while chartering and Graphics look no more brightness while chartering, I purchased from a online site can anyone suggest me solution? I purchased this device site but this ecommerce team don't response me there fore I asked here.
  4. User1231561

    Question Laptop lags while charging ?

    Greetings, For the past weeks, I'm experiencing this issue. When I play a game & my laptop is charging, the systems starts to massively lag for around a minute, then it stops- and happens again in few minutes. When the laptop isn't charging, this issue doesn't happen at all. Have anybody got a...
  5. M

    Gaming Laptop rapidly cycles between Charging and Battery power

    I have my friend's Asus G751J which was a relatively unused hand-me down from this older lady who didn't need it. I'm not sure if it was refurbished because it used a Dell charger. Anyways, its main problem is that the display shows it's rapidly switching between Charging and Battery while...
  6. Reniro

    Iphone battery charging from powerbank

    Hello everyone I bought a powerbank for my new Iphone and I noticed that while it's charging, the phone gets very hot. I know that it's bad for iphones to get too hot. Wanted to read your opinion about this situation. I use original iphone charging cable. Iphone 13 ttec PowerSlim Pro W...
  7. S

    USB port with power-off charging - Will it keep powering on a non-chargeable device?

    There's this blue USB port on my laptop called "USB port with power-off charging" used to charge mobile devices even when the laptop is sleeping or off. I plan to use the port for a microphone because all the other ports on my laptop are used for my keyboard and mouse. I want to keep it...
  8. nathanricker01

    [SOLVED] Battery charging Icon not complete to 100%

    Hello all, I am using Windows 10 HP ProBook g450 Laptop PC with 4GB RAM, 1TB HDD. When I plug in my PC with a charger it does not show the charger icon into 100%, it stops 79% even it plugin with a charger. What does it problem?
  9. S

    Question Charging/unplugging laptop while in sleep mode - Not an issue?

    Does it matter what state it's in when unplugging/charging? It does not require any "confirmation" or interaction with the software to properly charge/be unplugged from a sleep state? On a side note I heard that in order for fast charge to work on a Samsung a32 5g for example, it needs to be...
  10. C

    Docking stations with charging for Asus Flow x13 laptop

    I would like a docking station that supplies charging to my Asus Flow x13 laptop. The laptop has a 100W charging requirement and an Asus representative said only docking stations that supply 100W for charging are acceptable. My confusion is that some docking stations list "100W power delivery"...
  11. P

    [SOLVED] Lenovo Thinkpad T440 only charges when the charger is connected before it's turned on

    The problem looks like this: If I turn on the laptop and try to connect the charger, the power button just keeps flashing and the battery is draining. But if I connect the charger first while the laptop is off and power it on, then the battery is charging just fine under windows 10. If I...
  12. G

    [SOLVED] laptops makes buzzing sound when plugged in

    I have a helios 300 And I recently noticed that when the laptop is turned off and plugged in in makes a buzzing noise the noise is faint you have to put your ear against the bottom of the laptop to hear it, is this normal? thanks in advance
  13. Z

    [SOLVED] Do I need a new motherboard?

    So I've got some issues with my Asus K53SC. I've tried reinstalling Windows, updating all drivers, and updating the BIOS. These are my issues: Laptop won't reboot, I have to do it manually (even when installing Windows) Bootloops as soon as I plug in any USB device Some keyboard keys don't...
  14. S

    [SOLVED] USB C charging HP 14-DK1022WM

    So I got this HP laptop as my secondary pc and wondered if I could use the USB C port it has to charge it as the charger it came with has a rare wall plug that i don't have an adapter right now, the problem is that i have about 80% of battery and I tried plugging my Galaxy S9 USB C charger and...
  15. E

    [SOLVED] Plugged in not charging on 2 laptops

    I have had two different laptops have the same issue in the last 6 months. They both consistently have the "plugged in not charging" issue. The first laptop (Acer Aspire 7) I sent back to the manufacturer who replaced the battery but the problem returned. The second newer one (lenovo legion 5)...
  16. Godgiveproblems

    [SOLVED] My laptop battery not working now after i fixed power supply.

