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  1. I

    Question How to install Windows 10 on unsupported chipset? Dell Precision T3500

    Hello community, I have a Dell Precision T3500 running Windows 7. I want to format it and install Windows 10. However, I am unsure about what to do with the drivers situation because my PC only supports Windows 7 drivers. Now the model of computer I have is really popular so on benchmark sites...
  2. aranorde

    [SOLVED] Questions about "Chipset Drivers".

    This has been confusing me for a while right now, And i have a lot of questions about it as well, please go through them patiently and try to answer me since I'm new to this. My CPU : Ryzen 5 1500x Motherboard : MSI B450M PRO-M2 MAX Chipset drivers can be obtained and updated from 3 different...
  3. H

    [SOLVED] Which motherboard drivers should be used after a fresh Windows install?

    I got a Asus MAXIMUS VI HERO . Just installed a fresh Windows 10 (latest, November 2019 upgrade) , It seems to recognize the chipset there are no unrecognized devices in Windowd device manager. On Asus support site of the motherboard , there are Chipset drivers from 2016 ( MEI: V11.0.5.1189 )...