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  1. xerxesaria

    Question CPU_OPT Fan Connector - intake or exhaust?

    Hi. I have a motherboard: - Asus Rog Strix Z490-e Gaming. My case is: - be quiet 500DX The case has already 3 fans. I have purchased 2 more case fans. This motherboard has only 2 fan connections. So, for now my set up is: 2 exhaust fans via a y-splitter 2 intake fans via a y-splitter As...
  2. C

    [SOLVED] Darkflash DLM22 airflow guide

    Anyone has guide for this chassis airflow?
  3. A

    Question Fans spin for 1 second then stop (PC Boots)

    Just recently bought some upgrades for my PC and assembled it all at the beginning of the week. Everything seemed to be working smoothly except for my chassis fans. Originally I could get them to work after shutting down the pc all the way and starting it up again, but now if I do that the fans...
  4. T

    [SOLVED] PC won't turn on sometimes when pressing the power button.

    This has been happening over the last few days, and I've had this computer for the last year or so. The lights are lit on the motherboard and I even have a couple of earbuds charging on the front panel of the PC. However, when I press the power button the computer doesn't start. After a few...
  5. F

    [SOLVED] fanless chassis

    Can anyone recommend a fanless chassis brand. I'm looking at streacom, but it is hard to find their parts. I'm looking to make a silent gameable HTPC.
  6. [SOLVED] Placing GPU directly above fan

    Hey guys I just built my first pc again after approximately 10 years of using laptops. I have a question related to the placement of my GPU. I placed my GPU (ASUS AMD ROG Strix RX570 OC Edition 4GB GDDR5) in the second GPU slot, I did this because I needed the space near the first slot for...
  7. W

    [SOLVED] I have an 3 pin connecter on my case fan do I need an 4 pin adapter to connect my case fan?

    I have an 3 pin connector do I need an 4 pin Adapter to connect the chassis" fan on my case in my asrock B250m-hdv? thanks for the help
  8. amir.bisk

    [SOLVED] Clean case with non modular psu?

    Hi I want to change my old chassis to a new one. I have a non modular power supply. Case model is Green z2+ hero (iranian) Do you think I can hide cables behind the MB??
  9. K

    Question MB and case/chassis for 4 Intel Xeon E5-4650 v2 and 2 Geforce 2080 Ti

    So, at my university's research lab we got our hands on 4 cpus Intel Xeon E5-4659 v2 and on 2 top-notch gpus Nvidia GeForce 2080 Ti. Nonetheless, it has proven hard to find a proper motherboard and server/workstation chassis/case/tower to fit all that. That is my question to you all experts...
  10. 3

    Laptop has squaretrade protection and accidental damage recovery, Squaretrade appears to have "fixed" destroyed laptop in record time?

    So hold on for a long story, the other day I was walking to classes when I slipped and fell onto the curb. I was carrying my MSI WS 63 laptop in my backpack. I landed on the backpack and seriously damaged the laptop. I have worked at a computer repair company for a year prior, so I consider...
  11. K

    PC shutting off and wont turn on for a few minutes

    Lately I've been having an issue where my pc will turn off during games, this happens rarely but often enough to be annoying (once a day or every second day). It just suddenly shuts off with no warning and the power button will do nothing for several minutes or if I unplug the PSU and plug it...
  12. M

    Computer Boots Black Screen

    So when I got home today I went to use my computer and it just has a black screen, there’s no motherboard screen or anything, and also my keyboard lights won’t turn on so I know it’s not just an HDMI or a gpu problem, other issues that I noticed is the power button isn’t working(even if held it...
  13. J

    Pc shuts off randomly and won't start

    Hi, all. Over the past week or so, my pc will shut off for no reason, same as it would if you pulled the plug on it. This will happen randomly, sometimes after a few hours of gaming, sometimes not long after boot, with only the programs that boot with the computer running (Discord, origin...
  14. G

    Guys i need help about rx580

    Hello guys.Soon im going to Bulgaria and i want to buy 2 components:power supply(raidmax800w gold plus) and gpu(rx580 8gb aorus).I want to put my new psu and gpu in computer that im currently using.Now i have question,i want to do minning with this card and i want to know can I mine with my...
  15. MrN1ce9uy

    Overclocked Memory - Lifespan

    If I have DDR4 2800 CL15 1.25V overclocked to 3200 CL16 1.35V, how much would it affect the lifespan of the memory module? Should I be hesitant to leave that overclock in place without thinking about it further unless I run in to stability issues?
  16. M

    Plz help me

    Can u tell me the best 2GB graphic card for optiplex Gx620 under Rs.2000
  17. A

    my nividia graphics card seems to act weird

    i recently just had a nvidia gtx 1070 installed into my computer. but once i started playing cs go i had 60 fps and even got 40 fps when encountering smokes. i tried opening up my nividia control panel to see what is going on but when i tried to open it it said that i was not using a display...
  18. P

    Best GPU for Core2Duo E6700

    Hi all, I'd like to ask you how to calculate (or get your professional advise) on what best (2nd hand?) GPU I can get for my system. I read couple threads, even here: 1. 2...
  19. K

    gtx 960 only at 30% usage?

    when i play league of legends-minecraft my GPU usage is at 30-50% but i get more than 60 fps why is that? this only happens on old or not demanding games when i paly witcher 3 or ac unity my cpu is at 60-70% and the gpu at 99% why is that? i always deactivate vsync and i have a gtx 960 i dont...