    I took my laptop to repair and they called me it was repaired since it was my laptop not charging problem. They called me next day said it was fixed they charged me $35 dollars. It was working finally after months 3,4 month i was happy. I ran tests by pressing f12 (dell lnspration) it said your...
  17. K

    [SOLVED] Toshiba Satellite Pro C850 Battery Not Charging After New Windows 10 Installation

    So the battery and charger were working fine before I installed a new Windows 10 on my Toshiba Satellite Pro C850. Now the battery is about to die and the charger won't work! I tried updating the battery drivers but Windows reported correct ones are already being used. I am unable to turn on...
  18. W

    Question Is there any way to control when Laptop starts charging?

    I'd like to have the convenience to keep my charger plugged into my laptop, but I'm worried that it will damage my laptop if it is continuously charging. Is there any way to control when the battery gets charged (like after 10% drops or at 90%)? Thanks. (I'm not sure if this is the right...
  19. IqraChan

    [SOLVED] Alert! The AC power adapter wattage and type cannot be determined Dell Inspiron 7577

    Hello. I could use some help. I know there have been similar posts. I have a Dell Inspiron 15-7577. I recently had it repaired, I got the processor fan replaced and after I got my laptop back, I get this warning whenever I turn on my laptop, "Alert! The AC power adapter wattage and type cannot...
  20. S

    Question is it safe to use my new laptop for gaming?

    the model is HP Laptop 15s-du0xxx and i want to use it for emulating games from ps1 ps2 and psp. keep in mind everytime i emulate a game i plug it in just in case. is it safe to plug in my laptop while 100% and playing games?
  21. Redax11

    Question My laptop is not receiving power anymore, not charging

    Hello and I am sorry if I somehow posted in the wrong thread! Today after I used my laptop for a bit, I placed it down in sleep mode and finished some things I had to do. When I came back, my laptop was dead. The LED that would show me when the laptop was charging isn't turning on ( It would...
  22. R

    [SOLVED] iPhone 8 Battery

    Hello, A few months ago on Christmas, I got a new IPhone 8. I am a fanatic and psycho about the charging so I make sure I use the apple charger that it comes with, and I have been keeping up with the charging. I let the battery go to about 30%, maybe a bit under, and in the morning I charge it...
  23. R

    [SOLVED] Phone charging... IPhone 8

    Hello, On Christmas, I got a new iPhone 8. And i have been charging it in the morning and i let it charge to about 85 percent, and then i unplug it at about 30 or 28 percent. It varies sometimes though. I have heard this is good for the battery life and cycle. I also heard that it is good to...
  24. Z

    [SOLVED] Laptp Charging issues

    I have a HP Pavilion DV6 laptop. it's doing something quite strange... Laptop doesnt power on with battery. laptop doesnt charge when turned off if i remove battery and try turning on whilst it's plugged in, it doesnt power up. if i get another battery from another laptop, put that in then it...
  25. robo731

    Question Dell achieving high performance with lower wattage charger?

    I have a Dell N7110 with a 48 WHr 6 -cell battery. I believe it's supposed to use a 90 Watt AC adapter to charge, however the charger I have is 65 Watts. When I boot the laptop it gives a warning that it will adjust performance to match the lower watt power adapter. I'm wondering if this...
  26. R

    [SOLVED] Airplane mode on phone..

    Hello! I was wondering if its okay if I turn my iPhone 8 on airplane mode for a few hours when I’m not using it to save battery. Is this okay to do, or am I gonna damage the battery? Also is it okay to charge my phone to 100 percent overnight? From, Ryan
  27. R

    Question How should I charge my new iPhone 8?

    Hello, I have heard much about how you should charge phones correctly for the battery, and some other ways how you should not. For example, I have heard that you should NOT let it go down to zero, and you should keep the phone between 40% and 80%. Is this correct? I got my new iPhone 8 for...
  28. P

    Question Laptop died out, won't charge or turn on.

