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    Question Motherboad and cpu compatability

    can somebody please help me as i cant find an answer to this online Im going to to upgrade the i5 10400F and dont know if it will work on an intel H510 Chipset the motherboad i would use is the Gigabyte H510M H it has an LGA 1200 socket would this be compatable? thank you in advance!
  2. abryant

    How To How to Choose a Motherboard: A Guide for 2019

    We're here to help untangle motherboard complexities and guide you to the right model, without blowing your build budget for other key components. Read more here. Matt Safford @islandwalker Matt Safford is Tom's Hardware's Managing Editor. When not writing about tech, he is often...
  3. B

    Question Can I change my processor? puedo cambiar mi procesador

    Y si puedo, ¿cuál sería? y si puedo cual seria?
  4. D

    Question Can i overclock gpu in this motherboard?

    Specs: MOTHERBOARD MSI B360M PRO-VD PSU Corsair CX-550W MSI GeForce® GTX 1660 Ti VENTUS XS 6G OC Can i overclock this gpu in this type of mobo and psu?
  5. L

    Question Can I get a recommendation for a new psu please?

    Hi there, I’ve been bundling together a gaming pc which consists of: Intel Core i7-4790K, 2X8GB Corsair Vengeance RAM@1600mhz Asus Rog Strix 1080 ti, Gigabyte-GA-H81M-S2H (this will be eventually upgraded to Asus 7 Hero) Cryorig H7 Plus cpu cooler, 120GB SSD, 1TB HDD, Super writemaster multi DVD...
  6. C

    Question FPS DROPS IN CSGO

    This is my pc information: Core: Intel i5-4670 GPU: Zotac 1050ti 4gb Ram: HyperX 8GB PSU: 500W Motherboard: Gigabyte H81M-S With this PC on CSGO: I have set almost everything in csgo as "low" and I get 220 - 240 fps. But suddenly the fps drops to 20-30 and thats a huge amount of lag experienced...
  7. D

    Question ASUS Prime z390-a BIOS

    So I’ve just got done building my new pc, and when i launch it i get put into a BIOS loop. I’ve tried almost every fix for this and not a single one has solved my issue. Nothing is appearing in the boot menu either, however everything is being detected in the bios. Currently running: ASUS Prime...
  8. X

    Question Vega 56

    What are the minimum psu requirements for the vega 56?
  9. A

    Question My fan stops spinning when msi afteburner is closed, Help!

    I have rx580 8gb sapphire special edition and my fan sometimes stops spinning when msi afterburner is closed note that i made a custom fan curve but when i close msi afterburner it should spin on the default mode, shouldn't it? even when i open it again it still doesn't spin until i set the fan...
  10. H

    Question Good Case Fans w/ Lighting

    Looking for some good case fans with lighting, pairing it with the phanteks enthoo pro m, prioritizing the aesthetics and lighting, also would like it to be not too loud. Not sure how many I need when also using the pre-installed case fans, would get them from newegg in bundles and shipped...
  11. K

    Question fan issues

    Hello, I have issues with my CPU fan. When i turn on my CPU, it shows correctly "Windows Loading" then gets NO SIGNAL on screen and my CPU fan starts to spin fast. Then, I click on the reset button on my CPU to start back again my CPU, it shows to "Start Windows Normally" then it works fine...
  12. Gimmy88

    Question New PC but no signal detected on monitor

    Hi guys, I've just building up my new pc with these components: Asus TUF Z390-PLUS GAMING Intel Core i5-8600K Asus ROG-STRIX-RTX2070-O8G-GAMING Corsair TX750M Samsung MZ-V7S500BW Unità SSD 970 EVO PLUS Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB (2 X 8 GB), DDR4, 3000 MHz, C15 XMP 2.0 when I start it up all...
  13. R

    Question Thinking of buying a Ryzen 5 2600, and I have a few questions

    Hi everyone, I recently purchased a Vega 56 (set to arrive this Friday), and I'm trying to slowly upgrade my PC. I've done some poking around, and the Ryzen 5 2600 seems to be a good CPU to pair with this card. I do see that it's clocked at 3.6 Ghz, though, and I currently have an AMD FX-8350...
  14. J

    [SOLVED] What games and at what fps can these specs run games?

