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    Question About fans, cooling and water cooler for this chassis

    I have a chassis like this: My questions are as follows: There are four fans, three (blue) fans in the front and one in the rear, right? I want to install a water cooler. I can put the radiator on any of the four fans, right? PS, does the description...
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    [SOLVED] Different RPM chassis fan question.

    Sorry if this is the wrong thread for this question. New to PC . I am building a PC that will be all air flow no liquid cooling. I will have a total of 6 chassis fans on my PC. Problem is the mother board has only 2 connections for chassis fans. So I am getting one of these Silver Stone PWM fan...
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    Question Best AM4 mobo for VRM & overall quality?

    I tend to have a preference for asus, but will consider others. Moderate O.C. and paired with either R5 2600 or 2400G. Looking for other opinions. Thanks.