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    Question Strange electrical noises from PSU ?

    I have a nasty problem, i recently build a half decent pc suitable for gaming just not on ultra but i have left my old psu which failed and opened a can of pandora and <Mod Edit> but to the point. Half year ago when my old Chieftec died i bought SilentiumPC Vero L3 (they are named Endorfy now)...
  2. Z

    Question Ryzen 5 3600 + GA ds3h b450 first boot no display... *HELP*

    Hi guys, I have a problem with my PC... Power on, no display signal(no screen) ... but fans work and LED on the top of the case also Then I need shout down on the power supply and power it on again, Boots nicely & smooth without any hitch. Shut down normally when I'm done. The power button...
  3. A

    Question fortnite is not smooth

    Hello everyone.I have a problem.Fortnite is not smooth when fps is stable 240. My PC I7 9700k RTX 2070 2x8 Ballistix Sport LT 3200 Gigabyte z390 UD SSD Kingston 3D 240GB Monitor 240 HZ ALIENWARE AW2518HF I TRIED -reinstall windows 100 times -change gpu to 1060 -use vsync/gsync and cap 237...
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    [SOLVED] PSU with multiple weak 12V rails + 1 big single-connector boi (RTX 2060) = shutdown festival?

    Hi guys and gals, I've run into a dilemma advising on a PSU for someone's build. The guy is from Russia, and you've got to understand that we're choosing from the bottom of the bin. Forget your fancy tier lists, 9999W 80- Unobtainium Seasonics, etc. The way I see it, the bare minimum needed...
  5. B

    Question PSU 8pin (6+2) works with RTX 2060 8 PIN?

    Hey, I have a Chieftec eco GPE 600-s, it has two PCI 8PIN(6+2) connectors. Would it fit in a RTX 2060 which needs 8 pins? Sorry for this stupid, repeated question, but I want to make sure that it will work or not. I know that my PSU is really bad, I will get a new one in 2-3 months. Thanks...
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    Question Will this 400w handle a gtx 960 or rx470

    Will my power supply 400w handle a gtx 960 2gb or a rx470?
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    A Build Question

    So, I'm wanting to build my first gaming PC. Don't have a ton of money to work with but these are the parts I came up with. I'm wondering if this is a good setup or if there's anything I need to change in order to run smoothly. List of parts are below. These are the parts for the computer I...
  8. A

    Is the Gigabyte AORUS H5 Gaming Headset good for gaming?

    I want to buy a gaming headset, actually I want to buy hyperx cloud, but my laptop is aorus, so I want to buy an aorus headset, what do you think Hiperx Cloud Alpha vs. Logitech GPro vs Aorus Gaming Headset
  9. S

    Freeze at boot up if display driver is installed

    Windows 10 corrupted in the old HDD in my friend's computer, so I installed a new SSD and reinstalled Windows 10 on this SSD. Now every time a display driver is installed the PC would not go past the Windows logo. It will have the loading animation and then the animation will just get stuck...
  10. V

    Audio cable splitter

    I've bought new headphones but my computer doesn't detect my microphone, I've bought an audio splitter cable and it still not showing up. I've tried all I could find on the internet but nothing has worked yet.
  11. U

    HDD is not being detected by laptop, Alienware 15

    So here's the deal, I installed a SSD in an Alienware 15 laptop about... 2 years ago, maybe? As the primary disk, running as the C drive, and I had the original HDD setup as the mass storage. Somehow, somewhere along the way, I suppose the laptop stopped recognizing the HDD. I noticed it about a...
  12. B

    Which router should I choose?

    I'm trying to find a new router and modem as I'm still using the Mediacom provided router. I'm in between 2 things. Pros: I hear the range is great and has ai mesh technology Cons: Expensive...
  13. S

    The best The Sims game for PC?