    Specs: 8th Gen Intel Core i5-8250U 3.4 ghz 8GB ram Geforce MX150 2GB
  15. R

    Question RAM Supply, What's Up?

    I am trying to put together a new system with a ThreadRipper 2950X, Gigabyte X399 Aorus Extreme, and G.Skill Trident Z RGB RAM. I chose this ram because G.Skill lists it as compatible with the CPU/MOBO combo. The problem is that I have searched high and low for this RAM and no one has it...
  16. Hydra17

    [SOLVED] SpeedFan Temps accurate?

    Hi guys, new here, so hey :) I just upgraded my long time desktop system to a gaming pc with a 4GB 1050ti. I installed speedfan just to make sure temps were all okay and they came out like this: 1. Are they ok? 2. What's with all the flames!? They're making me paranoid lol Thanks for your...
  17. M

    Question Can I upgrade my CPU - Lenovo Ideapad 120S-11IAP

    Hi all, I'm new here from Ireland. My Lenovo Ideapad 120S-11IAP has an Intel(R) Celeron (R) CPU N3350 @ 1.1GHZ. I love this little budget laptop and would rather try upgrade the CPU than buy a new laptop. I've already upgraded the hard drive to an a solid state drive and replaced the screen...
  18. willmalcom

    [SOLVED] New Build or Possible CPU/mobo upgrade?

    Hello there, It's come time to upgrade my system. After about 7 years, I think it's time. I'm wondering if there is anything I can salvage from my old build. What I'm wondering mostly is whether or not I can save some money by squeaking by with some of my old components. My PSU is a...
  19. Hackerjazz

    [SOLVED] how to lowerr just cause 3 graphics below minimum

    plz suggest me some app which can do this and my specs are i3 2310m with intel hd graphics plz help me and I would like to play just cause 3 on my laptop I only want the gameplay am not interested in graphics so plz do something
  20. SalC

    Question Gigabyte Utility Software not working

    Hello.. Since I built my PC a month ago, I have not been able to successfully install most of the gigabyte utility software, like app center, aurous engine, ambient LED.. etc. I can download and install the executable, but the program never opens. The only utility that did work was RGB...
  21. S

    [SOLVED] New CPU Ram MB £600 Budget

    Hi, I'm looking at getting a new CPU, MB and RAM. I haven't upgraded my CPU, RAM or MB since I got my PC in 2013 and my PC has really slowed down and has a bad bottle neck. My budget is around £600 for the 3 components and I would like to overclock the CPU and I need 16gb of RAM. I was looking...
  22. AEMK

    Question Cannot start PC . Long non stop beep after change cpu .

    Im using Acer Aspire M3800 desktop with Acer G45T/G43T AM3 motherboard with the original cpu that is E5400 . I change the cpu to Q9500 but it wont boot + noisy non stop beep . Ive checked the mobo is compatible with C2Q cpu's . But why im having this issue . I try to change to old cpu it can run...
  23. M

    Question Motherboard too dated for newer card?

    Hello! Quick question, I'm fairly acquainted with pc talk, but not too good with the nitty gritty. I have a MSI Z97S SLI Plus motherboard and I was wondering if a newer card, such as a GTX 10 series or RTX 20 series card would be bottlenecked. For refrence I currently have a GTX980 installed...
  24. S

    Question Running triple monitor setup - third monitor does not goes to sleep

    hello. I do have three monitor setup . if PC left idel . The two monitors goes to sleep while the third does not . They are the same brand and model . If I disconnect one of these two monitors the (third) monitor goes to sleep . But not with all of them connected . Any ideas ?
  25. arjitsawhney

    [SOLVED] 650 w psu enough to run this build at max? Not going to upgrade anything anytime soon so no need for future proofing.

    Motherboard: MSI B450M PRO-VDH Gaming Motherbard CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 YD1600BBAEBOX 3.2GHZ 6 Core AM4 Boxed Processor RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB 2x8GB DDR4 DRAM 3000MHz PC4-24000 C15 Memory Kit GPU: Sapphire 11265-05-20G Radeon Pulse RX 580 8GB GDDR5 Dual HDMI/DVI-D/Dual DP OC with Backplate...
  26. D

    Question Good pc but low fps?

