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  1. Question chkdsk is taking forever to fix an external HDD, is there an alternative fast way ?

    Hi everyone, I recieved an external SAMSUNG 500 GB HDD from a friend trying to fix it because he wanted the data on it but couldn't access it, the main problem with the HDD was that when it connects to a PC the windows asks to format it before using it as in the usual message : "You Need to...
  2. salman1123

    Question Windows 10 won't boot after running chkdsk

    Few days back I noticed random stuttering and lagging (and random freezes) in games which occured for about 5-10 seconds and then back to normal. I got the bsod with error code : Memory Management TWICE! I ran the chkdsk (saw it on some techsite) after running the command for about 5-10 minutes...
  3. D

    Question computer not booting up after CHKDSK

    So I decided to run CHKDSK after I saw on the internet that I should do that because my C-drive memory was filling up randomly. I feel like it keeps turning off and on because the lights on my keyboard keep turning off and on. I entered a command in the command panel and it said to restart my...
  4. X

    Question USB-stick problem

    Hi. I have a 16GB USB-stick that I have photos and videos on. When I opened it up this morning, it only showed one file, which was just named "4". However, Windows still shows that I have 5,22GB left of that 16GB. I ran a CHKDSK in CMD but that gave me no errors, telling me there's about 800...
  5. P

    Question Unable to clone HDD to SSD. Please Help

    I bought a Samsung 860 Evo SSD yesterday. Ever since I plugged it in, I've been struggling to migrate my data from my HDD. So after watching a few tutorials, I downloaded EaseUS todo and started cloning my C: drive. At first, I was returned with an error that said : Failed to read sector...
  6. lemafoxtrot

    Question My PC is making a funky noise

    This is going to sound really bizarre: A few days ago i got mad (lol) and smacked my desk. I then heard a pretty nasty noise in my case. it was like a grinding, and it stopped after a few seconds, so i went on with my day. As they day went on, i got more and more afraid that i may off messed...
  7. loonix200

    Question Can not format or clean WinToUSB bootable Flash

    This is my first ever post after tons of experience watching people solve problems here so it's my last hope, this IS however going to be a long post so I also apologize and ask for your patience. Will try to include TLDR in the end. Basically my friend's laptop got its HDD busted and I wanted...
  8. S

    Question Rattling case fan

    The front fan in my computer seems to have developed a bit of a noise. When I start things up it'll emit a loud buzzing sound. The only "solution" I've found is to open up the front and press down ever so slightly on the middle of the fan, this moves it inwards a millimeter or so and stops the...
  9. GallopingGumdrops

    Question Msi stealth fan might still be broken, please help.

    Recently I had a major issue with my left fan of my Msi stealth pro Gs63vr. I took it to a local repair shop and the guy wasn't the best, he made me wait 3 weeks and told me it was a job I could have done myself. I burn water sir, I don't trust myself with opening up my pc. Anyways it now makes...
  10. H

    Gpu Usage Drops to 0% and Never Goes Above 30%

    My GPU will rapidly go from `20% usage to 0% usage when playing games causing the frames to also drop to 0 and continue at above 30 frames every few seconds. My CPU functions at ~50% all of the time. I've been told to bump up the games settings but that only made the GPU usage spike faster...
  11. W

    Ssd asking a question

    im making my first gaming pc but I want to make sure everything goes well and I haven’t decdided on a storage would this one do just fine? Seagate - Barracuda 1TB Internal SATA Hard Drive for Desktops
  12. B

    [SOLVED] Pc won’t turn on lacking COM and PHD power connectors

    My first pc build using ryzen 7 2700x + asus a320m-k +gtx 1050 ti 16 gb ddr4 ram (lost box and don’t know specifics) Evga 600 watt 80+ bronze bq psu I do not have anything to connect to PHD 5000 on my mother board near my usb 3 connector and under neath my gpu Also I can not connect my COM...
  13. M

    On board GPU not working with TV

    So I'm trying too connect my pc to my TV The MOBO has on board GPU but when I turn my pc on it says no signal the hdmi cable is plugged in properly, also my first build, any help? And also the motherboard is a Asrock b450m pro4
  14. T

    [SOLVED] Liquid Cooler Noise

    So I recently got a Corsair H45 liquid cooler, and it's started making a rattling noise which is pretty consistent, sometimes it disappears for a couple seconds or minutes then comes back. Is this normal or is there a fault? Thanks
  15. Z

    [SOLVED] i7 3770 non k not hitting 4.3 ghz

    I have a i7 3770 non k overclocked to 4.3ghz with multiplier set to 43(the max it will go), blck at 100mhz in the bios,and core voltage at 1.300, but CPUz only validates it at 4.1 ghz, and sometimes the clock speed fluctuates to 4.299ghz, the multiplier in CPUz says 16-43, and under load the cpu...
  16. D

    [SOLVED] I5 760 Vs I5 680

    Want to ask that between these two CPU does the difference is significant Dual core hyperthreading vs True quad core Passmark 3500 vs 3800 Still confuse...Thanks in advance
  17. S

    [SOLVED] TDR Failure Blue Screens of Death

    [Moderator note: Moved post from Windows 10 category.] So I bought a computer last month or so and I noticed that 2 of my games (War Thunder And DC Universe Online) often have a TDR failure. The crash is always for the same reason atikmpag.sys Thinking my Graphics drivers were out of date I...
  18. R

    [SOLVED] Oddly low temps

    Hello, after an hour or so of battlefield 1 I checked my cpu temp whilst still in game. To my confusion I only had a cpu temp of 41 degrees C. Is this normal? I have been told 80 is the sweetspot, I did not personally build my system and is only a week old at this point I use - Ryzen 5 2600...
  19. FlatHeadPatrick

    GTX 1070Ti & i5 6600k

    The cpu is base clocked and I'm using a 1920x1080 monitor. Will these two work together?
  20. B

    New PC - i9 9900k or i7 9700k or i7 8700k or Ryzen 2700X or wait and build later

    Hi guys, I am in the market to upgrade my current PC and would appreciate some unbiased advice. I have already purchased a few things which I wanted such as a new case, a Fractal Design Define R6, a new AIO cooler, a Fractal design Celsius s24, and a power supply, Seasonic Prime Ultra 650w 80+...