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  1. Workingson

    Question Someone knows what is this chip from Reeinno R ssd.

    I know the controller, but I have still found nothing the storage chip. the chip is < toshiba th58tft3t23baeg k90828 jpn1906kae>. the photo of ssd
  2. F

    [SOLVED] Blown intel hm87 chipset

    Good Evening. My asus G751jy got damaged by water spill, i disassembled the laptop, washed with alcohol, Upon inspection i saw that intel hm87 chipset has a crack on top of it. So probably got shorted and blown by water. See picture I have removed it from the...
  3. H

    Question is cpu broken? tried putting coffe lake in Z270 motherboard.

    hi, so i stupidly put a a i5 9600k in a Z270 motherboard, same socket diffrent chipset. have the cpu taken any damage from this?