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    Cant install hp 8450

    Hello, I realy cant install Hp 8450 on vista 64 I know it suppose to have the driver in the system but after every reboot it searching for driver and it cannot find it...
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    Max payne 3 windows xp loading problem

    hey guys,havin some problem with my game MAX PAYNE 3...It reaches till LOAding N keeps Loading...whats the solution?i've even installed the Social club but still nothing!
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    Formatting vista

    I originally had windows xp on my desktop, then upgraded to vista but didn't format my hard drive whilst doing so. i now want xp back temporarily as my sound card doesn't work with vista but every time i try to boot the xp cd it comes up with "an unknown hard error" and wont let me go any...
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    XP Locks up on boot

    Hello, Windows XP freezes on boot up. When I turned on my computer, the Windows XP logo shows up, then it scrolls across the screen, like it's loading, but after about 10 times the scrolling freezes. Nothing else happens. I've tried all options, like safe mode, and last know config. But it...
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    Losing secondary hard drive when I boot with a USB thumb drive attache

    I'm having trouble when I boot up with USB thumb drive attached - I tried searching for this problem, but I got a bazillion hits on problems booting from USB drives, which is not what I'm doing. If I don't have a USB thumb drive attached, Vista boots up fine and all my drives are visible. I...
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    Why my desktop is locked sometimes

    Hello, my desktop is blocked i couldn't move or access to any icons
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    my alienware aurora x58 is making a beeping sound of approx 4 beeps intermittently, is this an overheating issue?
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    How to take a photo or movie with a webcam on windows vista

    how do you take a picture on a fujitsu lifebook i find it frustating because i went on to scanners and cameras but the web cam was not there and then i went on to movie maker and i couldnt take a movie of myself i hope you can hel me,