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  1. S

    Question Fan spins but is not detected in BIOS, and RPM is not reported ?

    Here is my machine: Case: NZXT S340 White M/B: AsRock Z370 Killer SLI/AC Fan: CoolerMaster SICKLEFLOW 120 ARGB So I replaced one of original chassis fans with SickleFlow 120. After installing the fan I found that its cable was too short to reach the other fan header on MOBO. I...
  2. stefanpng

    Question Has anyone ever soldered an additional fan header?

    I'm re-homing an HP Elitedesk 800 G1 sff into a new case, but it only has one CPU fan header and no chassis fan headers. However, under closer inspection there is one spot for a chassis fan header on the motherboard, but it doesn't actually have the header installed, just bare pads. photos...
  3. C

    [SOLVED] Is it safe to connect all case fans to the cpu header of the motherboard through a splitter?

    Right now i have 1 chassis fan and the cpu fan, where the chassis fan is connected to a molex (running always at 100%), and the cpu fan is connected to the cpu fan header. Im looking into moving to a new case and I'll have to add some fans. New setup will be 4 case fans and a cpu fan. Im...
  4. jars23

    Question Can I add an ARGB Fan for the light only?

    I bought a 3 pack ARGB fan set with a controller for a ridiculously discounted sale price. I actually only needed one fan at the back for exhaust to balance the airflow in my case while still maintaining positive air pressure. But now I see the potential of adding the remaining two fans as...
  5. xerxesaria

    [SOLVED] Chassis cooling dilemma

    I have purchased: Asus ROG Strix Z490-E Gaming Motherboard. This motherboard has only 2 headers for case fans. My case has 5 fans (2 intake + 3 exhaust)! That leaves 3 fans unusable, unless I use a splitter. The motherboard has also a CPU_OPT header, which, I understand is best used for...
  6. Sbraggia7

    [SOLVED] control ibuypower chassis fans

    How the hell do I control my ibuypower chassis fans?! I downloaded AI Suite 3 and it doesn't detect anything but my cpu fan, as well as the BIOS settings, but they are all running. I'm so confused. HELPPP PLEASE!!
  7. A

    Question Fans spin for 1 second then stop (PC Boots)

    Just recently bought some upgrades for my PC and assembled it all at the beginning of the week. Everything seemed to be working smoothly except for my chassis fans. Originally I could get them to work after shutting down the pc all the way and starting it up again, but now if I do that the fans...
  8. A

    Question What has happened to my fan?

    This loud noise happens every time I turn on my system after it's been sleeping for the night. It carry's on until I push in the centre and it stops. What is this, what could have caused this. Keep in mind it's only 2 weeks old.
  9. A

    [SOLVED] ASUS Prime Z370-A Chassis Fan 2 Not Working?

    On my computer case, I have two identical fans that came with it. The first fan (3 pin fan) is connected to the CHA_FAN1 - 4 pin connector- on the motherboard. When I tried to connect my second fan (3 pin fan) to the CHA_FAN2 on the motherboard, the fan does not spin. I know it is not an issue...
  10. Z

    Question About fans, cooling and water cooler for this chassis

    I have a chassis like this: My questions are as follows: There are four fans, three (blue) fans in the front and one in the rear, right? I want to install a water cooler. I can put the radiator on any of the four fans, right? PS, does the description...
  11. T

    [SOLVED] Different RPM chassis fan question.

    Sorry if this is the wrong thread for this question. New to PC . I am building a PC that will be all air flow no liquid cooling. I will have a total of 6 chassis fans on my PC. Problem is the mother board has only 2 connections for chassis fans. So I am getting one of these Silver Stone PWM fan...
  12. M

    Question Best AM4 mobo for VRM & overall quality?

    I tend to have a preference for asus, but will consider others. Moderate O.C. and paired with either R5 2600 or 2400G. Looking for other opinions. Thanks.