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  1. Q

    Question How to cast PC screen to TV screen? (PC doesn't have Wifi, use Internet Cable instead, Youtube Cast feature works well)

    I want to cast my window 10 PC screen to a Samsung smart TV screen (use the same Network). But the problem is my pc doesn't have wireless connection. When i search on the internet, they said i must have Wireless connection or Chromecast, HDMI cable,..... but i have non of them Somehow Youtube...
  2. kborst2020

    Question Setting up VPN with 2 routers

    Hi all! A search didn't bring up quite my situation, but I need some advice on getting a VPN setup for my internet. A couple of details that might be important: I use Expressvpn and live outside the US. Currently our internet is cable, so we have the cable modem (which is broadcasting wifi)...
  3. 1

    Question wireless screen mirroring without multi cast?

    hello We are looking to set up some sort of screencasting to allow mobiles and windows 10 devices to share their screen to a display wirelessly it seems that most types of casting devices (mirecast ,chromecast , airplay, etc) require multicast which we cant enable. we can use mirecast wifi...
  4. Ketorax

    [SOLVED] Chromecast - no signal

    Hi, Recently a customer at work returned their TV due to a lightning strike that blew the fuse in the TV. Instead of disposing the TV, I decided to replace the fuse and use it as an extra TV at home. The TV seems to be working fine, except for the issue I'm experiencing with the Chromecast I...
  5. C

    Question Getting annoying ping spikes in-game on my wired connection while using a Chromecast on WiFi

    So I noticed that while playing Dota 2 the other day that I was getting massive stuttering linked to my ping going from around 20-30 up to 130+ for a second then jumping back down and that was causing my game to stutter severely. I couldn't figure out why it was doing this as I play on a wired...
  6. C

    LG Home theater setup with PS4 and SKY Receiver

    Hello guys, i hope this is the right place and you can help me out: I want to connect my ps4 and my sky receiver (for tv, movies, ...) to a home LG 5.1 home theater sytstem. I tried almost everything with hdmi or/and toslink cables but i couldnt figure it out how to set it up. These are the...
  7. A

    Monitor going into power saving mode???

    Hello, Recently iv'e been having a problem where, when I put my pc to sleep, and turn it back on, everything turns on for a split second before my connected device turn off, my monitor goes into power saving mode, and the power button light stays on. The pc wont turn off unless i physically...
  8. N

    can i update my core 2 duo

    can i put a new intel core 2 duo for a new one?
  9. G

    Skyrim CTD problem is a nightmare

    So I recently bought skyrim for PC and went on to download some mods for it and I cleaned the matter files with tes5edit cleaned the mods after having freezes and crashes. Didn't do anything, I tried a mod called safety load. Didn't work tried ssme mod, didn't work I even downloaded and...
  10. W

    gpu needs 500watts

    if a gpu on amazon says 500watts. do I need a psu that has 500 wats or above?
  11. I

    Advice on upgrades.

    Approximate Purchase Date: 2011 Budget Range: £200 - £400 System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, Streaming, Photoshop/After Effects, General browsing Are you buying a monitor: Yes Parts to Upgrade: You decide Do you need to buy OS: Yes but I'll pay for that outside of the budget...
  12. E

    Repairing a Motherboard with broken CPU pins?

    Severals months ago I perchased a motherboar from PC World for my gaming computer - the LGA 1150 motherboard. It worked fine but on accident I ben some of the pins when I put the cpu in wrong (the i5 4690k). Unfortunately in my haste to build the PC I didn't check that it was in the right way...
  13. D

    Does CPU OCing affect integrated graphics?

    Hey, im on a low budget pc. I got an amd a10-7850k (kaveri apu) and an asrock fm2+a58m vg3 i think. If i want to OC the iGPU of the kaveri, do i need to buy a new cooler (cuz a friend of mine can sell his one to me-liquid cooling). So the question is: In order to OC the iGPU of a cpu do i need...
  14. S

    Asus NOT Asus??

    why dont doesnt my asus notebook computer know what it is???? I am trying to update missed drivers and updat bios but keeps giving me error saying updates are only for a asus notbook which is what it is????? so how do i teach a notebook what kind it is???
  15. S

    safe vrm Temps?

    I have an msi 760gma- p34fx mobo and i just want to know what would safe vrm temps for it be, and also as to how i could monitor vrm temps
  16. T

    A10 APU vs Fx 8370 with R9 290x

    Here is a question that probably hasn't been asked too often, especially on this forum. So i have an R9 290x and I am looking for some advice on my CPU. The point of my build is to run AAA games on a triple 24" Eyenfinity set up. I plan on overclocking the CPU regardless of the model I...
  17. M

    What is better for me...

    I have i7 2600k, 8Gb g-skill 2133 MHz, Asus P8P67 pro deluxe what to do? To buy GTX 970 G1 or R9280x/290
  18. riirichan

    Keeping the AMD FX-9590 cool. Corsair, Cooler Master or other?

    I have the AMD FX-9590 and I need to decide which cooler to get. I was originally going to go for the Corsair H100i but I've read a fair few people have had leaks etc. I found the Cooler Master Nepton 240M after seeing what AMD would recommend (Cooler Master). I'm now torn on decisions and...
  19. S

    Computor Power Up Problems ( Loop)

    Hi, i am building a new PC and i have done it before so i know how to install all of the components but i am having a problem. I have installed all of the components and checked everything is installed properly but when i turn it on, it powers up, the lights come on but then instantly turns off...
  20. C

    will it work?

    i have a gateway computer I ordered a 4gb stick of ram online Will it work with my motherboard?