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  1. M

    [SOLVED] 2070S+Ryzen 5 3600 good?

    Hello! Check my build that I'm going to buy please! is it ok? I need some expert's thoughts, I would be very grateful! The only game I play is Fortnite. I want sometimes record my screen (1080 60fps) while playing recording on CPU. All setings low just want to get good framerate as much as...
  2. zstrange20

    Build Advice Compatibility check - Should i change anything? - A 17 year old new pc builder

    Hello im wonding if this pc will work im really worried building this pcs becasue there really expensive and it took me about a year to save up for my last one im only 17 and im new to pc building i build one before and it worked and took a year to get all the parts. but its just really scarey...
  3. D

    [SOLVED] Is my ram running at full frequency??

    View: its a corsair vengeance lpx 2x8 gb 3000mhz 15-15-15-36 is it running at max frequency???? thanks!!
  4. T

    [SOLVED] Acer XB271HU screen flickering

    Hello, so I have some issues with this monitor. I was watching a movie on VLC media player and suddenly started to notice that the image quality was quite blurry. So I exited the program and literally everything was blurry. It was like a double-vision styled look, so I restarted the computer...
  5. N

    Hdd problem with my computer

    Recently my hdd failed on me and like a normal person i bought a new one it worked for a couple of days and it failed on me again anyways i got a new one again amd when i tried install windows it wouldnt let me so i reastarted my computer and the hdd dosent show up the new hdd is a seagate...
  6. G

    Arctic Freezer 33 eSports Edition CPU Cooler Review

    How does the Arctic Freezer 33 eSports Edition electric color and catchy moniker match up against big air? Arctic Freezer 33 eSports Edition CPU Cooler Review : Read more
  7. L

    Monitor not detected after shutdown

    I use two displays, one being a monitor and the other a tv mounted above. My graphics card has two hdmi outs so I connect one to the monitor and the other to the tv. The problem is that everytime I shutdown or hibernate my pc (which I do when I leave for the day), the next time I come back and...
  8. A

    GTX 960 low fps on cs:go

    Hey guys! I have a desktop with these specs: gigabyte gtx 960 4gb i3 4170 box 8gb ram motherboard GA-H81M-H Since i bought these computer i always played cs:go, and always with 250+ stable fps. (1280x1024 low settings for competitive play). Since a month ago im getting around 120fps and...
  9. O

    Good CPU, But 5-15 fps. HELP!

    OK, this has been going on for too long I have a Radeon sapphire, which cost me about $150. The reviews were spectacular and all the benchmark videos were perfect for my needs. However, I am having some issues. After installing the card, all of it's drivers, removing the old drivers etc... I...
  10. C

    Better suggestion than Lenovo Flex 3

    Looking for/Need: Light weight Sturdy Construction (idealy metal chasis) Long Battery life I5 or greater 8gb of Ram (heavy Chrome user) Windows OS Number Pad SSD 256gb Don't Need Cd drive Touch screen dedicated GPU For the money I found the Flex 3 on Newegg at $499 I figure I can add an SSD...
  11. Dexterousgamings

    Is GTX 1080 future proof?

    Hi Guys, Just wanted to know your opinion in this topic. Will GTX 1080 be future proof at 1080p, 1440p and 4k resolution with monitor refresh rates ranging from 60hz, 144hz or 165hz etc? Is GTX 1080 overkill at 1080p resolution? Is it worth the wait for GTX 1080Ti which may include better...
  12. D

    GTX 980 reference model heating. Crazy idea, need advice.

    Hello Tom's Hardware experts, and thanks for visiting my thread. I recently upgraded from a GTX 960 to a GTX 980. The 960 is an EVGA SSC with the ACX 2.0 cooler. The 980 is the reference model, the one that has the LEDs, from NVidia, I mean no board partners, just the one NVidia that looks like...
  13. Ryan_78

    A CPU cooler

    If we we were to say that I was to run a overclocked AMD CPU, would a cryorig h5 be worth saving for over the h7? Going for moderate-high overclock, such as the one I have. Maybe push a little more. And also generally speaking, not on specific CPUs
  14. C

    Crucial 4gb ddr3 - 1600 udimm resulting in black screen

    Yesterday I bought a crucial ram card (as listed in title) and installed it in my pc, but when i turn my pc on everything goes on except for my screen and keyboard (my mouse does react since it is an usb connected mouse) I have a G41m-s01 msi motherboard so it should be compatible with it...
  15. A

    4gb RAM unusable (12 Total)

    I had installed a new power supply about 3 months ago because of the other failing due to me removing the ground of the outlet (Stupid right?) anyways, after my father installed it for me, we turned it on and 12 GB of my RAM was not all usuable like how it was prior to my PSU failing. I've had...
  16. S

    GTX 970 or GTX 780 ti

    Which GFX card should I choose? The older 780 ti or the newer GTX 970?
  17. O

    GTX 970 as good as GTX 780ti

    I found a 780ti for $450. The 970 I am looking at is $350. I have been researching and everything is saying that the 970 is on par with the 780ti. I find that hard to believe. I also found though that the newly released 960 is supposed to be on par with my current card the 680. Which I also...
  18. N

    Corsair CS450M or CX600M?

    I've heard about the CX series being unreliable and potentially harmful to SSDs. Is the CS series any better? Both are the same cost and both have sufficient wattage for my system, so it is just a matter of which is higher quality.
  19. Seif Samir

    R7 I3 3240 bottleneck ?

    Hi .. R7 250 GDDR5 With I3 3240 bottleneck ?
  20. B

    Help with oc ram/cpu

    I have a M5A99FX PRO R2.0 mobo with Hyperx Beast 8gb dual channel 2133 mhz ram.The mobo says it supports 2133 ram but my cpu fx8320 dosen't so my question is how do i overclock the cpu and how much in order to make it work with 2133 ram .Can this be done with stock cooling?