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  1. Apricot5611

    Question Using screen-cleaner to clean motherboard slots?

    Is it safe? It's the only Isopropyl alcohol I have on hands. Its composition: Isopropyl alcohol solvent anionic surfactant silicone additive preservative dye vehicle No idea what vehicle is, by the way.
  2. B

    Question Cleaning caked dust ofd gpu and fan blades?

    I always maintain my PC with compressed air. However, I struggle with getting caked dust off fan blades for both case and gpu fans. Going forward, could I use cotton buds to clean the dust off the blades before using compressed air or are there any better alternatives?
  3. E

    Question PC won’t turn on after cleaning with canister of compressed air ?

    I didn't disconnect anything within the case, only the external cables(mouse, kb, etc). I used compressed air, only took like 3 mins because I stopped when the canister got cold and the blowing of air weakened. The only thing I touched are the fans so they wouldn't overspin. I tried cleaning...
  4. L

    Question Zotac GTX 1080 AMP! Edition thermal pads

    In a few months my GTX 1080 will have been used for 4 years and the only thing I did is clean the fans and blow some compressed air on it. I want to change the thermal paste and possibly de pads (don't know if necessary) and I am not sure about what thickness should the new pads (if necessary...
  5. Uzi-Pie

    [SOLVED] Why my new Logitech G502 Hero gaming mouse feels oily and sticky? Any idea/fix :(

    Hi guys, I'd bought a new gaming mouse 2 weeks ago and after hardly using it for a week, it felt somewhat sticky from either side and the buttons as well which I found quite frustrating, I can still feel that weird stickiness now but in addition to being sticky in my hand, it also feels quite...
  6. M

    [SOLVED] Should I not use an air duster inside?

    Wasn't sure where to post this, so I apologize if this isn't the right place to ask. Anyways: I recently bought two of these air duster cans, planning to finally get some dust out of my pc. However, didn't initially think about the fact that using these inside might be dangerous, after all it is...
  7. I

    [SOLVED] Spun cpu fan backwards while cleaning

    So I heard that while cleaning your pc you should hold on the fans so that it wouldn't spin.... So I totally did the opposite of that, will there be any problems? I stopped immediately after it started spinning tho, and what's the reason to hold it so that it wouldn't spin?
  8. NoodlezWasTaken

    [SOLVED] Cleaning old thermal paste from CPU/CPU cooler

    Hello, Just wondering if there are any other good/easy ways to clean your CPU thermal paste rather than using Isopropyl alcohol. Need to clean CPU and cooler paste but do not have Isopropyl alcohol, would get some but ordering it from amazon would mean waiting ~2 days for it, and its pouring...
  9. Avik Basu

    [SOLVED] Is an electric air blower safe to use?

    Is something like this safe to use to clean your computer? I know vacuum cleaners and blowers are bad because of static but I had seen PC Gamer recommend a battery operated air blower and this was the closest thing I could find to it in my country. So, since a magazine for PC gaming was...
  10. W

    [SOLVED] ESD Safe Air Blowers?

    Hi, I hope if someone can shed the light on the fact about ESD Safe electric air blowers ... are they really safe to be used to clean PC interior parts (e.g. motherboard, graphics card ... etc.)? An example about one of the advertised products...
  11. D

    [SOLVED] ASUS TUF Gaming FX505DT | Keyboard Key feeling sticky. Unsure of how to clean/fix it.

    Hello. Lately I have been having troubles with my pre-built gaming laptop (below I will provide a link to the Amazon store page so people can see the specific model and some specs)...
  12. EsmaFingerpin

    [SOLVED] How Often Should I Clean My Computer?

