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  1. M

    Some keys not working

    After spraying detel some keys not working now Acer laptop
  2. V

    PC always crashing during gaming

    Hey everyone.So recently my PC started crashing after 30 minutes of gaming.In the beginning it would always instantly boot up but now it just enters an infinite loop of trying to turn on.You can hear the fans spinning for a second and then they just stop and this doesnt stop until I pull the PCs...
  3. R

    10 google assistant commands for netflix

    Since its release, Google Assistant has only grown in popularity and usefulness. Many people use it to better organize their everyday agenda or just to have plain fun. While probably not the primary use of some users, you can also link your Google Assistant with Netflix. When you do that, you...
  4. B

    I want to set up 5.1 audio from my pc to my av receiver, and I need help.

    Hi, I just want to set up 5.1 audio for my pc, I don´t know where to start, first this is why I have: COMPUTER: MSI B350 mortar motherboard Asus GTX1060 3gb OC edition GPU AV RECEIVER Harman Kardon AVR 1565 So my main question is what...
  5. matheusaavila

    2018-onward 1080p on-budget gaming-only PC

    Currently, I have this pc: Corsair CX 450W AsRock A55M-HVS MoBo Amd A6 3670k 1x8GB HyperX Fury 1866Mhz 500GB HDD Full HD samsung TV Windows 10 AND (recentlly deceased) EVGA GTX 650 ti boost 2GB So, many years later, I'm upgrading, but I do really need help. My goal is to run most AAA games on...
  6. T

    Can bigger ram fit into a smaller ram spot

    I don't think i have 2 ram slots and as such i need bigger ram but my pc is stuck to the limit full of ram, can i fit bigger ram (compatible) into a smaller ram spot?
  7. L

    im really lost with my pc setup. (old setup)

    mobo: gigabyte ga-f2a68hm-s1 processor: amd a10-7860k ram : elite 8gb gpu: i recently bought gigabyte radeon rx560 2gb OC im really not getting the performance that im expecting.
  8. T

    Reseated Memory, Computer won't turn on

    I reseated my ram into a proper configuration, now it turns on the fans for the CPU cooler and GPU, but doesn't display and turns off then tries again. Using Ryzen 5 1600 and HyperX Black 2x4GB 2400MHz
  9. C

    Building a PC

    Well I want to build a PC for the first time in my life, but I'm on a budget of 1000euros max. So I went to pcpartpicker and made a pc and it's around €657 and about 250 for the graphics card, but it says tax excluded. So here I am and I do not know what to do really. Can someone please look...
  10. A

    Using old power supply on new rig

    My last build (almost ten years ago) had a PC Power and Cooling Silencer 750. My system went belly up and I wasn't able to really diagnose the problem source. So now I'm (haven't got all parts yet) about to build a new one and am wondering if the power supply was the culprit; would I be risking...
  11. S

    Computer Won't Turn on

    Hey all So I recently graduated college and brought my computer back home with me. I went to school in Chicago but I live in Seattle so the drive took me several days, and I moved my computer to and from my car every night so it wouldn't get stolen. When I finally made it home I plugged it in...
  12. A

    How to reformat the Acer laptop that didn't open

    20 years of age College student Female
  13. R

    I installed 4 chassis fans and there is no difference in temps

    the fans are working on top speed. 3 intake 2 exhaust there is literally 0 degrees difference in temperature stress test 80 degrees gaming 75 GPU almost same room temp 30degrees plus i5 8400 1060 6gb b360m k cabinet fans at 1200rpm
  14. H

    Graphic Card Problems

    Hi guys, My system is a Cpu; I5 5600 MOBO; GA-Z270-Wifi Video card: Msi GTx 1050 ti Ram: 8gb Corsair Vengeance ram 2400mhz (2x4gb) Psu: 450w fractal design Semi-modular Psu Storage: 500gb sandisk SSD, 1tb western digital hard drive Fans: Stock cpu cooler, one 140mm fan, one 120mm fan Case...
  15. xJeST3R

    "Unknown" space consuming 40GB of SSD?

    Just as the title sounds - my SSD has randomly decided to allocate 40GB of space to "Unknown", according to WinDirStar. I don't know what could've caused this, and I've done the obvious things like CCleaner, checked pagefile, did a chkdsk, ran virus scans. I'm just at a loss for words for this...
  16. 4

    Dell Inspiron RAM UPGRADE

    Hi there, I have a Dell Inspiron Desktop 660 MT : BTX Base. My processor is an Intel Core i3-3220 (3.30GHz, 3MB) My RAM is 6144 mb (1x4096+1x2048) 1600MHz DDR3. Can I increase my RAM and by how much? Should I replace or add on? This is new to me so really need advice. Any help would be much...
  17. Diltoid24

    10" lcd mod help requested

    How difficult would it be to splice the power supply adapter, of a small 10.1 inch display, to use the native 12volts supplied by a corsair PSU? I'm sure it must be possible, because that's Essentially how the Hue+ module, by nzxt, is powered. A round adapter plug spliced to a molex connector...
  18. PaulAlcorn

    Intel Adds To Coffee Lake CPU Family, Outs New 300-Series Chipsets

    Intel announced several new Coffee Lake processors and expanded 300-series chipsets based on the Cannon Lake PCH. Intel Adds To Coffee Lake CPU Family, Outs New 300-Series Chipsets : Read more
  19. S

    R9 280x in a gtx 1080 reference cooler

    So I saw this gpu on eBay it is an r9 280x in a gtx 1080's shroud. Can this really work? I messaged the seller and he said it did. I ended up buying it just to see so I'll say the results when I get them
  20. A

    Help choosing a CPU

    I was recommended to upgrade my i5-3330 to the Ryzen 5 2400G with 16gb of RAM (budget of £340). I'm confused how AMD cpus differ in performance from intel ones, such as this benchmark shows similar priced CPUs with the intel one seeming to be better. Do AMD cpus perform better with more RAM...