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  1. Z

    Question What is the best budget used laptop? [UK]

    My budget is £300. £350 max if the extra cost is worth it. I'm going to use the laptop for university and music production. I've built my own PC before so I can happily upgrade the laptop if necessary. If you didn't see it in the title, I am looking for a laptop in the second hand market as...
  2. Myronazz

    Buying New Laptop or Upgrading Old One?

    Hello, Here is the thing: We are looking to buy a new laptop for really cheap, around £200. There are a couple of laptops here and there for that price, but their specs are not really what you'd call usuable for even Internet Browsing. In a nutshell, it has these specs: CPU: N400 Celeron RAM...
  3. S

    Question What should I buy new or refurbished laptop

    Hello I need to buy a cheap laptop for programming (coding) for 300 euro but I don't know to buy a brand new or refurnished. I stopped on brand new hp (intel pentium n5000, 128ssd, 8 ram) and the refurbished one Lenovo (Intel i5 3360m or i7 3520m 16 ram and 480 ssd) so what should I buy?I think...
  4. M

    What ram do I need?

    Hi so I ordered ram for my msi H110i pro but I didn't work for me it was ddr4 with a speed of 2666mhz,my mobo supports 2133Mhz I thought that my mobo will downclock it.I have no image on my screen.I have no idea what ram I need for this mobo can anybody tell me all the things you need to now...
  5. O

    Geforce GTX 960 max overclock

    What's the highest overclock you can do on a 2gb Geforce gtx 960?
  6. T

    low-scores on benchmarks

    Just wondering, I have an fx 8350 at 4.0 and a MSI r9 290X gaming 4gb edition(1030/1250) and ive been getting a score of 2400 - 2500 in Unique Valley 1.0 (depends on the driver I ques). On another forum they told me it is a low score for the setup. Also in Firestrike its a score just over...