    Question: How often should I turn off my computer to clean it ? Computer Spec's below Custom Built Tower Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-bit CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor Drive: Intel 660p NVMe PCIe M.2 512GB Memory: Corsair DDR4 3200 2x8GB Graphics Card: Sapphire Nitro + Radeon RX 580...
  13. S

    Question [SOLVED] PC not giving output after cleaning

    Hey guys, I could really use some help right now. I recently opened up my PC to clean its insides after a pretty long time. It was working fine before, but I saw cobwebs hanging inside so I decided that it was high time I cleaned up. I opened up the case, cleaned all the components, including...
  14. J

    [SOLVED] Cleaning an AIO Cooler

    Can I clean an aio cpu cooler without having to remove it? Can I just use compressed air to clean the fan and radiator? Does cleaning it regularly (once a year or more often) allow me to not have to do more intense cleaning which might include having to remove it?
  15. Yamaokka

    Question R9 290 not working properly after cleaning

    Hi guys , few hours ago i deep cleaned my r9 290 , blew away dust changed the paste (i have done it many many times in my years) and now when i turn on the computer and go into windows only black screen shows up , i tried dduing it through safe mode and installing new driversbut the problem...
  16. xse7enx

    Question Using WD-40 for cleaning pc case

    Can I use WD-40 to clean or as a maintenance for a pc case? (inwin 301)? TY
  17. K

    [SOLVED] Question about cleaning TN Panel

    Hello! So I have the ASUS VG258QR monitor and was wondering how would I clean a TN panel? I saw some smudges and some are just very difficult to remove with just a microfiber cloth.
  18. xJesserX

    [SOLVED] how to clean a curved monitor

    as the title says how to clean a 1500r curved monitor ? ofc i need micofibre cloth but can i do it with some water ?
  19. J

    [SOLVED] Should I try to clean the cpu and/or socket?

    So I did something kinda stupid. I now know not to use gloves, but since I get sweaty hands I used some to install my cpu. The only gloves I had on hand for some reason were lightly dusted and I didn't notice until it was too late.. My question is can the dust (I'm guessing it was cornstarch)...
  20. S

    [SOLVED] cpu pins and zif sockets.

    I'm assuming they wouldn't use them if this were the case, but can reusing or reseating a cpu repeatedly cause damage to the cpu pins (Ryzen btw) from the locking mechanism? Also what is the best way to clean dirty pins without bending them (also on Ryzen)?
  21. carson_e

    [SOLVED] GPU fan not spinning, won’t post, no signal, everything receiving power

    So, after cleaning out my PC via compressed air from an air compressor, all of the stuff in the title is happening. I have reset the CMOS via jumper and removing the battery. I have taken everything out and put it back in. I have tried running it without any memory and it doesn’t beep. I have...
  22. N

    [SOLVED] PC is slow after cleaning

    My computer has a tendency to act funny after I do generally cleaning on it every 6ish months. When it is unplugged from the outlet for an uncertain amount of time, when I plug it back in and boot it up, my computer becomes sluggish and really slow. Also, the case fans and my water cooler turn...
  23. Shaaxy_

    [SOLVED] PC cleaning gone wrong?

    So I was cleaning my pc Today, which I’ve Dan multiple times now. (With compressed Air) for the First time I took out the GPU, and cleaned that too. My pc chilled for 5 Hours before I booted it up, but nothing happened. Or my Fans are spinning and my GPU (lamp) is on. my keyboard mouse or...
  24. L

    [SOLVED] flush rad with tap water then use premixed coolant?

    hello, i am building my first water-cooling loop and i am having trouble finding distilled water, for some reason its especially hard to find in the UK, would it be possible to flush my rads with tap water as i am using EK premixed coolant with anti corrosives in anyway? or do i need to buy some...
  25. R

    [SOLVED] Alienware Aurora Fans and Noise

    Hello, I have an Alienware Aurora and I was wondering if it is bad to hear the fans while the pc is on. I would like to know how loud is it supposed to be, and if I should be worried if I can hear the fans. They aren't too loud, but i can hear them when my headphones are off and I can hear them...
  26. Zuce101

    [SOLVED] 70% medical alcohol for gpu cleaning

    I've recently bought a second hand rx 480 and i'm guessing the previous owner was a smoker and the card really smells. I'm planing on opening it up and cleaning it completely and replacing the thermal paste and pads. Would it be safe to use 70% medical alcohol? I know it's best to use IPA but...
  27. camjwilk

    [SOLVED] How to clean sticky substance off GPU PCB?

    There is a collection of some sticky substance on the top of my GPU, it almost looks like root beer or diet coke. I discovered the residue after a friend spilled root-beer on my desk and it dripped through onto/into my case. I've heard to use isopropyl alcohol but I worry since I feel like I...
  28. System32_76

    [SOLVED] Air Compressor Safe To Use For Cleaning PCs?

