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  1. S

    Question If my RTX 2080Ti has a hashrate of 2G/s then if a ASIC miner says 4TH/s, does that mean it mines 2000x faster?

    My RTX 2080 Ti mines bitcoins on average 2G/s according to Nicehash. However, I see these cheap ASIC miners on Ebay: capable of mining 4TH/s...
  2. Irdizz

    Question Can i Trust this power supply?

    can i trust this HKC 650W power supply? i only need around 450W. Is it going to last or not.
  3. N

    Question GIVE ME A GOOD AND CHEAP FIX PSU FOR GTX 760(dual 6 pin)

    Hey guys i just need proper solution not a suggestion like getting a new psu ..... the problem is i have a 550 w all 30 A no company PSU and it does not have a 4 pin or 6 pin and i want to power my 760. can i use molex to 6pin + 6pin to dual 6pin
  4. A

    Question Looking for very cheap graphics card

    Hi, I'm currently building a cheap pc. I need a low watt and a very cheap GPU around£10-£25. I am using a 300 watt PSU And paring it with a Intel i5 -650(I know it's bad)
  5. J

    Question Pixel 3a or Pixel 3a XL or Galaxy A9

    wondering others thoughts on which is the better budget phone needing to buy a new phone because my phone stopped being able to charge. looking for most bang for buck for these three phones but if anyone has any better phone suggestions other than these for relatively the same price i would love...
  6. V

    Question Suggestions on a small cheep gaming server

    I have choose some parts in Pc part picker, if this is good enough tell me but if you can optimize it and if you can make it a bit cheaper it will help It will have Ubuntu and it will run a Minecraft server for now (no I'm not a 10 year old I just still like the game better then fortnite) Help...
  7. N

    Worth buying in 2019?

    Hello guys im from Bosnia and im looking to buy a new PC. I found this computer on a website for decent money i dont have that much money now. And i want to buy a pc from them is this computer good enough in 2019 can it run good games and can i upgrade it later on? Its worth 250 Euros Thanks...
  8. Will it be compatible? and also how do i fix my PC problem?

    I'm only 14 and don't have much money so i am buying a cpu cooler that is $10. What I'm buying is a "Coolerman 2heatpipe Twin fan" CPU Cooler from china The reason why im buying a cooler is because my PC has been having some CPU problems lately and it shuts down when im playing large games such...
  9. D

    [SOLVED] Which is the better "Gaming" mouse among these for a Casual Gamer

    I am no pro and don't want to be one, just want to enjoy my casual FPS gaming, meanwhile i've got only two options on my side - Logitech G90 Gamdias DEMETER E1 And NYX E1 Combo...
  10. D

    Question What should I buy with a budget to get 200+ FPS in Fortnite

    CPU-i5-6500 Gpu- gtx 1050 Ram-16gb I already get frams up to 200 sometimes I want a consistent 180+ FPS please help me I have a budges if 400$ will go a bit higher
  11. B

    Question What SSD Should I Buy?

    Looking for a cheap SSD around $30 that will be used to store windows and main files, not for storing games or videos. Im just looking for something to run the system in general quicker (not in need of too much gb) do you have a good ssd around that price thats quick and reliable? Also can...
  12. Ibrahim19

    Question Build gaming pc 1080p 60

    Ultra budget build rupees 50,000 pkr in pakistan Does work cheap xeon gaming good? Cpu = xeon e3-1240 v2 = 7500 used Cpu cool = intel stock Mobo = asus h61 e = 3500 used Ram = 4x2 1600 Mhz =4000 used GPU = msi armor 1060 6gb = 29,000 used HDD = 1 Tb 7200 rpm = 3500 used Psu = 500 watt = 2500...
  13. M

    [SOLVED] Help with a build

    I want a gaming computer that can run simple games like, CS:GO, PubG, Rainbow 6 Siege, etc. I would like the computer to be as cheap as possible. No overclocking please. Peripherals: Monitor: 144Hz Keyboard: No Mouse: No Headset No
  14. L

    Question Whats a cheap computer for a proxy?

    I'm looking for a cheap computer to set up as a proxy. When i say cheap, i don't mean 'cheap gaming', i mean something like $20. It'll need to be good enough to run something like archlinux at a decent speed and have at least one ethernet port or wifi. I'm not really picky about the rest of it...
  15. C

    Question looking for a $250-500 gaming pc build

    hey so i'm currently using a 5 year old HP laptop for my gaming, watching movies, and research and i am now needing to get a new pc that will actually be able to handle what i run... thing is if i buy from a store the pc would most likely cost over 1k for what i need (in my area{USA Illinois})...
  16. Ben Derisgreat

    Question Help me Build a PC to run MediaShout.

    You guys on "" are a godsend. You guys help so many people. I have learned so much from you fine folks. Thank You. I was tasked to build a PC for MediaShout for my church. I have experience with building Gaming PC's. However, I am no expert by far. Just a simple novice. My...
  17. S

    Question Best Older Gen Budget Laptops

    I'm trying to find a good gaming laptop for 500ish. I'm fine with refurbished and used but what's a good site to get those. I'm not looking for anything new or top of the line maybe like a 2016 model would be good. Any recommendations? All it has to really be able to do is play games at like...
  18. W

    Question How to choose low-end ear buds in a fixed budget?

    WARNING, long post. Now where do I start... The main goal of not buying the thing at a closest bus stop for like, two bucks, is for them to survive in the jeans pocket longer than 2 months and not sound like sandpaper. My last pair was chosen blindly and it was Sennheiser CX300II (sounded...
  19. A

    Question Budget gaming pc build

    Hey...I'm building a budget gaming pc, I have the parts for it...could you guys help me make it cheaper and if I can get make it better build? The build R5 2600 Msi b450 tomahawk Cirsair vengeance 16gb ram ADATA ultimate su800 128gb ssd 1tb hard drive Gigabyte GeForce 1050 2gb oc gpu...
  20. S

    Question Should i upgrade me 4790k? And to what?

    I like to stream and i play on 144hz and i can tell that the 4790k is starting to push to the limits. now for an upgrade what should i do thats best for the price? Do i go ryzen 2700x? or do i go i7 8700k? some extra input from others would be helpful thank you!