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  1. K

    Help LAG and stutters :( RYZEN 3 1300x and 1060 3gb problem

    Hi hoping someone can help with my problem. recently have a PC with specs of P.S this was only given to me as a gift so some of the specs are not that good for a budget PC. it will be rude to complain for the gift. haha Ryzen 3 1300x OC to 3.9ghz(no voltage adjustment) it works fine GTX 1060...
  2. R

    [SOLVED] I get high fps but i stutter when playing games

    I tend to have really good fps, but my game stutters and it happens with most games
  3. E

    Drivers Black Screen

    So I built a PC around 3 weeks ago and the first day was fine just a few simple Windows bugs, nothing major. However, upon installing the latest Nvidia Drivers my screen would black screen like there was a loose wire. I've check a lot over the past weeks and nothing has worked currently. The bug...
  4. K

    best pc but very stutter lag fastsync and vsync on input lag

    Greetings to your loved ones I have a big problem I have a strong system Graphics 1070 zotak Cpu 8600 k ram 16 bus 3200 gsikill 60 Hz display When I turn on fastsync, I have a lot of lags, although fps is even higher than 100 My friends tell me the 144 Hertz monitor will fix the problem Now I...
  5. S

    Speaker jbl bluethoot

    Bonjour J’ai acheté un speaker jbl bluethoot au Canada et je suis au Maroc maintenant. Y a t il un problème si je veux recharger mon appareil car le voltage de courant est différent qu’au Canada. Merci d’avance pour votre reponse
  6. D

    Having some trouble installing windows on new pc

    So I've recently built a new pc, and I'm trying to install windows 10 on it, but when I plug in my USB stick with windows it keeps going to the bios. I keep trying to go into the boot menu and setting it to boot from the stick, but at the most it just resets and goes back to the bios. Any hep...
  7. T

    [SOLVED] Gigabyte GTX 1080 Ti Gaming OC 11G or EVGA GTX 1080 Ti SC Black Edition GAMING

    Hello everyone! My old r9 290x cards recently died, and I'm looking to replace them with a 1080ti, and I'm currently looking at these two for pricing reasons. Of the two, which is better? (Using it for games such as Battlefield V @ 1440p) Gigabyte card...
  8. R

    will a 1070 Ti bottleneck my i5

    current rig CPU- i5 6600k GPU-msi 1060 3gb My buddy is selling me his msi duke 1070 Ti for 325$ in good condition... 2 questions... 1. is it worth the upgrade in gpu? 2. will my i5 6600k bottleneck the 1070 Ti?? [will I see dropped frames etc.]
  9. H

    S-video port on old camcorder seems loose and isn't working

    So I finally got a cheap capture card and am now trying to back up my old home videos on 8mm tapes. Just back in the september I was watching the first one I tried capturing and it played perfectly on my TV. When I tried to capture it on my computer on the weekend, I got 30 minutes of clear...
  10. G

    Help with HDR on windows 10

    Hello I’m having issues trying to play HDR content in my Lenovo Yoga 720 which I have connected to my Sony X900F trough and USB-C HDMI adapter, if I go to settings>Apps>Video Playback without the HDMI conected to the TV the option to stream HDR video gets enable but as soon as I connect it to...
  11. J

    Right motherboard gpu

    I recently got a asus p7p55d pro from a friend and it has a pci express 2.0 What is the best graphic card for this that runs 128 bit and 2 gb ddr3 and under 130 us dollars. If not, should I upgrade?
  12. J

    [SOLVED] My 1070 ti is 55 in idle

    while i was streaming today, i found out that im running 59 in idle it makes me uncomfortable is that bad?
  13. J

    Need advice on RAM for Asus z97-a mobo

    Have 8gb of ram at the moment. Tried to find the same type of ballistix tactical tracer sticks as I have now but to no avail these here : So I went and bought some that I thought matched to specs but apparently not as I couldn't...
  14. J

    Asus Prime Z390-A False Start With Updated BIOS

    Hey guys, I recently built a new PC with an Asus Prime Z390-a and I have been getting a false start but only with certain BIOS versions and only after I unplug my system. The false start will not happen if I leave the system plugged in after a shutdown. I have tried changing power supplies...
  15. V

    How to reduce brightness

    I'm looking for a way to reduce brightness on lg 23mp68vq. I already set brightness to 0. Tried some programs that add black layer but it doesn't work properly. (sometimes taskbar is not dimmed and doesn't work in games)
  16. P

    [SOLVED] budget 2 player vm overwach rig does this list look good for a 2 player virtual overwatch pc build?
  17. T

    Memory management BSOD win10 ryzen 7 MSI Tomahawk b350 motherboard

    Recently built a gaming pc for Black ops 4 and Fallout 76 and i was playing the fallout 76 beta and then all of assundly i get a bsod saying Memory_Management even been getting it when i use google chrome and sony vegas 16 I've ran malwarebytes, used windows diagnostic tool which found no...
  18. Dhermesh

    Home Network- wired repeaters, guest access

    Hey all, I have a fairly basic networking setup in my house. I have my main router on the ground floor that connects to a switch which then connects to all the different access points in our house. My house is made of concrete because of which i have an access point in every room; all these...
  19. A

    [SOLVED] Does this PC work?

    Would this PC work? Would it be bottlenecked? This would be my brothers first rig.
  20. V

    r5-2600x vs i5-9600k

    Trying to figure out which cpu to go with for a system upgrade. Uses include: general use, gaming (mostly rpg type) and photo editing with lightroom. Current system includes an i7-3770, GTX 1070 ti (overclocked) and a 2560 x 1440, 60Hz monitor. I understand that the top of the line CPUs may be...