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    Undoing partition in Windows Vista

    Hi, I tried to re-install Windows Vista to fix some problems I was having. It created a partition and that is not what I wanted. Can you tell me how to undo it please? Christine Smith
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    Windows boot problem

    Hello,i cant boot windows or repair windows vista it dont wana boot pls help
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    Itunes sound on computer not working

    Windows Media and all sounds work fine with head phones and laptop speakers. I have no playback sound from iTunes. I've looked all over trying to correct this. I've right clicked on the speaker icon in the lower RH corner and clicked "Mixer", there is no iTunes option to enable. What...
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    I Opened my drive and my folders weren't there instead there were executable files of their name i cannot access my files i m using VISTA ULTIMATE BLACK EDITION SP1 PLEASE HELP
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    Boot problem

    my cpu is not working ...i think it is boot problem . it shows .reboot and select proper bootdevice or insert boot media in selacted boot device.give me a reply what to do ..
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    Microphones for vista

    Hello, i got my windows vista reinstalled but now its microphones are not working properly dnt know how to fix them
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    How do i reset memory for kodak cx7330 camera

    Hello, i turn camera on and it goes right back off. Batteries are fully charged.
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    Icons and taskbar

    Hello, my desktop icons and taskbar become big what i will do to them
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    Holiday film

    Hello, Cannot play a downloaded dvd from the computer on the TV
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    Cancel a burn request

    Hello, I wanted to burn some files on a DVD but my computer says that the DVD doesn't have enough space, now I am not able to cancel the task.
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    Acer sound not working

    Hello, i have problem with my computer the sound is not working that is my problem
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    Possible to recover from a corrupt volume on hard disk?

    Is it possible to recover/repair from a corrupt volume on a hard disk? and if so how would someone go about doing that on a laptop?
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    Outlook express won t connect to server

    hi im trying to add my hotmail acct to outlook express but it wont log onto server it comes up with a error Log onto incoming mail server (POP3): An unknown error occurred, error code: 0x80070057 i dont know why can anyone help me
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    How to install fax in my computer with vista service pack 2

    how to install fax in my computer with vista service pack 2
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    Hello, I have some problems with my graphic card newly installed. When i download the driver My pc wont turn off so i have to hold in the start button. But then i get blue screen when i try to put it on again, or if i get in the the driver isnt saved to the pc. What can it be?
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    System restore error

    System restore will not run. When I attempt, it says "You must always restore the disk that contains your windows system files. Restoring other disks is optional." I've also tried to run scandisk or chkdsk and nothing I've tried whether launching the command prompt or using the "run" command...
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    Stuck on Configuring Updates

    So as some of you know my old motherboard went, so i bought a new one and took the opportunity to upgrade my processor and ram. So i did a fresh re-install of Vista x64 Home Premium. I downloaded some updates those worked fine, went back and downloaded some more, installed them, did a restart...
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    How to repormat cpu

    Hello, hi. can i ask how to repormat cpu in step by step method.
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    Dell gx280 drivers free download for xp

    pls i need this drivers so badly , you can send me the software through attachment on my email or send me the link for me to download
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    No sound is coming from my laptop

    Hello, Sound not working, but volume bar indicates sound is coming out. how do i fix it?