    Hi, When I play games like Rust, Fortnite, Apex, and Csgo, I get very low fps even in the ultra low settings. I should be getting more fps knowing the power of my specs. In rust on potato mode I average about 40-50 fps, in fortnite with everything low except render distance, I average 100 fps...
  27. bettemis4

    Question Windows 10 blue screen after 30 sec I start PC

    When I turn on my PC it blue screens after 30 sec. I can't even reinstall Windows What is going on? Specs: 2400g b450 msi carbon AC 8gb ram single channel Cooler is running, and the PC has been working for 1 week...
  28. M

    Question Damaged PCI-E slot on mobo, BSOD, No gpu device found please help!

    So I wanted to move my sound card onto a pcie slot between my 2 gtx 980 tis. As I wanted room for an internal capture card. As I was taking out the second gpu it managed to get half removed while the lock on the pcie slot managed to lock in and the last half of the gpus pcie bar was still stuck...
  29. Etran12

    [SOLVED] Help on GPU rtx2070 or 2080 or 1080ti

    Hey everyone first post here. What GPU would be best with my pc im building and if my build is good or not and what i can change. Thank you for helping me out on my first build. Im looking to eventually play VR but right now focus on fps games. Case - Nzxt s340 elite Motherboard- asus rog strix...
  30. P

    Question Apex Legends - High FPS, framerate/mouse movement isn't smooth

    Hey, I've been having this problem since release and I haven't been able to find a fix for it. It is frustrating to play with, and its annoying enough that its affecting my ability to enjoy playing the game. I'm consistently averaging over 150 FPS, but when I move my mouse around/side-to-side...
  31. R

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 5 2600 Cooler Orientation

    Hello, i installed my cpu cooler but found that the direction may be incorrect, because the cooler blocks the first ram slot. I'm not using that slot, only the second and fourth because dual channel. I'm using the Asus Prime B450 Plus. Will there be a problem?
  32. W

    Build Advice Major upgrades for gaming

    Hello My PC is getting old again and i need an upgrade, but it's the first time i'm actualy doing it myself, so would like a bit of advice. Approximate Purchase Date: not swetting it, but the sooner, the better Budget Range: up to about $2500 System Usage from Most to Least Important...
  33. packersfan036

    [SOLVED] xpg sx6000 pro m.2 runs hot

    help!!! my xpg sx6000 pro m.2 pcie ssd drive runs hot, I heard that's just the way they run. is that correct? or a bunch of b.s.? I have it installed in my Lenovo legion y520 gaming laptop.
  34. S

    Question I believe I made a mistake trying to dual boot PC with win XP?

    I've never done this before, and from what my friends told me it was relatively simple to achieve, so I ignorantly dove into it thinking I knew what I was doing and I clearly didn't, and so I'm wondering if I can reverse the damage that I've done and get back to my main OS of win 10 at the...
  35. J

    [SOLVED] Help: Installation using MSI Click Bios 5

    Well click bios 5 is a new thing for me, so i didnt know how to install windows 10 using that bios. Please helpp meee. It's like 1 week since i bought my pc because i didnt know how to use that bios... So pleaaasee helpp me
  36. L

    Out if memory

    I downloaded all the pictures from my phone onto my new laptop and it says out of memory. Help. It should not be I have 1TB.
  37. S

    [SOLVED] Corsair - H55 57 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler Hardware

    Does the Cosair H55 57 CFM CPU Cooler come with an adapter that would support mounting to a Micro-ATX AM4 Motherboard? Specifically a MSI - B450M BAZOOKA Micro ATX AM4 Motherboard, or would I have to find a separate mounting adapter from another seller to allow the use of these two parts together?
  38. R

    [SOLVED] Optiplex 780 sff problem

    Hello guys i repaired my psu ob my optiplex 780 sff and got a case of optiplex 760 sff Also front power button is from optiplex 760 sff and with the fan including the speaker i put my optiplex 780 sff motherboard on the 760 case and conecting 760 io front power buttn and the fan i said now my...
  39. R

    [SOLVED] Laptop struggling with connection, smart phone is fine

    Hello, Over the past months I noticed that my laptop had some connection issues. Sometimes it would load pages slower or just disconnect me during a game. But mainly I thought my laptop was doing updates or my internet just had a small hiccup. However since a couple of days my connection is...
  40. L

    [SOLVED] Help with the final build (compatibility)

    Hello! Can you tell me if this build will work with no problems? I'm not sure if everything is compatible, specially the RAM. Here's the build: