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    Question X370 Taichi won't post after BIOS update

    asrock x370 taichi 1600x g.skill fortis 2400 My computer won't post after flashing to BIOS 5.60 I followed every instuction on their web site. First was the newest AMD all-in-one driver, Second was flashing to 5.10 (worked good), and finally I flashed to 5.60 and the computer won't post. it...
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    [SOLVED] Cleared CMOS

    So I recently built my first pc and it wont let me boot into the bios, so everything i read told me to clear the CMOS with a jumper cap so i did & i'v gotten a post screen that says "Devices changed (CPU or Memory) or CMOS have been cleared. Please enter setup to configure your system. Press F1...
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    New RX 480 - Low Usage and Performance Issues

    Hello, I recently purchased an ASUS RX 480 OC to replace a old 660ti. The rest of my system is up to spec for this card (see below) but ive had nothing but performance issues with this card. After an entire weekend of troubleshooting I believe my issues are due to the card not staying at high...
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    hardware not function but motherbord does

    my motherbord doing great cpu and gpu fans all great but my mouse keybord and monitor not connected .. pls help me
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    SP fans on cpu cooler?

    I recently learned about SP fans vs AF fans from corsair. And I'm wondering if buying a set of SP120 fans would be beneficial on my evo 212 cooler? The fans are after all, good for restricted space. I.E, blowing directly onto the heat sink. I'm doing an entire new build, with more fans than...
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    how to resolve back light problems in lenovo ideapad

    How can I get my screen brighter? I have done everything I know. In the past I called lenovo and they corrected it remotely and warned me that they would not do it again as my warranty was expiring. But I continue to have the problem. The system is lenovo ideapad. Please help. Thanks