    I have a Dell Inspiron. It had a problem that it was not starting or charging. I sent it Service Center. It was fixed. They said that issue was something related to Power IC. Yesterday when I was using it, I found that charger was making some noises. I took it to the shop and they said that...
  29. L

    Question Redmi Airdots Left earbud dim red when placed in case and does not charge.

    Image link: View: Left airdot goes dim red light when placed in case compared to the bright red light in the right one and does not charge. Been using this airdots in more than a month and its been woking well until the issue suddenly arise. Did not drop...
  30. AleksiDj52

    Question Can i charge my phone from my laptop with USB Type C?

    Hello everyone, first of all my English is not that good so i hope you understand what i say. The title is not well written but i didn't want to write much but i'll explain it better here. Because i'm leaving abroad in 20 days from now and i'll be getting my phone and laptop on the road. The...
  31. M

    Question Can you fast charge a phone via the Thunderbolt 3 port on a laptop?

    Hi, So i want to buy a laptop for college work and I am thinking of getting the Matebook x pro 2018 with i7 and MX150, however i would like to know if i can fast charge my phone through the built in Thunderbolt 3 port so that I can charge the laptop through the other usb-c port and only use one...
  32. mzsheikh

    Question How to clean Wireless Earphone connector pin

    Hi, My right earbud is not charging, due to maybe the corrosion/carbon. See below, the top right connector. How can I clean it and to make the charging work again or is it seems to be damaged? Thanks
  33. J

    Question Can a Micro-USB adapter charge headphones with a USB-C cable?

    Hey! I'm having a hard time getting my headphones charged as well as everything else at my home that got a micro-USB port. I am trying to get 1 wall charger (In my case the one that came with my Google Pixel 2 XL that has a USB-C port) to work with every thing at my home. I charge my phone...
  34. Question Mac won't turn on or charge - apparently water damage (with pics)

    Hi My girlfriends Macbook air (early 2015 Intel i5) won't charge. I delivered it to an licenced Apple Service Center in Norway, where they told me water damage was found. They wanted around $1200 to fix it - apparently they had to change "The motherboard, the keyboard and one cable". She says...
  35. B

    Question is it bad to keep your phone charging while you pc is at sleep?

    Hello. So i often have my phone pluged in my pc, and sometimes i am away from the pc for a while, so it goes in sleep mode. sometimes my phone is then still connected to the pc, my quistion is is it bad for my pc (power supply) to keep my phone charging while i sleep mode? Kind Regards. Bas
  36. johnx125

    Question Smartphone only charges when connected to USB 3.0 port

    I have a Xiaomi Mi A1 smartphone and a desktop computer with a Gigabyte 970A-UD3P rev. 2.0 motherboard. The problem here is that when I connect my phone to my pc via USB 3.0 it won't transfer data it only charges. When I connect it to USB 2.0 it transfers data no problem and charges at the same...
  37. Question My laptop is not charging and when plug the cable motherboard getting hot

    Hi, I was using my Hp pavilion 15 laptop without problem. After I shut it down, I couldn't reopen it. When I plug the charging cable, normally the charging light turns to white but it is not happening right now. When I plug the cable, a small part of the motherboard is getting hot. I couldn't...
  38. J

    Can You Run A GTX 660 In A HP Compaq 6000 Pro Microtower motherboard

    I am asking this because I don't know if 75watt limit per pcie slot is enough for the gtx 660 to run off of (page 10) and also on the hp motherboard it shows three 4 pins in total and a 6 pin on the motherboard but my psu only has two 4 pins (Motherboard Img) so I was wondering about that as...
  39. J

    Hii i my sony vaio laptop model i s pcg 61611M i want to change its bios setting but i dont know how to get to the boot menu..

    Hii i my sony vaio laptop model i s pcg 61611M i want to change its bios setting but i dont know how to get to the boot menu..Thanks
  40. H

    Modem won’t connect after power outage

    Help! We had a power outage for 10 hrs and after WiFi won’t work. Devices would recognize WiFi and connect, but wouldn’t actually work. I’ve since reset our Rogers modem (no router) and after the reset the modem will not connect and I don’t understand why.