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  1. nospecgamer

    Question Microstuttering despite high FPS (HELPPP)

    Last week everything was fine with my system, no microstuttering, all smooth and responsive. But this week I launched up Battlefield V and I noticed after playing a few matches that I was getting some stutter that happens randomly. I check my FPS and it isn't dropping when the game stutters. I...
  2. R

    Question Fortnite frames

    Hello, I have noticed that when I play Fortnite, my frames get choppy sometimes. The frames seem to go down and become laggy when I look at something. For example, a game like Fortnite the frames go down and become choppy and stutter when I look at a certain part of the air or turn around in...
  3. 6

    Question Problem with GOM player suddenly become choppy playing any file

    Hello! I've a problem with my GOM player. A week ago everything is fine, everything play as usual even a high bitrate HEVC video without a glitch. Now idk what's wrong with GOM it suddenly glitches so much even by play 1080p 60ps video. idk what's wrong with my system. It's like the system only...
  4. A

    Question New Monitor = Really Choppy Gameplay?

    Hi, I've recently gone from a 1080p 60Hz TV from a 2k 144Hz monitor (ASUS PG279Q to be exact). When playing on my TV, in pretty much all games I could play with high setting and in some cases fully maxed out with a smooth 60fps and the games would look like butter. With my new monitor its so...
  5. S

    [SOLVED] Primary monitor game lag while watching stream on secondary monitor

    Hi all, The title pretty much says it all but in more detail: I have a dual monitor setup, primary is plugged in using DisplayPort and secondary using HDMI, both plugged directly into my video card. When I have a stream/video open (using Chrome) on monitor 2, my primary monitor games become...