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    Possible hard drive failure.

    I'll just give you what I can at the moment, I recently changed a very minor thing with regedit to basically get rid of Xbox DVR. I doubt that's caused the problem. Anyway, whats happened is that already today some games were stuttering really badly, but then they basically stopped doing so and...
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    PC not recognizing SLI bridge

    I have 2 GTX 970s (Gigabyte GTX 970 G1 Gaming and the EVGA GTX 970 SC 2.0) and am trying to run them in SLI on my MSI Z170A SLI Plus motherboard. But it is not working. The SLI bridge came with my motherboard On GPU-Z it says: GTX 970 (Gigabyte) PCI-Express x16 3.0 @ x8 3.0 GTX 970 (EVGA)...
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    Is my laptop broken?

    I got my laptop on Christmas 2017 and I dropped it on January 5th 2018. How do I know if it's okay? My laptop is a HP, I need help ASAP. My laptop seems fine, but ask me if it's doing certain things that broken laptops do so I know what's wrong. Make sure to tell me how to resolve it, thanks.
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    Graphics card driver refuses to install. (GT 740)

    I recently acquired an Acer Veriton X4610g prebuilt off of eBay and also bought a GT 740 to build a very low budget gaming pc. I’ve confirmed the graphics card works on my other pc l, so I know it’s not the card and I’ve confirmed the pc does work. I’ve tried resetting the ram, reseating the...
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    Regarding fifi 14 launch

    Whenever I tried to launch I shows that your set up is damaged so if it shows there may be problem of playing but it plays in my friend laptop when I copy from mine to him can anyone help me
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    Ethernet cable (Randomly disconnects every 30 seconds for around 3-5 seconds and reconnects again for no reason)

    Hello, so I have recently switched from wireless to a wired network for gaming. When I'm on wireless the ping is highish but steady. When on ethernet the ping is low but randomly disconnects every 30 seconds for no reason. I have bought a new cat6 ethernet cable and the problem still persists...
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    PC emmiting an odd burning plastic smell

    My PC is emitting an odd burning plastic smell. I left my pc running overnight to do a virus scan and started smelling after 12 hours and hasn't stopped even after being unplugged. The cpu and gpu temps look normal. The capasitors look fine although I just did a quick check. It is able to boot...
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    Motherboard dead on arrival?

    Hi I brought asrock ab350 motherboard, i dont have a cpu gpu or ram currently.just to check if this power ups , i plugged it to an old psu and jump started it by power pins and it didn't show any action, not even the psu fan started. But the old motherboard starts up just fine with same psu. The...
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    Will DisplayPort to DVI-D support 144hz

    Will this cable support 144hz ASUS VG278HV Gaming Monitor - 27" FHD (1920x1080) 1ms, up to 144Hz(My monitor)
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    Can't use Ethernet AND Wireless.

    Having an issue, I rarely ever used this router but I just got a new phone and don't wanna waste my data, but I also game so I want the Ethernet also. The problem is I can only figure out how to run one of them at a time. Does anyone know if my router will work with both at the same time? it's...
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    Question about overclocking my PC

    Hi, I have some questions about OC. My PC is 5 years old, and having some troubles with framerates in newer and heavy games, like Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (In intense areas drops to 24-28 fps), and I want to increase minimum FPS for more comfortable experience. I've already overclocked my GPU...
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    computer turned off, wont turn back on again

    I took a nap and left my computer on. When i got back on a short while later my computer turned off and wouldn't turn on. No power would run through it. I tried an older motherboard an it worked fine. I'm guessing the power connectors are not working on my newer motherboard anymore. Is there...
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    [SOLVED] Critical Error: My bios is freezed!

    Hi! I'm in problems!  Yesterday I bought an HDD, WD 1tb, because I wanted to have Windows in my  main hard drive and a second mac OS High Sierra in my new  HDD. I did a partition of the HDD, 500gb and 500gb. One partition to save files and share them between my two operative systems and the...
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    What do i need for 144hz

    I have a BenQ Zowie XL2411 144hz Gaming Monitor and i have a Lenovo Laptop. What cable do i have to get to be able to see the option 144hz and use it? Currently im using a HDMI cable and I only see the option 60hz. Lenovo Laptop specs: Intel Core i5-4210H CPU @ 2.90GHz Ram 8 Gb Systemtype: 64...
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    Motherboard / CPU Temperature Too high?

    Hello, I recently changed my intel cpu fan for the first time. I removed the old thermal paste slowly using a cotton swab with alcohol and waited for it to dry for 15min. New thermal paste was already applied to the new fan. I placed it, checked the orientation and pushed opposite side pins. I...
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    Screen blacks out

    So I can't figure out what's going on. Everything use to work without any issues until I installed a GTX 1060. Now when I'm scrolling through webpages (and as far as I can tell, ONLY when scrolling through webpages) the screen will intermittently go entirely black for about a second before...
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    Motherboard not working with some GPUs

    Hello, recently I got from a friend a 3770k + Intel DH77EB, he told me that when he wanted to use it with a rx 480 it didnt work (in the store they told him the mobo was old and the pci was incompatible, so he bought a 7700 + new mobo) So now I wanted to use it with my R9 270X (it works in my...
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    FPS dropping after CPU change. CPU not compatible with GPU ?

    I've been having many problems recently with my old, low-end computer My 1st setup was: Intel 2 Duo Core CPU 3GB of RAM 2 hard drives of 96GB capacity each HD 7700 AMD Radeon 1GB ver. GPU My CPU died so I had to swap it for another one so here we have my 2nd setup: Pentium Duo Core E5300 3GB...