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  1. Question DDR4 Chip and 10700K Overclocking Help.

    Hi, I have two questions to ask. I am trying to find out what the chip of my memory is and if these voltages are good. I have two TF3D48G2666HC15B01, which is 2666 CL15-17-17-35 1.2V with XMP enabled, i was able to do a quick stable OC to 2933 CL15-18-18-36 1.3V. I tried rising the voltage a...
  2. N

    Question Laptop wont boot. .

    Hi! I was trying to help a friend reset the bios password on his Lenovo L460 thinkpad. So first i tried to remove the cmos battery, it didnt work. So i figured i had to reset the bios chip by shorting it out. and so i did.. but now the computer wont turn on.. the power button and the "fn" button...
  3. Fudgeracoon

    Question Accidently removed wire from weird small Intel chip

    So I opened up my msi laptop to clean the fans, while I was removing the screws I accidently removed a wire of a small intel chip underneath the right fan, it has two black wires attached and the left one got removed and I can't figure out how to put it back in. Any solutions...
  4. D

    Question BIOS for HP Envy Touchsmart

    I am looking for the Bios on a Envy Touchsmart 20 - D013w. I am attempting to replace the Bios Chip on this computer with a newly updated bios chip that I bought. This will be my first time replacing a bios chip. There are two chips on the motherboard that look very identical in shape with the...
  5. Seekynator3000

    Question How do i salvage laptop keyboard

    I am trying to make this keyboard: MP-03756C0-5285 z Asus M51T work througth usb, i did fidn one good video: View: however this keyboard has 24 pins and i am not sure if i can make it work with his chip because i just do not know this stuff So if you...
  6. J

    [SOLVED] Will my MSI B350M Bazooka Motherboard support ALL the Ryzen 3000 chips? If not, which ones will it support?

    The thing is, I already know that its going to support the Ryzen 3000 series but I don't know exactly which ones. I will really appreciate the replies. Thanks in advance.
  7. G

    Question RTX 2070 Chip

    So I heard there are 2 types of chips for the RTX 2070. TU106-400A and the non A so basically TU106-400. A is supposed to be capable of higher stable speeds. I've already ordered an RTX 2070 aorus Xtreme, does anyone know what chip that model has? Some say only cheap 2070s have non-A chips, the...
  8. Badauuu

    Question Whats best to run dual monitors? One in GPU and one in motherboard chipset or both in GPU?

    Hi guys i want o know Whats best to run dual monitors? One in GPU and one in motherboard chipset or both in GPU?
  9. G

    Question GPU overheating issue

    So recently I decided to clean the dust out of my PC with a can of compressed air, in particular my GPU which was having overheating issues beforehand. I unseated the GPU, cleaned it thoroughly and then reseated it. My computer started up no problem and all was well. But then I tried to launch a...
  10. Gagan Karhana

    [SOLVED] i7 5820K in 2019

    So I am using intel i7 5820K, Safely overclockable to 4.00Ghz Is it still worth it in 2019? Will there be bottleneck issue with Rtx2070? For CPU and Mainboard I am planing on upgrading in 2 phases. Will change Mainboard and CPU later in a month or two. Reason being upcoming AMD 3000 and budget...
  11. J

    Question i5-4590 and GTX 1660TI bottleneck?

    Hi, I recently stopped smoking and have some extra money in my money-box hence I decided to purchase a new GPU as I want to reward myself:)MSI GTX 1660 TI Gaming X. My question is whether my CPU i5-4590 will bottleneck the new GPU a lot? My current PC is i5-4590; GTX970 4GB-RAM, 8GB-RAM...
  12. J

    Question Windows system service exception error after switching to new hardware

    Hi, so today I decided to upgrade my pc by changing out my MOBO CPU GPU and RAM while keeping my old storage which holds my windows and other documents. After the switch I realised i made a rookie mistake... i forgot to remove the old hardware drivers and now windows does not boot because the...
  13. J

    Question Windows updated itself now launchers not working?

    So before yesterday i was having problems connecting to internet but found that my motherboards onboard LAN device was disabled in bios (yea i know right), after i enabled it works perfectly. currently i have my pc pulling internet via Ethernet and netgear a6100 usb adapter, when both plugged in...
  14. M

    Question System crash Kernel id 41

    Okay so pc just crashed with blue screen. It didn't show nay error message but event viewer is showing this. Log Name: System Source: Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power Date: 11-03-2019 21:30:21 Event ID: 41 Task Category: (63) Level: Critical Keywords...
  15. M

    [SOLVED] What are some compact itx cases?

    I'm looking to build a new pc for college, but I need it to be small for easy transportation. What are some small form factor cases that are actually small, but not super expensive? I know of the node 202, that's an option. And I've also seen the DAN cases but those are like $200. I also don't...
  16. L

    [SOLVED] 3570 or 3770

    I'm planning to upgrade my CPU from a 2400 to a 3550 or 3770. I'm mainly going to be using it for video games and I've will be pairing it with a GTX 1060 3 gig.
  17. D

    Question After 15 minutes of playing gta 5 games starts to stutter with little lags.

    Hello. After 15 minutes of playing gta 5 games starts to stutter with little lags. About 6 months i was playing on better settings than now and it didnt lag at all. Now i try to play on lowest settings and after 15 minutes fps drops every 2 seconds. Tried most of the things online but didnt...
  18. X

    [SOLVED] Integrated graphics cpu

    Hello, I'm building a budget PC for basic schoolwork and browsing. I'm not going to get a GPU at the moment. What CPU should I go for? Preferably i5. Thank you guys for your help, I'm new to this, was going to build one a year ago but never did, forgot everything.
  19. Gh0s1

    Question Ram running at 800MHz

    I have a Hyperx Fury 8gb DDR4 stick in my PC, now I'm not sure what speed it's meant to be running at... but I know for certain that it should'nt be running at 800MHz. Quick google search shows there isnt even a stick of ddr4 ram at 800MHz (thats 8gb) lol
  20. Mark420

    Question Black screen after a few minutes of playing demanding games

    Hello everyone, soo like one week ago I started getting black screens with the sound continuing, (so as i found out it should be a gpu problem). As an example I can run Overwatch on 200 fps in 2k and low settings. But Apex legends crashes after like 10 minutes. I got a R9 390 series. When the...