    Which The Sims game is the best? The Sims 1, 2, 3 or 4? What do you think about The Sims 4? Is it good or sucks?
  14. D

    Help me with my FX 8320

    I'am planning to buy a ryzen 3 1200 well also thinking to buy a capture card so that I can use my FX build to stream and play games on my ryzen will the FX CPU handle atleast 720p streams? I have a 1060 3gb tho...
  15. J

    N4CE Old 5:1 speaker set to PC

    Hello, I have a old N4CE Speaker set I have been using for YEARS and upon moving house have I recently just discovered that they have 3 inputs on the back being: - Front (STEREO) - SURROUND - CE/SW How it currently working is plugging one 3.5mm jack into the "Front" port. straight to my pc...
  16. E

    First PC build - looking for opinions and suggestions

    Hi everyone, I'm planning to build a PC over the summer for the first time and I'm looking for some suggestions and opinions on my build. I want to be able to run my games at ultra/high graphics at 1080p for at least 2 or so years. My budget is around $1000, but that's flexible. Below are the...
  17. K

    Will an EVGA 500w be enough?

    Hi, fellow PC community, I am very frustrated as I can't seem to figure out whether my EVGA 500w will be enough to run my PC okay. Before you ask about PSU calculators, I've tried them and I'm still not 100% sure I will be okay or not. Here are my specs: -Intel Core i5 2500K -8GB DDR3 1300MHZ...
  18. Q

    pc startup randomly can't find boot device and USB issues.

    Hi, I've been having some issues with my desktop computer which seem to have gradually gotten worse over the last couple of years. I first started having USB issues. When too many USB devices were plugged in they would all suddenly stop working until I would reboot. This still happens and...
  19. X

    PCFANS RPM Speed

    Hey guys, I have just added three case fans to my computer (Cryorig QF120 Balance), and connected them to a 1-8 pin Silverstone connecter hub, which is connected through SATA power cable and a 4 pin female to the motherboard. I connected all the fans to hub. When I turn on my PC, the fans ran at...
  20. jeffreyhjkgf1

    Games that will keep me hooked

    i was wondering someboy tell me games that will keep me hooked i posted a similiar thread before but i wanted to know if their are more hopefully F2P games but i usually Like FPS,APRG,RPG,
  21. J

    GTX 1060 6GB Giving Code 43 Error. Need Fix!

    Hello, So I am upgrading my 970 to a 1060 6 gb in my custom build mainly for editing purposes. I've heard i can get some better performance in Premiere Pro with some more v ram and games will get bumped up slightly with the change. Keep in mind, I have never had a problem with the 970. I went...
  22. C

    Need help for LGA 1150 motherboard, will Optiplex 9020 mobo fit?

    Hello everyone, I'm considering building a cheap PC with I3-4160, 8GB 1333Hz Kingston RAM and a GTX 750ti. I wonder If there is any cheap motherboard that can fit my build well, I mean I don't want any thing big, but also not too cheap because I don't want any trouble with it. I don't know much...
  23. I

    Is this Pc Worth the Price?

    I found this PC on ebay. Here is the link: http:// Is this PC worth the price? I am planning to move the parts to a ATX Tower and throw in a 1050ti or 1060.
  24. M

    How would you optimize this ROG Strix Z370-F + 8700K build?

    So the below 8700K build landed on my desk recently. I've basically done nothing but update to the latest BIOS and installed stuff like Geforce Experience etc. So everything is running at default/stock settings. What would you specificly do to get the most out of this build? Could be anything...
  25. H

    Computer Shutting off and then restarting

    I have a 2 1/2 year old iBuyPower system with Corsair Cpu water cooler. Recently my computer just randomly restarts it self. I don't know if its the power supply or the water cooler need to be replaced. I have a -400W power supply -Corsair AIO water cooler -Amd FX 6300 -Geforce GTX 750 Ti...
  26. K

    Looking for a Laptop to play Sims on

    So basically i am looking for a reasonably priced laptop which can run sims 4 on medium to high settings for around £500. Ive been having a look around and i went into currys and they basically tried selling me something that could barely run the game for £700. I have seen some other posts of a...
  27. N

    8600k or the 7700k?

