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  1. G

    Installation package cannot be found

    Hello, I have been using Whisper 32 for ages without any issues. Now i am getting a message when i attempt to login WThe feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable". the next click gives the message "An installation package for whisper 32 cannot be found" I have...
  2. C

    Fixing vista system failure with windows 7 disk

    Hello, When I turn on my laptop I get a message. Smart failure predicted on hard disk 2:roplem w/o a windows vista disk ST9800811AS-(S1) Warning:Immediately back-up your data and replace your hard disk drive.a failure may be imminent to restart How can I fix this p press F1 to continue I press...
  3. G

    Compaq presario f700 not booting

    Hello, bios reporting NO TPM OR TPM PROBLEM exact words from screen,also black screen with OPERATING SYSTEM NOT FOUND..this is not hard disk failer i have tested it in another computer
  4. jimmysmitty

    Vista 64 wont install updates

    I am running a laptop and the system needs new updates. Its running Vista 64 Ultimate. The best thing is that the updates show. I tell it to install. It installs and says they were successfull. But if I restart Windows or check for more updates, the same ones come back saying they need to be...
  5. L

    Wrong date and time

    i replaced cmos battery but date and time shown wrong; how it solved
  6. E

    How to install chinese lang to view chinese webpage & type in chinese?

    Hi all , Need help in installing chinese language in my vista Ultimate laptop . I need to view chinese webpage & also type in chinese when i surf net . Pls help urgently cos i need to liase with chinese supplierss for my biz , thanks!!
  7. G

    Video card

    Hello, how can I upgrade my video card from Geforce go 7600 to Geforce 8600M GT ( My window is Window Vista Home Premium, My com is vaio VGN-FE47S/H)
  8. B

    How to make a thumb drive act as a cd

    Hello, I have a EA Sports Golf game and would like to copy the disk that you use to start the game to a USB memory stick so I don't risk scratching the cd taking it with me. Is this possible?
  9. F

    All programs missing

    I have had a problem with a number of the standard programs that appear when the Windows icon at the lower left corner of the task bar is pressed have now disappeared and have been replaced by programs that I have more recently used. What can I do to restore that portion of the menu system to...
  10. R


    hi my computer keeps saying BOOTMGR is missing and it keeps telling me to restart but brings up the same message, can you help me?
  11. G

    How do i connect my cordless mouse to my computers cpu

    Hello, how do i connect a cordless mouse to my computer
  12. D

    Lost all user profile info now can only get to desktop on a temp screen

    Started up my computer and some Windows updates ran and installed. When restarted the computer said my user profile had been lost, so it was starting in a temporary desktop. None of my icons are there, my files can't be accessed from there. The only way I can run programs is go to 'my...
  13. G

    H d m i connection

    Hello, no image signal through hdmi lead from laptop to LCD TV
  14. gwb56

    Desktop shortcuts being saved as Read Only.

    Hi everyone. I just noticed something that is becoming more of an annoyance the more it happens. What is happening is when I right click in IE8 to send a shortcut to the desktop, it is saved in Read Only and opened by MS Word. What changed to have this happen and how can I get it back to saving...
  15. M

    Windows installer doesnt recognize hard drive.

    Im trying to do a clean install of Vista Ultimate. When i load the installer it doesnt recognize my harddrive, although the bios sees it and Seatools from seagate as well. I have formatted it through the dos command off the cd. Any ideas why the installer dosnt see it?
  16. G

    Need help

    Hello, I have a belkin router and lost my security key, how do I locate it to get my PC bank on the wireless network
  17. Z

    Windows vista

    what is the system requirement of windows vista in terms of memory?
  18. G

    Patch of crossfire in vista

    Hello, where could i find the patcher of crossfire in vista?
  19. I

    Cant access Favourites with Vista

    After I had organized my Favourites, I can't access most of them. Those I've added recently, I have no problem with. What's wrong? How can I fix it? Thanks...Isabel