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  1. A

    My ASUS X540S does not power on from battery

    Hi Since the second half of august ( apparently just after a windows 10 update ), my asus x540s laptop which was working fine showed the following problems: 1 ) il does not power on when it is not connected to the AC adapter: when I press the power button the power remains off and the...
  2. J

    Connecting a network card

    I have had to change my router. It has a 192.168.0 series. My old Kyocera printer has a non-Kyocera network card which identifies as "HBM LAN Printer Interface" From "1992-1997 International Technology Consultants" On its TCP/IP page I have altered the existing to ***0.4 and the...
  3. Raihanp

    Which CPU would be appropriate

    My current build is FX-6300 GTX 1060 6gb 8gb ddr3 1600 MHz Due to the CPU being fairly old I'm looking to upgrade it in order to play the Battlefield V and Call of Duty. I'm currently looking at buying an AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Asus Prime B450-plus 8GB DDR4 2400MHz I have no plans to...
  4. A

    Help with finding PSU

    Hi i am from indonesia and i need help at buying some psu My specs Ryzen 3 1200 Asrock ab 350m hdv Palit digital alliance gtx 1050 ti 8gb ram 2400 mhz single channel 1 tb hdd 7.2k rpm My budget is about 55$, and i am not overclocking
  5. G

    Looking for monitor upgrade help

    Basically, i'm looking to buy the Acer Predator XB271HU IPS 165hz monitor around black friday provided it (Or something similar) goes on sale. Is anyone able to suggest a monitor around the £500 price point (Can go higher but would prefer not to) similar to the one I listed above? In terms of...
  6. R

    Using 4 pin ATX CPU power adapter

    Hi, I've just upgraded my mobo and CPU and I'm now sporting an i7 8700k. I'm not intending to over clock but I do intend to game. I'm worried that I'm currently using a 4 pin atx from the PSU as the mobo has an 8 pin port and my PSU has a setup that I'm not familiar with. It's effectively a 4 +...
  7. O

    Good budget build?

    Trying to figure out a decent budget first pc build. I've seen build videos but I can't ever get my hands on the parts they suggest and I'm not good at finding alternative parts. Even though I know how to literally build a pc I just don't know what to build it with and I'm almost clueless. Also...
  8. P

    rgb fan questions

    hey i have only ever built one pc (the one im using) and i had a question about rgb fans.i purchased a cheap rgb fan kit with controller and all that but it requires connection via molex 4 pin to psu wich i dont have. my question is if i were to purchase a sata to molex adapter would that work...
  9. M

    No disk drive. How do I download drivers? (First build)

    So I purchased a prebuilt computer for gaming 2-3 years ago and I decided to build my own because that one broke and I needed several upgrades already. (CPU, so I have no access to it whatsoever) I’ve been looking around trying to find answers to new questions that arise constantly when I’m...
  10. N

    Need to fix graphics card driver problem

    Hey I tried toh update my Graphics card driver but it shows ''This graphics card driver is not compatible with the version of Windows'' I am using GeForce GT 630 Version:391.95 Try to update version-411.63(but it failed) My Windows 10 versionis-1803(OS Build 17134.286) Plzzzz help meee
  11. 1

    7700k high temps?

    Hey guys, so I've had this built together for about a year and a half by now. However, I recently bought a 1440p 165hz ips acer predator monitor a month ago and obviously the gpu is bottlenecked. Anyhow, I've began to notice that my 7700k @ 4.8 ghz temps are running between 70 and 80C while...
  12. O

    Power supply cable gender changer problems

    so hey there. I have problem with power supply gender changers idk how should i fix it and can it be fixed. SO problem was that when i bought this power supply i had to make it quick and didn't check if it had 6 pin connector for graphics card and then when i realised it was late. After...
  13. A

    help me pls

    i have gtx 760 3gb oem on psu 350w can i work in this card with no problems ?? and this what i have in my motherboard -CPU:Intel Pentium @ 3.00GHz Haswell 22nm Technology -RAM:4,00 Go -Motherboard:MSI H81M-P33 (MS-7817) -Storage:465GB Hitachi HDS725050KLA360 ATA Device (SATA ) -Optical...
  14. S

    Computer Relic into Game Builder

    I spend serious amount of time in Unity and Blender that caused my laptop to crash (ASUS G74SX -overheating, graphics failure, whatever). So now I've decided to go with a desktop. I was given a Thermaltake Xaser 3 V2420A but the guts inside look like they came from a museum. UPGRADE TIME! My...
  15. GetOwnedGaming

    How do I transfer windows AND/OR programs/files to new PC

    Hi all, I am building a computer for my grandparents, who are getting up in age, and technology is very annoying to them, but they need a new computer. I want the transition to be as seamless as possible, and would also like to save the $100 cost of purchasing windows again. Is there a program...
  16. K

    MSI z270 gaming plus ez debug led problem

    I recently buy the msi z270 gaming plus mobo and change it from my asus b250m-a. When I press the power button the mobo send the cpu led quicly blink the DRAM one and then both turned off, a few moments later the VGA one turns on and again quickly blink the BOOT one and both turned off. Then I...
  17. H

    how can upgrade my fps in fortnite

    hii I have a problem whit fortnite cause when I open its normal but when I start playing its so slow cause I have 7.20fps plz I need help my pc info Ram 4GB STORAGE 500gb pc HP probook 6eme generation card graphics itel CORE i5 HD 560 2GB plz if its ram problem tell me ican add...
  18. L

    R9 380 4GB not working after mining for a few hours. Dead?

    So I decided that I wanted to try a little bit of ethereum mining with my R9 380 4GB (yes I know I'm losing money doing this). Left it on overnight, and the next day turned my monitor on, and there was no input from my GPU. So I reseated all my PC's cables, tried individual RAM sticks, swapped...
  19. R

    System restore fail

    My dads computer was on the entire day when suddenly after dinner he saw an windows error :( blue screen. I tried restarting the pc but I couldn't get it working. I've tried the system restore but that failed, I tried running in safe mode and put in "chkdsk c: /f" and "DISM /Online...
  20. K

    55C at 100% load

    My CPU is under load alot more than usual, reaching 100% load when playing siege. I checked the temps to see if there was any throttling and the CPU never went past 55C while under load. Every time I play I get stuttering and its driving me crazy. About to fresh install, but I would rather avoid...