    I'm planning to upgrade my cpu from my current 4th gen i5, I have seen some benchmarks showing that the 8600k is on par with the 7700k in terms of gaming. Both these CPUs cost around the same when purchased with the motherboard, so I'm having a tough time deciding which is more worth it. I...
  28. S

    Custom PC no post after trouble shooting

    Hi, I recently put together a new pc, after trouble shooting individual components to rule out fault parts and running through the 22 step no post trouble shoot guide I've made much progress but still no post. I've check with one stick of ram each per slot to rule out ram issue at the moment...
  29. N

    iPad needs higher voltage to charge, why?

    sorry, hope this isn't too much of a novice question, very new to electronics and theory. so I have an iPad.. pretty old iPad. I have noticed that it will no longer charge with the factory charger anymore. I have to take the charging cable and plug it into a higher voltage? (is that right?)...
  30. V

    having problems with newly installed windows 7 home premium 64x (display issues)

    so i have been a win 7 users for some years and i tried win 10, i didn't like it and i did a clean install of win 7 home premium and when i opened up the display was choppy and laggy, you know it was normal as i didnt install my gpu drivers yet (nvidia geforce 210) but after installing the...
  31. A

    Gigabyte Z170x Gaming 3

    Hello all, I am upgrading my computer to the above motherboard, paired with a GTX 1060, 8GB of gskill ram and an i5-7600k CPU. When I tried to boot up, no picture is displayed from the GPU or the motherboard ports. When I remove the ram stick, it beeps 5 times then shuts off. With the ram...
  32. P

    Is there something wrong with my computer?

    Hello! I'm new to this forum and I've recently "upgraded" my CPU from a FX-8350 4.0ghz to a i7 6700k and felt like my system has become under powered, or that there's something wrong with it. I ran Userbenchmark with basically everything closed, and I feel like the score of my computer came back...
  33. S

    GTX 1060 6GB firestrike score [LOW GPU CLOCK SPEED?]

    Why does my GPU show the core clock speed as 350mhz? I'm having issues running some games, it's very laggy for me. firestrike score/info: additional info: I bought MSI gtx 1060 6GB + Came with installation CD, my laptop (alienware) doesn't have a CD drive...
  34. I

    Computer keeps shutting down ramdomly!

    So over the last month or so my PC has started shutting down, and then attempt to turn on after 5-10 seconds, sometimes with luck and sometimes not (though most times it just shuts down again, making an infinite circle of restarts) I´ve tried removing one of my sticks of RAM, which resolved the...
  35. M

    My amd gpu keeps freezing for 2 seconds

    Hi! I'm having a hard time when playing games because once in every 10mins my gameplay freezes for about 2 to 3 seconds. When installing my graphics drivers no error was shown so i really don't know what's the problem. I'd really appreciate the help of anybody who would bother answering my...
  36. M

    Finish a gaming pc and sell it? Or sell the current parts I have?

    I was building a desktop pc, I decided the idea of having a laptop and a desktop is pointless, and decided to sell my laptop and my desktop (the parts I have so far), and get $800 good gaming laptop. What should I do....
  37. X

    intel core i5 6400 oc vs amd ryzen 5 1500x

    hello, i want to ask you all about processor intel core i5 6400 oc vs amd ryzen 5 1500x, what should i choose for the better performance for 80% gaming 20% rendering or editing, and gpu i choose galax gtx 950 exoc thank you
  38. S

    Disk drive formatting

    I see that my disk drive is 300gb on my hp laptop. If I format it would it go past 300tb? Or would it simply erase everything on the drive?
  39. J

    Pc keeps typing * key even after disabling it

    My Lenovo G50 keeps typing this key, few months before it was typing the 0 key but it stopped by itself after a while. now it started with this other key and I have tried every possible solution, even disabling the key, but it keeps being pressed automatically. It starts when I start the pc, it...
  40. F

    What Graphics card to get

    My computer is starting to lack a bit on videogame performace and fps, with that said, would buying a new graphics card help resolving the issue? my computer is a desktop, i have a geforce GTX 750 graphics card! Now another question that i have is, because i already have the GTX 750 , could i...