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  1. Z

    Is this going to be a solid re-build?

    How is it going everyone. I am wondering if this is gonna be a pretty solid gaming rig. Any advice or suggestions is welcome. Parts I currently own Along with a samsung 250gb SSD. Going to be upgrading to...
  2. M

    Stuttering in Game

    Playing overwatch recently the game has begun to stutter from time to time which can be very noticeable sometimes. Whenever this happens the cpu maxes out at 100%, I have an i5 4690k and a gtx 1070, the i5 is oc to 4.2 ghz and hasn't really acted up till now. Usually i get around 200 fps but it...
  3. P

    New Laptop: Should I keep my OS on my SSD

    I just bought a new DELL laptop and I checked to see where my OS is installed and it's in my 128GB SSD. I also have a 1TB HDD which could hold my OS. As I will be using this laptop for a bit of gaming as well as while I'm at university, should I keep the OS where it is? I know the SSD is small...
  4. E

    I need a answer asap

    How many games can I run with 4g of ram and a 500gm of memory
  5. A

    Would a 1080ti affect my MSI Gaming 970 Or its compnents?

    I am about to buy a 1080ti for my new pc but am wondering if it would have any negative effects on my current my ram, processor, MB, or the gpu itself Thanks specs: RAM: Corsair vengeance DDR3 1800 (for some reason is always running at 667) CPU: AMD FX-6350 MB: MSI 970 GAMING EDIT: didnt...
  6. A

    Workplace to Home

    Hi There, How will I go about to access my workplace network at home using my own internet, since most of my overtime works are spent on my personal Laptop.
  7. A

    PC screen goes black every few seconds/minutes/hours.

    As I said in the title, my screen goes black for about 3-4 seconds from time to time. This isn't tied with, for example, watching Youtube or playing games, it happens regardless of what I'm doing. It MIGHT have started since I installed a new GPU, although I'm not sure. It doesn't happen...
  8. kep55

    Restrict access to folders on server

    I've read how one can go to Control Panel > Network and File Sharing > Advanced Sharing etc to change permissions on folders. What we want to do is created user folders on our file server so only person can access the folder. All computers but one are running Windows 7 Professional. One is...
  9. J

    Looking to upgrade a prebuilt

    I bought this last summer: My question is, will I be able to fit a 1080 into this? The specific card I am eyeing is...
  10. R

    Crysis 1 weird image on screen glitch

    Back in 2008 when I got my first pc, I installed crysis on it. It wasn't an amazing pc at the time, it was mediocre. But it could run crysis on low, sometimes on medium, without any big problems. Or at least, no problems until around half an hour of constant playtime. Whenever my pc got super...
  11. L

    Stock fans stopped working on my first build

    Hi after I did a little cleaning my case fans stopped working. They are all running through the Hub on back middle of chassis H440 chassis X99 Extreme 4 EVGA 850 gold PSU 80+ GOLD DEEPCOOL Gamer Storm CAPTAIN 240 CPU Liquid Cooler AIO R9 fury X2 (one is the newer model) WD black 1tb Samsung 950...
  12. K

    CPU Running Hot

    Just finished my build today. Parts List: Intel Core i5 8600K 6 Cores CRYORIG H7 Cooler EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 NZXT S340 Mid Tower Case At idle: Fortnite running: The case is well ventilated for sure, exhaust fans are blowing cool air.
  13. S

    GPU cache folder

    So about an hour or 2 ago a folder named GPUCache appeared on my desktop. What should I do with it?
  14. L

    PC won't boot up with GPU

    Hey guys! First off, I'm rather noobish when it comes to PCs, I guess I know basics but that's it. Here is my build from 2 months ago: FX-6300 8GB DDR3 RAM RX 470 EVGA SuperNova 550 G2 Mobo: Gigabyte 970a-ud3p So here is the thing. Two months ago, I came back from work and, as usual...
  15. P

    Window 10 crash need to hard restart

    1) I have already clear the cmos with the jumper. Now I tried with the jumper technique + removing the cmos battery but it dosen't change things. The bios was updated to the latest 3 month ago when I reinstalled Window 10 and it's an old mobo so I don't think they did an update. I'm also scared...
  16. Y

    lenovo thinkpad wont turn on

    i shut my computer down accidentally while updating to the latest windows, now when i turn it on it makes a clicking noise and then sends me to a screen called BIOS setup utility which i have no idea what it is.
  17. wesambukhari

    Power Supply- Do i have enough power?

    I have a simple question, i am upgrading my parts and want to know if i have to upgrade my psu too. Its a 500w power supply and the upgrades are listed below. System: CPU- i7 8700k GPU- EVGA FTW3 GTX 1080ti Ram- 2 x 8 3200Mhz Motherboard- Z370 arous gaming 5 Storage: SSD, M.2, HDD Power supply-...
  18. G

    800$ streaming pc build

    I’m new to pc building and my budget is 800$ I want a pc that can be a good streaming and playing games at midrange
  19. C

    Overclocking a pc

    I’m new to overclocking and am wondering how to do it and if there are any risks involved.
  20. P

    More than half of memory occupied by Hardware Reserved

    I upgraded my memory from 4 to 8 recently. At my surprise, my task manager says total memory : 8GB, In use : (about) 970MB, Available : 2GB and Hardware Reserved : 5GB? Like seriously? What is this hardware reserved? My tired of trying out a millions steps, such as unchecking Maximum memory in...