    Hello everyone, I'm wondering if it's ok to use an air compressor for cleaning out PCs? I know using vacuums have ESD risks and since I'll be constantly cleaning out PCs, I don't want to keep buying canned air all the time.
  29. D

    [SOLVED] What caused these lines to appear on my monitor?

    I call them vertical lines but I'm not sure if that's the correct description. Anyway, you can see the picture to know what I'm talking about. This is a cheap VA monitor and the lines appeared in the first year of use. I suspect it either happened due to cheap design (is this what people call...
  30. SpaceyWarrior

    [SOLVED] The most efficient a safe way to clean a PC and install HW?

    Hey everyone! I have a now almost 2 years old PC and with the help of some of you guys i'll be hopefully be upgrading it to a killer machine soon. I'm replacing every single component but RAM and HDD. That means that it's also a good idea to give my case some cleaning. I don't have...
  31. georgens

    [SOLVED] Thermal Paste and Booting

    Right so I recently cleaned my heat sink fan with a nylon paint brush, and decided to take the heat sink off the cpu, drying the thermal paste, i put it back on and now the pc starts but doesnt show anything to the monitors, does it just need fresh thermal paste or have i messed up the cpu...
  32. X

    [SOLVED] How to clean blower style gpu?

    Hello, I have ASUS RTX 2080 Turbo, and I want to clean it (without taking the cover). Any tips? What should I be careful about? How to clean the motor? Any way to clean inside the card without taking off the cover?
  33. A

    Question Is it safe to clean the computer?

    I have never cleaned my computer, last time it was cleaned, that was 2014's autumn, when it started restarting and something bad happened, so it had to be taken to the computer repairsman. Anyway, recently i started fearing that my pc would overheat and die, so i decided to look at the cpu...
  34. B

    [SOLVED] How many watts do i need to run my radiators?

    Hey, So basically I have gone a little.. well very very far on not changing my loop. I have a custom "Open loop" design in my pc and I have not changed the coolant in well over 3 years. My first time owning a liquid cooled pc, and honestly it just slipped my mind. Long story short I'm...
  35. R

    Question Help me clean my pc!

    Hello, I need to clean my pc and my gpu but I'm a noob and need some help. Recently my gpu temp has gone upwards of 86-87 celsius while playing games like WoW and Overwatch on the lowest graphics which it shouldn't be doing (I have a GTX970), When Im playing on low graphics and frame cap at 90...
  36. mzsheikh

    Question How to clean Wireless Earphone connector pin

    Hi, My right earbud is not charging, due to maybe the corrosion/carbon. See below, the top right connector. How can I clean it and to make the charging work again or is it seems to be damaged? Thanks
  37. themiziko

    [SOLVED] Clearing displays - what to use ? and questions about foam cleaners

    So, I'm currently using Incore foam cleaner for LCD/TFT Displays. I apply it on dry fibercloth, clean the monitor, and then use dry paper towel to wipe the remaining moist coating layer. But from what I read online, they can damage your screen and remove the protective layer on the Display ...
  38. P

    [SOLVED] How to clean a monitor without making any marks or damaging it ?

    Hello guys. I got this monitor (BenQ G2222HDL) from dad´s friend unfortunate without power cable and any other cables but im planning them to buy soon. I watched the monitor specs on internet and its kinda nice monitor. I would definitely use it as a second monitor. But the monitor is very dirty...
  39. Zorozephyr09

    [SOLVED] Cleaning PC: Using Wet Wipes

    So I'm planning on giving my pc a relatively thorough cleaning in a couple of months, and I was wondering whether it would be okay to use isopropyl alcohol wet wipes during cleaning? I'm going to be using primarily compresssed air for getting rid of most of the dust and muck, but for the smaller...
  40. U

    Question Asus K555L where is the intake?

    I have an Asus K555L laptop and I want to clean the fan as I've been having heat issues lately but I can't find the intake this is how it looks like; 3 is listed in the manual as "the air vent" Which makes me unsure of what it is. Also, I would love it if you would walk me through the process...