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    B85-g43 Gaming overclock enabled bios

    It has been stated that it is possible to overclock with the B85-g43 gaming mobo by updating to a special bios version, but it seems that all the download links are broken. Does anyone have a mirror for the download. Thanks in Advance
  2. M

    [SOLVED] Z370 Question About 8700K

    i have i pretty start to point and quick question about one of the z370 mother boards the z370-e by asus i was going to pick this up with my build and assumed it was out of stock cause of holidays i picked up the 8700k to as of 25th dec and was wondering did the mother board get discontinued...
  3. D

    Need to build my friend a computer!!

    Hi just want to know is these specs work for my friend who happens to be a pc game enthusiast. My specs are: POWER SUPPLY COOLER MASTER MWE 550 - 550 WATT 80 PLUS CERTIFIED CABINET ZEBRONICS ILLUSION DUAL 120MM GRAPHICS CARD MSI RADEON™ RX 580 ARMOR 8GB OC DDR5 2XRAM G.SKILL 8GB DDR4 - 3200 MHZ...
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    Asus Rampage III Formula - Need advice on damage

    Hello I did a very shameful mistake yesterday. In my 15 years of applying thermal paste I never damaged anything. But there is always a first time... To keep this short, I slipped with my screw driver and tore off two very small what appears to be transistors. Here are the images: The...
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    I am on a budget and need a MB for an i7 4790k

    I am on a budget and need a MB for an i7 4790k, pc specs (current): gtx 1060 6gb i5 4460 MB is from the dell t20 FT server 16gb ddr3 1600mhz ram windows 10 home 600w evga psu budget: >£70 I want to upgrade to an i7 4790k, needs lga 1150 socket, has vrm heat sinks, good vrm layout (eg...
  6. K

    Modest overclock for a Zoltac 1070 TI mini?

    I just installed the card and was looking to do a modest overclock to boost fps at 1440p. To me this sounds like am ambitious overclock!? Upon tweaking my settings what software is recommended for stress testing the 10...
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    CPU Cooler for Overclocking i7 9700k

    Hello, I am in a dilemma right now in regards to the cooler for my new build, which is as follows: CPU: Intel Core i7-9700K GPU: Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti (MSI Gaming X TRIO) SSD: Samsung 970 Pro NVMe PCIe M.2 1TB RAM: G.SKILL Trident Z DDR4 3600 C16 2x8GB MBD: MSI MEG Z390 ACE (MS-7B12) Case...
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    [SOLVED] Update my CPU good idea or bad?

    greetings soo i'm thinking on update my Intel i5 6500 to one intel i7 7700K, but my moetherboard is an asus maximus hero VIII, and seing that in two years we are now on the 9th generation, you guys believe is a good idea pay 369E, sins for example the I7 9700k costs just 140 more? and yes i know...
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    [SOLVED] High cpu usage for opera or any other browser and overwatch

    Hello I've recently upgraded back to Win10 because of a lan program that I need to use which doesn't work on Win7 and experienced high cpu usage on almost anything that runs and then gets on scrolling or whatever. It doesn't matter what software what app or whatever I use but for example Opera...
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    [SOLVED] i7 8700k Best Buy questions

    The title says it all. I recently purchased this processor Does Best Buy rebrand all merchandise or is it okay? I made them price match Micro Center. They lowered it to 349.99
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    [SOLVED] R5 2600, 2666MHz vs 3600MHz RAM

    I got 2666 now and they’re brand new, should i return them and get the 3600 for like 40€ more? Is it worth it? 3600’s are bdie so i think it’d be worth it but i want more opinions before i spend my money 2666MHz - ~160€ 3600MHz - ~200€
  12. C

    Thermal throttling on 2600X?

    My Ryzen 5 2600X usually above 4.0ghz during normal usage, but when I run Prime95 sith Small FFTs, the clock speed stays at 3.89ghz. Is it throttling or is there another problem?
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    [SOLVED] i7 4790k 100°C

    My CPU has been hitting 100°C while playing assassin's Creed odyssy recently. I just replaced my Mobo with a z97 Pro4 and got a new RTX 2070. My cooler is a h100i v2 which I've reapplied thermal paste to many times with no success. Please help!
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    Rainbow Six Low Fps?

    Hi, I have an fx-6300 overclocked to 4.1 ghz and a gtx 1050ti overclocked to 1500mhz. I set all the settings to the lowest possible setting with the render scaling at 50 and sharpness at 0 and get about 80-95 fps and it dips down to 60-70 fps sometimes. Is this normal?
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    Is this motherboard compatible?

    Hey everyone, just needed some opinions on a few items I'd like to upgrade. Current specs RTX 2080 i7 7700k Asus rog strix z270e motherboard Corsair - Vengeance LED 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3000 Memory (I have two kits, totaling 32gb...yes they work nicely together. Seasonic 750w psu Corsair -...
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    [SOLVED] What is the ideal fps for games to be playable?

    I am wondering what is the ideal fps for games to be playable?
  17. M

    PC build advice

    Hello asked a friend to help me create a build for gameing as Iam going to give it a try to build my first rig I play loads of diffrent games FPS/similator types/mmos etc. This is what he came up with and before I go down the route to trust his experiance I thought it be a good ide to ask around...
  18. S

    [SOLVED] New to PC gaming do I need a mechanical keyboard? If so which one?

    I purchase a custom built a rig for me (I5 3.2Ghz, Nvidea GTX 1060 3gig, 16 gig ram, 1 gig SSD) and I'm currently using a logitech wireless keyboard. I would like to upgrade to a mechanical board but honestly I don't why they're better. My budget is $30 to $40 and do I need a wired mouse? I'm...
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    Best settings for Battlefield V

    Hey guys! I just bought Battlefield V today and i want the best settings for my specs: CPU: Intel Core i7-7770 @ 3.60GHz 4.20GHz GPU: ASUS STRIX GeForce GTX 1050Ti O4G GAMING MOTHERBOARD: ASUS H110M-A/M.2 RAM: 8GB DDR4 2400MHz Team Delta White HDD: 1TB 7200 rpm Seagate Barracuda Guardian I...